Plantation Rum To Change Name

By Neat Pour Staff |

During the last month, the US underwent a racial awakening. As awareness of systemic prejudice spread, it became clear that the spirits industry was no exception. Today, one company moved closer to correcting this problematic norm. Plantation Rum announced that their name will be changing post haste.

“As the dialogue on racial equality continues globally, we understand the hurtful connotation the word plantation can evoke to some people, especially in its association with much graver images and dark realities of the past,” said Plantation owner and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel in a statement. “We look to grow in our understanding of these difficult issues and while we don’t currently have all the details of what our brand name evolution will involve, we want to let everyone know that we are working to make fitting changes.”

The ‘evolution’ was announced via press release on Monday (6.29) morning. The statement did not provide a timeline on the change or any hints as to what form the new nomenclature might take. 

“We pride ourselves on making delicious rum for people to enjoy and never want any part of their experience to create feelings of discomfort,” said Stephanie Simbo, Plantation Rum Global Brand Manager. “To that end, we want to be on the side of actions and solutions. As you can imagine, evolving a brand name is a significant undertaking for a family business like ours. We humbly ask that everyone have patience as we move to make these changes as quickly as possible.”

Plantation is about 30 years old. During that time, the company evolved from a small, family business into a global spirits player. The compay’s portfolio also includes Citadelle gin and Pierre Ferrand cognac.

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By Neat Pour Staff