do female cats eat other cats kittens


Once they reach maturity, female cats can continue having kittens for many years, often until they are 10 or 12! Spraying and marking objects is a classic sign of dominance in cats. Cats are solitary creatures, often unused to sharing. Its actually very very rare that this occurs both in male and female cats. Is it Normal for Momma Cats to Eat their Kittens? You can never know how your other cats will react to the newborn kittens and it might turn out to be dangerous, and the mother may not be comfortable with the other cats also. Male cats have been known to kill kittens, usually kittens that they didn't father. Even though cats are now domesticated, they still need food that provides them with the same nutrients as their old hunting days. Stray and Feral Kittens are an Epidemic: Between the months of March and September, every shelter in the region will be overrun with kittens, both orphaned litters and those with a mother. She did well at first, but her milk came in slowly. Some female cats act as midwives, attending a birthing and helping to clean the newborn kittens. Look at the teat’s discharge and the teat itself. I know of two female indoor/outdoor farm cats who used to do just that. Not usually...But sometimes if the kittens r held by humans or the mother cat smells strange smell on the kittens, she can kill them n usually when they do this they eat them..I have had over 20 kittens through the yrs off my cats, but none of them has ever done this, n i have held the kittens, practically from birth, 1 i actually did hold straight from birth, but it woulda died if i didnt. Limit other animals from access, including other pets your mother cat might be comfortable with already. According to VCA Hospitals, Most medical conditions will require a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. She's going to flip out at first. With that in mind, let’s look in depth at the main reasons why do cats hiss at each other: #1: Cats Hiss to Warn Their Kittens. If your kitten will not eat after returning home, ... and even medications meant for other animals such as dogs, can kill cats! Symptoms vary from feline discomfort to green vaginal discharge and fever, according to PetMD. You just need to know how to choose feline-friendly snacks with nutrients yhey need. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. On the other hand, Wendy Ratza says she always had female cats growing up “because we worried about males that sprayed, and we didn’t want to deal with that.” Her fear was warranted because research demonstrates that “male cats are more likely to spray and fight if they are in households with female cats than with other male cats.” 4 I had 3 rag doll cats. You can sign in to vote the answer. Kittens are believed to be victims of a … She keeps coming out and talking to them both and leading them to her bedroom. At feeding time, all eight kittens went to four of her teats which produced milk. Answer. This was sad! If your cat is running a fever, lethargic, crying out in pain, and not eating, it’s infected. Males Killing Kittens. I do not know exactly if she was eating it or...licking it. Your mother cat might move her kittens frequently, The Real Reasons of Why are Cats Scared of Cucumbers. While it can be barbaric to watch, it’s almost second nature for your mother cat to eat her stillborn kittens. According to Reference Website, Sometimes, a mother cat does the complete opposite. Such large litters may compensate for a high rate of infant mortality in the harsh environment. Incredibly enough, one female cat can give birth to more than 100 kittens during her lifetime. I don't think you will have any trouble with the female cats . she is in a secluded room away from our other cats. If you have a kitten this problem is even worse as kittens need to eat enough food to get all the nutrition to grow up. Remember, not all mothers will consume their kittens with birth defects. Its thought cats do this because it protects the kittens from marauding Toms, and it allows extra protection for the kittens (eg two sets of eyes are better than one). There are usually between 1-8 kittens per litter, and cats are already fertile when they are about 5-9 months old. I heard that male cats will eat a female cats newborn kittens. Sometimes, your cat will retain the placenta of one or more of her kittens. In many cases, cats who get along will share parenting tasks for kittens – even nursing each other’s babies if they’re able. Female cats will kill and eat another cats kittens, I have three outside cats one cat has killed and eaten kittens from both the other cats. Or are male cats more affectionate? Birth is a miracle, but are you ready for what comes afterward? She might eat one or more of her kittens. There are a few concerns about this. Being not quite barn cats and not quite house cats, these two had many litters over the years. Both conditions are lethal if untreated. But...ARE KITTENS BLOODY before being clean (by feminine) The mom cat( princess ) a young cat...and she gave a young they eat their own kitten??? A predator finding the dead kitten will suspect that there are likely other kittens in the area, so removing the evidence by eating the dead kitten may be a way to help protect the living ones. Why my cat ALWAYS Want to sit on my chair?answer i found on Google is wrong in my case?So I have 2 Exact same chairs and when sit on 1 chair? Thanks for looking @ my Questions ...xoxo. Sometimes, cats can get stressed when they do not know what next to do or expect which is why it helps to have a scheduled routine for them. It is best that she be alone, possibly with you during the birth. Sexually active toms are driven by testosterone. Essah went into labor today, Twaims is now in the room with her, cleaning, nursing & nurturing those kittens as if they were her own. Science remains uncertain why a cat or another species will do what we consider barbaric. If your female cat is bleeding, contact your vet. Once the kittens wean, you should consider capturing and spaying or neutering her and her litter. My vet says these cats are less than 2.. abandoned and never being spayed, left to the streets to have hundreds of homeless litters of kittens, if left all alone. 