Boozy Bubbles: Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Is Coming

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Coca-Cola announced some big news on Thursday (7.30). New plans for a ‘hard seltzer’ mark the soft drink giant’s first global alcoholic venture since a failed experiment with wine in 1983. But, that’s not all! The vehicle for this endeavor will be Topo Chico—yes, alcoholic Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is coming!

The news was first announced in a three sentence press release from Coke. The short statement noted that the product will first roll our ing select Latin American cities later this year.

An additional release from Bloomberg added that Topo Chico Hard is slated to roll out in the US in 2021. Bloomberg also noted that the venture is part of Coke’s campaign to transforming a “total beverage” company after missing the initial RTD surge last year.

Although few details were provided, the art released by Coke pictures what appear to be 200ml cans. Unlike the beloved bottles of Topo Chico, the new sample are marked as flavored (Tangy Lemon Lime).

The Hard Seltzer market exploded last year. During the quarantine, Nielsen reported that sales only continued to grow, hovering around a 350% increase in 2020 Quarter 2. Coca-Cola was notably absent save for a canned cocktail test run in Japan in 2018.

Analysts expect that Coca-Cola’s vast manufacturing and distribution networks will help the company quickly pick up market share. Topo Chico’s (deserved!) cult following should also help with entry.

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