Miracle & Sippin’ Santa Moving Forward: 2020 Locations Announced

By Neat Pour Staff |

Amidst a steady stream of bar closure announcements and news of struggling hospitality workers, some good news arrived in the inbox this morning. The ever popular Miracle and Sippin’ Santa holiday pop-ups announced plans to move forward in December 2020.

Conceived by Greg Boehm (technically his mother) of Cocktail Kingdom fame, the immersive holiday bars celebrate Christmas through seasonal takeover/pop-ups across the world. Each Miracle location features the same menu and drink ware, but the over-the-top holiday decor is created by each venue–and it gets competitive. Sippin’ Santa is Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry’s spinoff event, a tiki-Christmas mashup.

Quality Control! Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry sippin’ through the Sippin’ Santa menu [Photo by Randy Schmidt]

Of course, with all the uncertainties and dangers of the pandemic, 2020 will be a little different. Press materials stressed that safety and compliance with local restrictions will be the top priority. That means that some locations will offer their drinks to-go and others will move the event online. However, many locations plan to build elaborate outdoor and socially distant Miracles which could result in some really cool settings.

The signature drinkware like the Santa Pants mug (pictured above) will be back. Some fan favorites from past menus, such as Snowball Old-FashionedChristmapolitan and Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r!, will also be returning.

New additions include the Jolly Koala (Gin, Vermouth and Pine-Cardamom-Sage Cordial); the On Dasher (Bourbon, Mezcal, Sweet Vermouth, Spiced Hibiscus, Burlesque Bitters, and Lemon); and the Fruitcake Flip (Brandy, Jamaican Overproof Rum, Amaretto, Fruitcake, Cherry Bitters, and a Whole Egg.)

Check out the list of planned locations below.

Leave the ‘nog, take the Christmapolitan! [Photo courtesy Melissa Hom]

Miracle Locations  (As of 9.24.20 / List subject to change)

