Crystal Head Vodka Introduces ‘Onyx’ In A Black Skull Bottle

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When comedian Dan Aykroyd unveiled his Crystal Head Vodka, the spirits community let out a collective chuckle. However, ultimately, Aykroyd had the last laugh. Over time, artist John Alexander’s skull shaped bottle is now iconic, a showpiece on many a backbar. And, this week, Aykroyd announced an encore.

Crystal Head unveiled Onyx, a new agave based expression.

“Creativity is at the heart of everything we do,” said Aykroyd in a statement. “We love to push boundaries and strive to introduce consumers to cutting edge products that create excitement. With Onyx, we wanted to make an innovative liquid, an agave-based vodka, with an equally imaginative bottle to match. Onyx is unlike anything you have tasted before – it drinks like vodka but has the nuances of Blue Weber agave.”

Onyx is distilled from Blue Weber Agave sourced from a single farm. Press materials tell us that the juice is made with water from Newfoundland, Canada and filtered through 10,000 Herkimer diamonds. (Honestly, we don’t quite understand the diamonds, but hey, it sounds good.) The final project is free of oils, sugars, and additives.

We have not tasted Onyx yet, but the PR team did send us some notes on flavor. “On the nose, Onyx features notes of fresh green grass, nuanced white pepper and hints of citrus,” a release explains. “The taste profile is soft and smooth with a touch of spice and sweetness, developing into the subtle, yet unmistakable earthy grip of agave to finish.”

Of course, Crystal Head is best known for their bottles. Onyx will be packaged in the familiar skull—except this time the bottle will be jet black. The distiller offered an explanation for that… and, well, it’s better to simply let them explain.

'Sharing its powers of intuition, focus, positivity, and protection to those who keep it close, Onyx holds connection to our earth with its protective energy allowing in no light. It combines all spectrum colors and is said to absorb negativity; the darker the stone, the more energy it holds. The new skull bottle acts as a protector for Crystal Head’s unique vodka expression and a symbol of the human journey. It focuses on positivity, calling on one’s inner creative spirit.'

If you’re spirit craves this spirit, Crystal Head Onyx is now available at retailers nationwide. The 750ml bottles have a $55 MSRP.

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