Tiki Saves: Floating Bar Rescues Kayaker

By Neat Pour Staff |

Tiki has answered the prayers of many thirsty mortal. Last week, tiki also answered the prayers—literally—of a drowning man. After a kayaking accident, Jimmy MacDonald was rescued from the waters by a floating tiki bar filled with partying priests and seminarians.

Mac Donald was kayaking on Lake George (Upstate NY) when his craft overturned, spilling him into the lake. MacDonald could not right the kayak and soon his life jacket began riding up over his head, pushing him deeper into peril.

“That’s when I said, ‘Alright, I think I might die today. I think this might be it.’ I prayed to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for help,” MacDonald told WILX.

Apparently, those prayers were answered. Moments later, Captain Greg Barrett spotted the kayaker. Barrett was onboard his Tiki Tours, floating bar—along with the party of priests and seminarians.

A rescue was promptly executed. MacDonald was helped onboard the boat and survived the incident injury-free.

However, the kayaker did not share a celebratory cocktail with his rescuers. He is a drug counsellor who no longer drinks.

“How funny is it that I’ve been sober for seven years and I get saved by a Tiki bar?” MacDonald told NBC WNYT.

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