  1. Asheville, NC – Miracle on Haywood Road (at The Golden Pineapple) 
  2. Atlanta, GA – Miracle at Wonderkid
  3. Atlanta, GA – Miracle on Highland (at The Brasserie and Neighborhood Café at Parish) 
  4. Au, Switzerland – Miracle at 52 Magic Bar 
  5. Austin, TX – Miracle on 5th Street (at The Eleanor by The Roosevelt Room)             
  6. Bellingham, WA – Miracle at Swim Club Wet Bar
  7. Bentonville, AR – Miracle on 2nd Street (at Undercroft)
  8. Birmingham, AL – Miracle on 24th Street (at Queen’s Park)
  9. Boulder, CO – Miracle at Avanti Boulder
  10. Calgary, AB Canada – Miracle on 1st Street YYC (at Proof) 
  11. Charleston, SC – Miracle at Handcraft Kitchen and Cocktails
  12. Cincinnati, OH – Miracle at The Overlook Lodge
  13. Cleveland, OH – Miracle at Society Lounge
  14. Columbus, OH – Miracle at The Citizens Trust
  15. Dallas, TX – Miracle at Hide 
  16. Davenport, IA – Miracle at The Freight House
  17. Delray Beach, FL – Miracle at Death or Glory
  18. Denver, CO – Miracle at Avanti F&B
  19. Denver, CO – Miracle on Larimer Square
  20. Detroit, MI – Miracle at TBD
  21. Edmond, OK – Miracle on Boulevard (at Jack Rabbit Slim’s)
  22. Edmonton, CA – Miracle at CRAFT Beer Market 
  23. Elkridge, MD – Miracle at Mutiny Pirate Bar & Grille
  24. Freehold, NJ – Miracle at Game Time Bar and Grill 
  25. Fresno, CA – Miracle at Modernist
  26. Frisco, TX – Miracle at The Aussie Grind 
  27. Ft. Wayne, IN – Miracle on Jefferson (at Sidecar)
  28. Ft. Worth, TX – Miracle on South Main
  29. Fulton, MD – Miracle at Libs Grill               
  30. Gainesville, FL – Miracle on University (at Madrina’s)
  31. Galveston, TX – Miracle at Daiquiri Time Out       
  32. Glasgow, Scotland – Miracle at TBD
  33. Houston, TX – Miracle at Johnny’s (at Johnny’s Gold Brick)
  34. Jacksonville, FL – Miracle on the Square (at Grape & Grain Exchange)
  35. Jersey City, NJ – Miracle on Mercer (at Franklin Social)
  36. Kamloops, BC Canada – Miracle at Terra Restaurant
  37. Kansas City, MO – Miracle on the Plaza   
  38. Kansas City, MO – Miracle at Rockhill (at The Rockhill Grille)
  39. Kelowna, CA – Miracle at CRAFT Beer Market
  40. Knoxville, TN – Miracle on Gay Street (at Sapphire Fine Food & Fancy Drinks) 
  41. Lafayette, LA – Miracle at Pamplona Tapas Bar & Restaurant         
  42. Las Vegas, NV – Miracle on Spring Mountain (at The Sand Dollar Lounge)
  43. London, ON Canada – Miracle at Union Ten (Union Ten Distilling Co.)
  44. London, England – Miracle at Henrietta Hotel
  45. Long Beach, CA – Miracle at The Ordinarie
  46. Louisville, CO – Miracle at Por Wine House
  47. Louisville, KY – Miracle on Market (at Galaxie)      
  48. Ludlow, VT – Miracle on Main Street (at Main + Mountain)
  49. Madison, WI – Miracle on King Street (at Lucille)
  50. Manhattan, KS – Miracle on Moro (at The HiLo)
  51. Melbourne, Australia – Miracle at Above Board
  52. Miami, FL – Miracle at Wynwood (at Gramp’s)
  53. Milwaukee, WI – Miracle on 2nd Street (at the Tin Widow)
  54. Minneapolis, MN – Miracle at Lawless Distilling
  55. Minneapolis, MN – Miracle at Stilheart
  56. Montreal, QC Canada – Miracle on De La Commune (The Cold Room)
  57. Morristown, NJ – Miracle at Iron Bar
  58. New Brunswick, NJ – Miracle at Catherine Lombardi
  59. New Orleans, LA – Miracle at Barrel Proof
  60. New Orleans, LA – Miracle at Longway Tavern
  61. New York, NY – Miracle on 12th Street
  62. New York, NY – Miracle on 9th Street
  63. Nutley, NJ – Miracle on Centre (at Cowan’s Public)
  64. Omaha, NB – Miracle at Mercury
  65. Orlando, FL – Miracle on Orange (at The Courtesy)
  66. Panama City, Panama – Miracle at aMano
  67. Pensacola, FL – Miracle on Palafox (at Old Hickory Whiskey Bar)
  68. Perry Hall, MD – Miracle at Libs Grill
  69. Petaluma, CA – Miracle at Brewsters Beer Garden             
  70. Pittsburgh, PA – Miracle on Liberty
  71. Quebec City, QC Canada – Miracle at Maelstrom Café   
  72. Richmond, VA – Miracle on Cary Street (at The Jasper)
  73. Sacramento, CA – Miracle on J Street (at The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar)
  74. Salt Lake City, UT – Miracle on 2nd (at The Vault at Bambara)
  75. San Diego, CA – Miracle on 30th Street (at Polite Provisions)
  76. San Francisco, CA – Miracle at PCH (at Pacific Cocktail Haven)     
  77. San Jose, CA – Miracle on 1st Street (at Paper Plane)         
  78. Seattle, WA – Miracle on 2nd (at Rob Roy)
  79. St. Augustine, FL – Miracle at Forgotten Tonic
  80. St. Louis, MO – Miracle at Small Change
  81. St. Petersburg, FL – Miracle at Mezzo (at Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails)
  82. Tavares, FL – Miracle on Main (at Crafted Concoctions)
  83. Temecula, CA – Miracle at The Apparition Room 
  84. Toronto, ON Canada – Miracle at Civil Liberties
  85. Topeka, KS – Miracle at AJ’s NY Pizzeria II 
  86. Virginia Beach, VA – Miracle at Tin Cup Kitchen + Oyster Bar       
  87. Waco, TX – Miracle on Austin Ave (at Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits)
  88. Washington, D.C. – Miracle at Death Punch Bar
  89. Waterbury, CT – Miracle at Highland Brass Co.
  90. White River Junction, VT – Miracle at Wolf Tree
Fruitcake Flip [Photo courtesy of Melissa Hom]

Sippin’ Santa Locations

  1. Anaheim, CA – Sippin’ Santa at Strong Water 
  2. Arlington Heights, IL – Sippin’ Santa at Cortland’s Garage 
  3. Asheville, NC – Sippin’ Santa at The Montford Rooftop Bar 
  4. Atlanta, GA – Sippin’ Santa at Bon Ton
  5. Austin, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Nickel City 
  6. Birmingham, AL – Sippin’ Santa at Neon Moon
  7. Boston, MA – Sippin’ Santa at Shore Leave
  8. Calgary, AB Canada – Sippin’ Santa at Ricardo’s Hideaway
  9. Chicago, IL – Sippin’ Santa at Cortland’s Garage 
  10. Dallas, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Royal 38
  11. Denver, CO – Sippin’ Santa at The Arvada Tavern
  12. Detroit, MI – Sippin’ Santa at The Skip
  13. Harrison, NJ – Sippin’ Santa at The Vanguard
  14. Kansas City, MO – Sippin’ Santa at Julep
  15. New Orleans, LA – Sippin’ Santa at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29
  16. New York, NY – Sippin’ Santa at Boilermaker
  17. Ottawa, ON Canada – Sippin’ Santa at The Standard
  18. Phoenix, AZ – Sippin’ Santa at Bitter & Twisted
  19. Powell, OH – Sippin’ Santa at Huli Huli
  20. Sacramento, CA – Sippin’ Santa at The Jungle Bird
  21. San Diego, CA – Sippin’ Santa at The Grass Skirt
  22. San Francisco, CA – Sippin’ Santa at Kona’s Street Market
  23. Seattle, WA – Sippin’ Santa at Vinnie’s
  24. St. Louis, MO – Sippin’ Santa on Locust
  25. Washington, D.C. – Sippin’ Santa at Archipelago
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