Molson Coors Gets In On Hard Topo Chico Deal

By Neat Pour Staff |

Last month, we learned that Topo Chico is going hard with an alcoholic Seltzer in the works. This week, we learned the details of the rollout. Topo, now a Coca-Cola subsidiary, is also teaming up with Big Beer. Molson Coors signed an exclusive deal to make, market and distribute Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in the U.S.

Topo Chico Hard is slated to roll out in the US in 2021. The venture is part of Coke’s campaign to transforming a “total beverage” company after missing the initial RTD surge last year. The endeavor mark’s the soft drink maker’s first mass market foray into alcoholic beverages since the early eighties.

Although few details were provided at launch, the art released by Coke pictures what appear to be 200ml cans. Unlike the beloved bottles of Topo Chico, the new sample are marked as flavored (Tangy Lemon Lime).

The deal is the latest development in Molson Coors’ expansion strategy. Last week, the brewer announced a similar deal with Yuengling. Molson will produce and distribute the historic Pennsylvania beer in about 40% of the cuntry.

For more info, check out the CNBC interview below.

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