Trailer Tease: Fry’s Champagne, Pappygate

By Neat Pour Staff |

Wine and spirits enthusiasts were teased with trailers for two new documentaries this week. Swipe Films previewed their new Stephen Fry helmed Champagne doc and Netflix released footage from their exploration of legendary bourbon heist, Pappygate.

Sparkling: The Story of Champagne is a feature length documentary from Swipe Films aiming to explore the one of the world’s most popular—and prestigious—beverages.

The film is anchored by British screen legend Stephen Fry. The doc also features Taittinger president Vitalie Taittinger, Lanson-BCC chairman Bruno Paillard, Louis Roederer Cellar Master Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, Dom Perignon Chef de Caves Vincent Chaperon,and legendary writer Oz Clarke.

The film is slated to premier June 24 at Ciné Lumière in London. Presumably, streaming availability 

Netflix also will be tackling an element of the beverage world, albeit in their trademark salacious fashion. Heist is a true crime series telling the stories of three burglaries, ‘Sex Magick Money Murder,’ ‘The Money Plane,’ ‘The Bourbon King’.

As savvy readers may have surmised, ‘The Bourbon King’ tells the story of Pappygate The 2013 heists involved the theft and resale of nearly one million dollars worth of rare bourbon. 

Heist premiers on July 14. Expect Pappy’s prices on the secondary markets to rise even higher shortly thereafter.

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By Neat Pour Staff