Tony Hawk Grinds For Flaviar

By Neat Pour Staff |

Tony Hawk is the latest celeb to get involved with the spirits word. But, of course, Birdman is doing it a little different. The skateboard (and video game) legend is not simply slapping his name on a bottle, but instead going with an old school, Gen X style pitchman role.

Meet the new face of online spirits club  Flaviar, Anthony Frank Hawk.

Turns out that after pioneering the 900, Hawk got into whiskey—really into whiskey.

“I can honestly say I’ve put more time, effort and money into acquiring good whiskey and bourbon than I have trying to collect vintage skateboards,” Hawk said in a release.

The endorsement was a good fit for the growing Flavor brand. Apparently, Hawk was already a customer.

‘‘I’ve been a Flaviar member for over two years now and it has helped me discover new spirits I didn’t even know existed,” Hawk stated. 

“Before, I would just try whiskies at random, usually more mainstream brands, but Flaviar accelerated that exploration by giving me access and information on much more interesting labels.”

The endorsement comes just in time for Father’s Day. In a sign that we all get old, Hawk has become a poster child for patriarchy. In fact, in 2009, Hawk and President Obama celebrated Father’s Day together at the White House.

For the occasion, Flaviar released their first Hawk video. Watch it above.

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