Klingon Bloodwine

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Last year, Trekkers were treated to an officially sanctioned Chateau Picard wine. That’s great if you enjoy sipping like a Federation patak. However, true warriors can now finally celebrate their victories in battle properly—with Klingon Bloodwine.

Star Trek Wines, the company behind Picard’s cuvée and Federation Old Vine Zin, announced the release of Klingon Bloodline this week.

No one is quite sure what comprises canonical Klingon Bloodwine. Legendary TNG and DS9 (and BSG also! writer) Ronald D. Moore claimed that the beverage is made with sugar and actual blood, but others dispute that description.  

Say what you will about Archer, but he’s the first human to share a goblet of Bloodwine!

However, this new offering is a more conventional interpretation. Andrew Nelson (Rabble Wine Co.) was enlisted to create a Cabernet Sauvignon (90% Lodi grapes, 10% Mendocino). The materials explain that the “grapes used to create this traditional Klingon Bloodwine were cultivated to produce strong fruit that glistens a vibrant ruby color in the glass.”

Actual bloodwine is known for a high ABV—Captain Janeway once described the stuff as twice as powerful as whiskey. This offering is a bit more tame, clocking in the mid teens.) Klingons traditionally sing and celebrate with Klingon lore celebrates 2309 as an exceptional year and prefer to quaff it by the cask, but you’ll have to settle for 750ml bottles of a 2018.

Klingons place a great value on Bloodwine. The elixir is used to celebrate great victories, incite singing (of both drinking songs and opera), and as a ceremonial aid by the Order of Bat’leth. 

The bottles [Courtesy Star Trek Wines]

Fear not, even Ferengi and primitive hyoo-mans can still enjoy enjoy some measure of Klingon authenticity. The vintners consulted with expert David HolQuin of the Klingon Assault Group (exactly what you think) and the Klingon Language Institute (also what you think) to keep in canon. They even issued a press release written in Klingon.

As such, the wine is packaged with one proper Klingon artwork (silkscreened!) as well as one of four Klingon quotes on the collectable stoppers.

If you’d rather something a bit more terran, STW parent company, Wines That Rock, also released a new United Federation of Planets Special Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. We’re informed the juice features “flavors of elegant tropical fruits and white peach burst forth with a refined acidity that balances the ripe citrus aromas.”

The MSRP one the Bloodwine is $50 a bottle. Orders are online here. Shipping starts on the annual Klingon Day of Honor, September 17.

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