Arizona Iced Tea Goes Hard

By Neat Pour Staff |

According to Nielsen, RTD beverage sales are surging (+271%) during the current COVID-19 quarantines. Clearly, there’s room for more entries in the market and over the last month, one big brand very quietly branched out into the booze biz. Meet Arizona Hard.

That’s right, Arizona Iced Tea is now available in an alcoholic form. (The rollout is limited to Canada for now, but global distribution is expected shortly.)

The brand features the familiar green tea with honey and ginseng flavor… plus, vodka pre-mixed. The ABV clocks in at 5%. Cans are available in the standard 355ml size as well as Arizona’s signature 473ml tall boys.

Perhaps give the current crisis, the Arizona folks eschewed all advertising and marketing for the new line. In fact, the brand confirmed the new expression off-handedly, by replying to a civilian’s tweet.

Unlike, Arizona’s famous 99 cent price tag the new product carries a $3.49 per tallboy MSRP.

Hard tea is not the company’s first foray outside of soft drinks. Last year, Arizona struck a deal to develop a cannabis infused tea.

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