Aussie Distillery Recalls “Gin” Bottles Accidentally Filled With Hand Sanitizer

By Neat Pour Staff |

When is a gin not a gin? When that gin is really hand sanitizer. Distilleries all over the world switched their lines to produce sanitizer when the COVID-19 pandemic began, but for one producer that experiment went horribly awry. An Australian distillery just recalled a batch of gin bottles that were mistakenly filled with hand sanitizer.

Apollo Bay, a small distiller based outside of Melbourne said that faulty bottles of their SS Casino gin were available for sale at Great Ocean Road Brew House (Tastes of the Region) between 5pm Friday, June 5 and 7:30pm Sunday, June 7.

“The product is labelled as gin, however it is not gin,” the company said in a warning published on their website. “The bottles are not correctly sealed, they can be identified as having no shrink wrap seal.”

Instead of delicious juniper nectar, the liquid contained a mix of 1.45% glycerol and 0.125% hydrogen peroxide. The producer noted that the sanitizer is not deadly, but if consumed, it “may cause dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, thirst, nausea, headaches, and bloating.”

Plus, the flavor is way off. NPR quote done person who tasted the sanitizer as commenting that it “tasted horrible.”

Apollo Bay offered refunds or replacements to any customer who picked up the wrong bottle. By press time, they declared that all the faulty bottles had been accounted.

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