Amaro Montenegro Offers Cash Prizes For Art

By Neat Pour Staff |

There’s nothing bitter about the new campaign from Amaro Montenegro. The OG of Italian liqueurs just announced their latest marketing program, an art contest. Not ‘artist-inspired cocktails’ or ‘craft creativity’. Just, you know, art.

Dubbed ‘Montenegro Made,’ the idea is simple. Entrants are basically asked to recreate the Montenegro bottle in any media they wish. Officially, the contest “challenges artists and fans to think outside-the-box, and shines a light on various artistic mediums in support of the creative community.” So, think Warhol’s Absolut campaign.

Jim Bachor’s take on Montenegro

Three winners will be chosen by panel including Heather Ihn Martin, mosaic craftsman, Jim Bachor, and embroiderer, Sarah Benning. Each winner will receive $2500.

Anyone over 21-years-old (you do not have to work in the industry) can enter here, at Montenegro’s official site. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2020. Winners will be announced on October 14.

Of course’s there’s an official hashtag—#MontenegroMade.

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