1 / 9. Are female cats more affectionate? Some males will do this, yes. One last thought- female cats do eat the afterbirth usually. Unfixed male cats are more dominant. House cats usually do not do this, but sometimes male cats kill kittens (but don't eat them) to force the female cats back into heat. Mother cats will eat their kittens if she believes they’re in danger from predators. You wrote that you have two adult sister cats that each had a litter within a couple days of each other and one is taking the kittens of the other and trying to nurse them. Only interfere if momma or her babies require emergency attention. From observation of free-roaming cat colonies since the mid-1990s, however, it is obvious that cats do have social structure. It can occur with or without a present infection, but the condition is painful for your cat. Essah welcomed her sisters help from the beginning. One simply cannot even guarantee what even she will do to her own kittens if bothered by another cat in the vicinity. No one can predict how one female cat will react around another cats litter. This can be a sign that she doesn’t feel their current area is safe. Limit human interaction to one or two people. Male cats tend to eat more than females, however, they spend less time hunting. Creating a feeding station where only the starving cat can get access to and excluding the cat obsessed with food. Sometimes the mom cat will too. Meat. Without a surrogate mother, you become responsible and take the queen’s place until the kittens can eat and eliminate waste on their own. Your two kittens are probably very sick. Being a cat person myself, I own many cats and kittens. Feeding your cat a high-quality cat food is extremely important but it won’t do your cat any good if he doesn’t eat it. However I do suggest you keep the other cats away though as it may agitate the mother and cause fights. Limit your interaction with her kittens until they’re at least four weeks old unless their lives are in danger. She never got milk in her other teats. While it’s a bit barbaric, it’s normal behavior for your mother cat to eat one or more of her kittens. This cat will not take kindly to sharing a home with other cats. most of the female cats we had would be loving or not interested at all. • Kitten nursing bottle. In a feral cat group, the alpha female in the group sometimes kills the kittens of other females to better the chances of survival of her kittens. Your female cat may act toward kittens or even to you as an adoptive mother. Pay attention and react accordingly. But the worst thing a cat owner would see is a pet that is eating its kittens. On the other hand, if dogs and cats do comprehend death more than we give them credit for, viewing a deceased companion may help to explain why that companion cat won’t be around in the future. Since newborn kittens do not require paternal assistance, there is no need to have the father cats -- or any other male cats, for that matter -- around. The simple answer is that this is a warning hiss. Some will choose to ignore them, which means not letting them feed. If the teat appears purple or deep red, it’s infected. Once you have decided what type of material your box-feeding-station will be, you can install … We believe them to be sisters of the same litter, now pregnant together. Although tomcats generally aren't too helpful in kitten rearing, mother cats do frequently get assistance from other mature females, thankfully. It could be possible that your mother saw this or something similar. Help from Other Females . Also, she can view other people as a threat. I have 2 adult, female cats, one just had her babies a hour ago the other is due any day. I have bred cats myself and never had a problem from males or females and none were seperated. This routine can be repeated 3 times a day and can help calm your cats. Although cats do not have built in Google Maps, they are highly intelligent and sensitive animals. Your cat has a built-in instinct, much like the hamsters on the video. Killer Instinct. If so, get her used to you having a towel on your lap when you do, then get her to allow you to lightly bundle her in it. It can occur with new and seasoned mothers. It will do whatever it takes to be the house alpha. If you notice signs of infection, you should seek out a vet immediately. You can care for an uninfected gland at home by applying heat and massage to extract the milk. The good news is this is a rare condition in lactating cats. You can’t stop or always control nature. This generally clears the condition, and your cat resumes normal nursing. However, in some very specific situations, a tomcat will kill and even eat kittens. Anecdotally, people have reported that some cats stop searching for an absent companion after being shown the body of a deceased companion. Between three to five weeks after delivery, your cat can develop milk fever. Since you're already keeping the males out, just go ahead and keep 'em