William H. Macy Plays The Bar Blues In New Video

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William H. Macy seems to get it—or at least, Macy’s talkin’ blues alter ego, Willie Creeks seems to get it. Creeks’ latest (maybe only) single “Why I Put My Pants On” is an homage to his local bartender, out-of-work during the quarantine. 

Mind you, the track and accompanying video is actually a single created to promote Woody Creek Distillers. However, Woody Creek’s presence is pretty subtle in the video. Plus, with lyrics like this, we’re willing to overlook the commercialism.

"I think it was habit that guided my feet, truth be told.
I walked a block, crossed the street to my favorite watering hole.
The sign was dark, the door was locked.
So quiet, it felt bizarre.
When I looked through the window I saw Gus behind the bar.
I tapped gently on the glass, I didn’t want to bug him.
I knew he couldn’t let me in. I just wanted to hug him.
Gus looked up with his reassuring smile.
But, we both knew that it was going to be a while."

According to promo materials, “Creeks, the multi-gold record selling musician is ready to leave his past behind him, returning after a nearly ten-year hiatus with his new single.”

“We are thrilled to bring Willie Creeks on as a business partner. Willie is not only a neighbor here in Woody Creek, CO, but he is an iconic character that exemplifies the unique ethos of our mountain community and our spirits,” said Woody Creek CEO Mark Kleckner in TheDrum.

The concept was engineered by StrawberryFrog New York, a creative agency. However, the entire three and a half minute video was shot on an iPhone by Macy and a few friends.

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