Carmelo Anthony: MVP Of Wine Webstreams


Move over LeBron. Pro sports have a new King of Wine. Bartenders and somms may have saturated social media with drinking content, but it’s a baller tearing up the tubes with popular wine content. Carmelo Anthony’s “What’s In Your Glass?”is the quarantine’s streaming oenophilic dream.

Melo’s format is pretty simple. Basically, he hosts different celebrity friends via video-conferencing and chats while drinking vino. Anthony said, “It’s not really a wine show, it’s a conversation show.”

For a conversation show, “What’s In Your Glass?” sure does drop some serious wine knowledge—and a ton of big name labels. Some highlights include 2008 Château Maison Blanche, 1997 Brunello di Montalcino, Far Niente Oakville Cabernet 2014. Oh, and Jimmy Butler told “the Petrus story” (because, doesn’t everyone have a Petrus story!)

Of course, there is solid banter as well. The six episodes so far have covered topics ranging from Martin Luther King Jr. to smacktalk. Of course, this is the Great 2020 Quarantine, so the requisite Tiger King made the cut.

So far, the guest list featured Butler, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, Anthony Anderson, and Dlynn Proctor.

Melo said that the roster reflects wine’s immense popularity in the pro athletic world.

“For people who don’ t know… The wine culture within sports in general has blossomed. When I was drinking wine in ’05, ’06, they was looking at me like I was crazy ‘Oh no. You got to get off that! Why you drinking wine, that’s for old people,’” the ten time All-Star recalled during an episode. 

“Fast forward to today. Everybody is drinking wine. It’s like the new accessory. You got to have it.”

Melo’s observation is confirmed by the presence of a couple other superstars with a drinking series of their own. Power couple Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird host “The Wine Down” and 

“A Touch More” on their Instagram channels.

The WNBA star and Ballon d’Or stars don’t dive as deeply into wine on their show. In fact, they sometimes opt for cocktails like Moscow Mules. The offerings skew more toward conversation and interviews with friends, as well as some insight into the stars’ daily lives. 

Within the sports set, the rise of these shows is not surprising. Butler, who is also slated to appear on Rapinoe & Bird’s show, summed up the current state of affairs well.

“When I tell you I ain’t been doing nothing but drinking wine and working out, I mean, I haven’t done anything but drinking wine and working out.”

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