Whiskey News: New Riff, Bardstown Announce Distillery Expansions

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The pandemic is slowly winding down in the United States. And, hopes that the American Whiskey bubble is due to burst are also winding down. Business is returning to normal and in the exploding spirits sector that means announcements about new lines and new facilities. Bardstown and New Riff announced their new expansion plans last week.

New Riff Distilling is building (literally) not their early success. The outfit announced plans to increase production 50% through the addition three fermenters as well as a 900 square foot expansion of their distillery facility.

New Riff owner Ken Lewis told the Cincinnati Business Courier that the investment was sparked by a bullish outlook for the bourbon market.

“When global companies put billions into increasing production, they’re doing the homework, the research,” Lewis said. “They believe, which is more important than what Ken believes, that we are at the beginning of the bourbon boom.”

East of the Ohio River, one of those big players is also betting heavy on growth in the American Whiskey sector. Bardstown Bourbon unveiled a new range, the Distillery Collection, which will only be available at (#SpoilerAlert) their distillery.

Aside from the rare juice, the appeal is unique contraption from slegendary still-builders  Vendome that allows customers to fill their own bottle.

“The blend of art and science in this Vendome creation is a perfect match for our brand,” Justin Willett, executive director of manufacturing operations at Bardstown told The Whiskey Wash. “To come out to our rickhouse and fill your own bottle is a special opportunity to connect with our bourbon through a one-of-a-kind experience.”

The range starts at $199.99 (plus the cost of a trip to Kentucky) and gets more expensive from there.

If you can’t make it to Kentucky, Bardstown is also bringing their distillery on the road. The company collaborated with Aero Build Customs to fashion 27-foot mobile tasting bar. These trailer/bars are actually fairly common in the bourbon biz (Wild Turkey and Bulleit both have their own roadshows) and immensely popular.

Check out the tour schedule here.

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