Tequila Ocho Launches New Añejo Collab With Maison Ferrand

By Aaron Garcia |

Make haste to clear some space on your bar shelf. A new collaborative spirits range is offering that irresistible ring of exclusivity and the shimmer of small-batched anything. Tequila Ocho’s recent release of a Limited-Edition Range of Añejo Tequilas (that’s just fun to say!) is finished in the pedigreed casks of Maison Ferrand.

The coterie of cool bought together Tequila Ocho founders Carlos Camarena and Tomas Estes in partnership with Maison Ferrand Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel. (Tequila Ocho is a solid contender in the agave category. Gabriel is the (occasionally controversial brains behind Ferrand’s current incarnation as well as Citadel Gin and the soon-to-be-renamed Plantation Gin.)

“Tequila Ocho has always been a pioneer in our field; being an innovator in the tequila world in many ways, most notably in demonstrating the existence of terroir in tequila through our unique single-field production philosophy,” said Estes in a statement. “With this new release of Tequila Ocho Barrel Select cask-aged añejo tequilas, we’re thankful to continue working with another family that values terroir as much as we do, Alexandre Gabriel and Maison Ferrand.”

The new line of the alchemical arrangement features  three distinct expressions of añjeo aptly named Tropical, Continental, and Transatlantic.

As its name suggests, Tequila Ocho Barrel Select “Tropical” (SRP: $89.99/750ml; 45.8% ABV/91.6 proof), is aged in rum casks from Fiji, Trinidad and Panama.  No leisure craft should be without this gem. The official notes tout a “heady honey nose replete with notes of hazelnut, marzipan, and lavender, the finish is as long and smooth as a Caribbean sunset sail.”

If you’d rather pay tribute to Gabriel by channeling, your inner Francophile, check out the “Continental” (SRP: $89.99/750 ml; 43.1% ABV/86.2 proof). The expression is aged in casks, which previously housed that delightful elixir of Cognac Ferrand Ambré. Theoretically, the wood lends this añejo the depth and distinction of the rolling vineyards and sexy Chateaus of the Cognac region of France—theoretically. For far less than a King’s ransom, this añejo is perfect for sipping with a big buttery bowl of moules frites.

Drinkers who prefer a dialectic to a dichotomy can taste the best of both worlds with the “Transatlantic” (SRP: $89.99/750 ml; 44.2% ABV/88.4 proof), The sprightly añejo is aged in both rum casks from Fiji and Panama as well as French Cognac casks. As with all Tequila Ocho expressions, this one remembers its roots (so to speak) as the hand picked agave piñas from the highlands of Jalisco that are slow-cooked in a brick oven and gently cooled for a total of 72 hours.

We’re excited to stamp our travelers passport and embark on a whirlwind tour of divine terroir.

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