The Queen Gets In The Celebrity Gin Game


As fans of Netflix’s The Crown know, Queen Elizabeth II of England reportedly quaffs a gin cocktail daily and has done so for most of her 94 years of life. Commoners were granted the opportunity to sip like a royal this summer when the monarch released Buckingham Gin. Following up on that experience, Sandringham Gin is now hitting the market.

For those readers who do not follow the world’s most famous trustafarians, Buckingham and Sandringham are the Royal Family’s two primary palaces. The latter is the preferred destination for Christmas and winter in general; hence, the winter gin.

Mind you, most royal watchers believe that QE2 actually drinks Gordon’s—the distiller is the only gin to carry the Royal Warrant. However, truth never got in the way of marketing before… plus, the Royal Shop assures visitors that the juice will be served at functions.

So, basically, the party line is that Sandringham Gin is a small batch spirit infused with botanicals carefully selected from the flora and fauna on the grounds of the HRH’s estate.

“Distilled locally, our gin includes Sharon fruit, a woody tree related to ebony, also known as the Chinese Persimmon and foliage from myrtle plants,” reads the official explanation

“The Sharon Fruit is grown in the Walled Garden on a sheltered wall at the end of what was a range of glass houses, built on the winnings of the famous racehorse, Persimmon, owned by King Edward VII. The foliage from myrtle plants also grown on the Estate, originated from a cutting taken from Princess Alexandra’s wedding bouquet on her marriage to Prince Albert Edward, who later became King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.”

50cl bottles sell for $67 a pop and 5cl minis are also available through the official shop. Unfortunately, the gin is only available in the UK and even there, the retailer reports a two week backlog in filling orders.

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By Neat Pour Staff