Nashville Tornados Claim Lives Of Two Beloved Bartenders

By Neat Pour Staff |

On the morning of Tuesday (3.03), storms and tornadoes ripped through Tennessee killing at least 25 people and leaving tens of thousands displaced. Among the deceased were bartenders, Albree Sexton, 33, and Michael Dolfini, 36, who were fatally injured fleeing Attaboy Nashville.

Last year, the couple moved to Nashville from Chico, California where they earned the love and respect of the hospitality community while working at Argus Bar and Patio. They quickly made a name for themselves in their new home, Sexton working at Lockeland Table and The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club; Dolfini at Attaboy.

Attaboy’s was severely damaged by the tornado. Dolfini and Sexton were inside at the time and decided to make a run outside for shelter in a car according to witnesses. Both individuals were struck by flying debris. Despite aid from several Attaboy regulars, Sexton succumbed to her wounds on the spot and Dolfini passed away later at Skyline Medical Center. Witnesses described the pair as kind and gracious in even in their final moments.

“Albree was a talented and inspired bartender, but more importantly, she was a bright light and a truly wonderful person. She will be sorely missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know her,” wrote The Fox in a statement. “We grieve with her and Mike’s family and friends, and ask that you keep them in your thoughts.”

The Fox also created a GoFundMe campaign to raise moneys for Sexton and Dolfini’s families. The donations will be used to cover funeral expenses, medical bills, and other hardships that the survivors may incur.

“We grieve with Albree and Mike’s family and friends, and ask that you keep them in your thoughts and donate if you can,” the page explained. “We love you both, and we hope you are together and at peace.”

Readers can donate here.

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