American Cocktail Museum & Pacific Food & Beverage Museum Announce New (Less Wordy) Name, New Focus

By Neat Pour Staff |

The U.S. is lurching away from the pandemic, but that does not mean we will all be teleported back to the Before Times. The year of quarantine allowed many an opportunity for resets and evolution. Such was the case for the American Cocktail Museum & Pacific Food & Beverage Museum. The group has a new name and a new outlet.

The group behind the physical exhibits in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York will continue to focus on streaming content for the immediate future, but under a new name, the Center for Culinary Culture (CCC) with The Cocktail Collection serving as a self-explanatory subdivision.

“Crisis creates opportunity, and so we’ve seized it. While the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a hiatus on our in-person events—which we’ll return to presenting as soon as possible—and the reopening of our galleries is on hold pending an uncertain mix of conditions and resources, we’re still very much here,” said CCC spokesperson Sicily Cronin.

CCC’s EatDrinks TV Youtube channel currently offers programs including Cocktails: The Grand Tour (with Jonathan Pogash), Culinary Quickies (with Chef Tracey Mitchell), Le Cocktail du Jour (with Rhino Williams), Music & Booze with Mo (with Mo Herms), Spirits of Whisk(e)y (with Kerry Moynahan and Philip Dobard), and V Is for Vino (with Vincent Anter). Furture additions include Complete Greek (with Chef Christina Xenos), Mighty Fine Wine (with Stacie Hunt), and Spirits of R(h)um (with Matt Pietrek & Philip Dobard).

The future prospects for the physical galleries do not look as upbeat. CCC’s release offered no date reopening. The statement alluded to problems posed by the pandemic as well as limited resources, a sadly common issue in the industry.

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