Mount Gay Unveils Reboot

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Mount Gay may be an OG of the rum world, but the Remy subsidiary’s brand has long struggled to keep up with the category’s ascent into the premium and super-premium sectors. Enter a reboot. Mount Gay just unveiled an overhaul of their entire line seemingly intended to upscale the range.

“It is an honor to be at the forefront of the exciting changes that Mount Gay will see in 2020, and I’m proud not only to be the first female master blender in Barbados but to be part of the team that will take Mount Gay from strength to strength,” Trudiann Branker, Mount Gay Master Blender said in a statement. “I am wholeheartedly committed to embracing the expertise that we have inherited for over 300 years and am passionate about looking ahead as we combine both science and craft to explore what makes Mount Gay more than a rum.”

On a surface level, the bottles and the labels for the range will be switched up. The new design is a bit more keeping with modern aesthetics—which is to say ‘vintage.’ The new glassware will feature more of an ovular, squat design. The minimalist square and rectangular label redesigns will also keep with that style.

The range, itself, will also change to capitalize on rum’s recent popularity on the premium end. Mount Gay’s signature Black is currently a blend of two to seven years old rums. The reboot will blend three to seven-year-old rums with a higher concentration of pot still rum. In addition, the current four weeks of aging in charred bourbon casks will be bumped up to six months.

A similar tact was employed with an upgrade to the brand’s premium XO expression. Xo will swap their blend from eight to 15-years-old to 5 to 17-years-old, rather than the previous eight to 15 years.

For good measure, the brand also teased the release of a new 1703 Master Select and a new Master Blender collection Master Distiller Branker committed to continued limit releases until at least 2021, but we’re guessing that they’ll continue after that.

The distillery said that customers can expect to see the new bottles around April. MSRP’s are as follows: Eclipse ($21.99), Black Barrel ($44.99), and XO ($64.99).

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