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Culture of Haryana. The Haryana people are very interest to follow their tradition land culture. Culture of Haryana The people of Haryana have a religious bent of mind. He is Lord Krishna. Culture Haryana has a rich cultural heritage that goes back to the Vedic times. They give importance to fairs and festivals. Here every activity and in their wearing clothes we can see the reflections of nature and culture of Haryana. Patriarchy, popular culture, unemployment: Why Haryana is India’s rape capital With nearly one gang rape every two days since 2016, Haryana has become the most unsafe place for women. Ras Leela. Traditional Jewelry of Haryana: Haryana has a rich cultural heritage that gives the feel of the Vedic period. The same could be said about their attires. Almost the general jewelry are of … The 'Land of Rotis' is an apt title for Haryana, as people are fond of eating different kinds of rotis here. Haryana is one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia and one of the wealthiest states in India. Haryana celebrates numerous fairs and festivals that are unique to the state. Haryana’s cultural life reflects both the seasonal rhythm of its agricultural economy and a treasure of traditions and legends with roots in ancient India.The boisterous spring festival of Holi is celebrated by people showering coloured powder (or coloured powder mixed with water) on each other, irrespective of age or social status. The state is rich in folk lore. But the people of Haryana are simple, humble and down to earth. Wheat rotis are common and so are baajre ki roti. Haryana with its essentially agrarian culture has retained simplicity in its cuisine. Haryana, state in north-central India. Haryana Culture: Haryana’s boundaries were redrawn by politicians, with the division of the Punjab into two States. The major festivals are Diwali, Dussehra, Gugga Naumi, Holi and Bathing at Sohna. Cultural life. The Gopis of Braj … Majority of Haryanvis are occupied in the agricultural sector and are vegetarians. Dances of Haryana. The city of Chandigarh, within the Chandigarh union territory, serves as the capital of that territory and also the states of Haryana and Punjab. They lead simple lives. But the land where this small State now lies has a long history and a thriving culture. The state has its own rich customs and traditions. During the time of fairs people gather around the temple of Lord Shiva. This dance is common among the people living in the Braja area of the Faridabad district. “The society and culture of a place has … Just by naming this place Millennium City, it doesn’t become that,” says the man who founded BPO firm Spectramind way back in 2000 after starting up General Electric’s captive BPO arm in the ’90s in Gurgaon. He is the supreme embodiment. The people of Haryana lead a very simple life. Education of Haryana The literacy rate of Haryana is 76.64%. Haryana was created in 1966 from the partition of the former state of Punjab into Punjabi-speaking Punjab and Hindi-speaking Haryana. Dhosi Hill, the ashram of revered Rishi Chyawyan is an important site where Chyawanprash was formulated for the first time. Haryana people love wearing their traditional jewelry. Lord Vishnu has been manifest in many incarnations. Haryana has witnessed the rule of many civilizations and cultures. Haryana Traditional Costumes: Haryana traditional costumes are very famous in Eastern India.

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