Avengers Beer Game: Joe Russo Teams Up With Creature Comforts To Open LA Satellite

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Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo announced plans to follow up his record shattering blockbuster with a different kind project. Russo is teaming up with Athens, Georgia’s Creature Comforts Brewing Co. to open a Brewery and Taproom in Los Angeles.

A release declared that in conjunction with Russo, Creature Comforts will open their second taproom across the country in  LA come Summer 2021. The new facility will be located at City Market South at 1124 San Julian St. in the same development as HQ for the director’s AGBO production company.

The collaboration began with a cameo. While shooting the conclusion to the MCU Phase 3 saga in Georgia, the crew of the film developed a love for Creature Comforts beer. The brews became so beloved on set that they were included in the film.

Thor is depicted drinking both Creature Comfort’s Athena and their signature IPA Tropicalia on screen. In fact, when initially offered a beer, Thor specifically asks, “Wha type of beer?”

The moment came after crew introduced Russo, himself, to the cult brew. Russo and his team subsequently met with the brewer’s co-owners, David Stein, Adam Beauchamp and Chris Herron. A friendship developed that extended well beyond the motion picture, culminating in the new West Coast project.

“Creature Comforts beers are some of the best I’ve ever had,” says Russo. “I was taken by the beers on their own, but when I met the team behind the brews, their standards as great human beings matched their standards as exceptional beer makers. I fell in love with their work ethic and their caring attitude towards their customers and employees, as well as their commitment to social causes. I think people in LA are going to value the way Creature Comforts builds community. Equally important, they’re going to love the beer as much as I do.”

The new space will be impressive. “Once constructed, the brewery will include a 3,000-sq. ft. taproom, a 10,000-sq. ft. production facility and copious outdoor seating. The brewery will have the capacity to grow production to 15,000 barrels (the equivalent of nearly 3.75 million pints) annually, with more than two dozen hires planned,” a release explained. “The brewery includes a 15-barrel brewhouse with a mix of 15-barrel and 60-barrel fermenters and brite tanks, a centrifuge and a canning line.”

Creature Comfort’s beer are certainly beloved by the craft community; the thirsty literally line up to get their hands on the suds. However, the outfit’s true superpower might be their commitment to community as well as sustainable architecture and brewing.

The brewers donated millions to local, charitable causes over the course of their short, six year existence. Their plants utilize over 70% solar power and their spent grain recycling program boasts a 99% diversion rate.

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