Sydney’s Maybe Sammy Bags 50 Best Hospitality Award

By Neat Pour Staff |

Awards Season—albeit a very unique Awards Season—is underway. The World’s 50 Best Bars began a phased announcement of their winners. First up in the queue was the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award which was awarded to Maybe Sammy in Sydney, Australia.

As the name suggests, the Art of Hospitality Award honors the bar deemed to have the best service in the world. The commendation was voted on by 50 Best’s 540 member academy, an 50/50 male/female identifying group of writers, bartenders, and other assorted industry types.

“The Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award was first introduced at Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2020, and we are very pleased to continue honouring the best in hospitality on The World’s 50 Best Bars stage. Right now, the hospitality experience is a key component of ensuring guests have the confidence to return to their favourite bars all over the world,” said 50 Best Content Editor Mark Sansom. “Stefano Catino, Vince Lombardo, Martin Hudak and Andrea Gualdi are true champions of hospitality, sparing no detail in perfecting Maybe Sammy’s guest journey, from its innovative cocktail list to the of-the-moment bar design. Our heartfelt congratulations to the team for this well-deserved win. I hope that their trademark bubble guns will be popping tonight.”

Maybe Sammy is lauded as an elite tier hotel bar with a 50’s TInseltown—Vegas mashup vibe. Their cocktail program is focused on classics, specifically the martini. However, the immensely talented staff is not afraid to throw a few curveballs, mixing in some molecular mixology and outlandish presentation.

“We are honoured by this award and humbled to be globally recognised for our efforts. For Maybe Sammy, hospitality isn’t just a word – it’s what we take pleasure in providing to every person who enters the bar, and we are so lucky to have a team that loves interacting with people,” said Catino. “This has been a challenging year for the bar industry, but our focus has remained on taking care of our guests and delivering them an experience that delights and exceeds expectations.” 

The Art of Hospitality Award is the first of several reveal from World’s 50 Best leading up to the (virtual) announcement of the coveted top 50 list on November 5.

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