all out, just to be safe :), Best of luck, hope the kittens are all healthy and happy. The most obvious reason your male cat is licking your female one is simply that they like one another. When a cat eats the other cat’s food not only eats more than a healthy and recommended intake but also leaves the other cat with no food, causing malnutrition in the cat that does not get to eat. An indoor pet cat may eat cat food, but most of the outdoor tomcats prefer eating small birds and animals like mice, frogs, doves, rabbits, etc. ? It can happen, but pretty rarely and depends more on an individual cat’s temperament rather than male cats in general. You can build a very simple feeding station with wood, cages or even big plastic containers with a lid (the image shows a litter box station, but the concept is the same). If a cat is happy to be submissive, this is not a problem. She will require emergency vet care. one of my cats gave birth this morning and she is already trying to introduce our other 2 female cats (5 months) to the newborns. Today I was going to get in my car and I heard yowling again. > Do cats kill kittens that are not theirs at a certain age? With other female cats, you can risk them handling the babies and making the mother rejecting them, then you'll be stuck bottle feeding. I know she's suffering but i'm not ready to let her go. Different personality types can co-exist. At present there are several recognised reasons for this, all supported by field observation, documented by breeders and related to other known feline behaviours. These cats were abandoned. The symptoms present as an advanced form of hypocalcemia. Hi – thanks for your email. Get your answers by asking now. Do not give your cat any medicines, even over-the-counter medicines, that your vet has not verified as being appropriate for your cat. And mama cats often foster kittens that aren't their own, even taking in babies of an entirely different species, like squirrels, raccoons and rabbits. We see this more with strays than household cats that receive a well-balanced diet before, during, and after their pregnancy. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. House cats usually do not do this, but sometimes male cats kill kittens (but don't eat them) to force the female cats back into heat. If you’re caring for a feral queen, you can supplement her hunting to ensure she has access to a properly balanced diet until her kittens wean. She could require further testing and antibiotics. With kittens, pay special attention to any that sleep more than usual. While grooming, he also gently bites her and holds her so definitely he’s showing his dominance. Slideshow People Foods Cats Can Eat. Failure to do so can result in death. Do Male cats kill kittens? Every mother is different, so you should continue to monitor her and her kittens. On the other hand, most domesticated cats are mentally assured that the people in the house will not hurt her kittens and will provide adequate food. However, your cat may want a routine that is different from the one above. The downside is that you need to keep an eye on them while they eat, in case your jumping feline decides to take a few bites out of your other cat's food. You have two choices at this point 1) take her to the vet right then, lol, or 2) keep working with her. Hope that helps! Other cats are more passive by nature. Don’t try to drain the abscess at home. The above video shows how you can safely feed newborn kittens should their mother be unable to care for them. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Do so gradually as to not overwhelm or endanger the kittens. Others will consume their entire litter. Do your best to observe at a distance. It is not uncommon for a female cat to adopt another female's litter of kittens, but sometimes females can be hostile toward litters that are not their own. The other day I walked outside and it was lying on it's side while Jack was standing over it and yowling. Same goes for your other cats. what will happen? Other cats would abandon days-old kittens thus care would be left to the hands of the cat owners. Intervene only when necessary for a kitten or the mother’s survival. Queens are mother cats, and most females have a natural nurturing instinct to love and care for their babies. You should take your kittens to the vet, if they are not sick, then do not worry, because it most likely will not happen again. Once mating is complete, the male wanders off and has nothing else to do with the female. The most popular routine goes like this: play – eat – groom – eat. The video below offers some hypothesizes researchers believe could explain the behavior. This is probably because cats do not display dominance in the same way that dogs -- or people -- do. Pallas's cats give birth to a litter of two to six kittens after a gestation period of 66 to 75 days, typically in April or May. Yes, it is normal behavior. There are two reasons for this.... 1) You won't get as shredded and 2) she's not as able to fight you getting into the crate. I know this is a fact because my mom told me she saw that happen to a cat that lived outside her home (years ago). Female cats have been known to "babysit", watching over and even nursing another cat's kittens. > Do cats kill kittens that are not theirs at a certain age? Ensure your cat has a safe area for her birth and while kittens still require her for survival. Cats aren’t any different. Feral cats spend around 25 percent of their day hunting for food, with an average daily kill being four mice. In part, this is down to females providing food for their kittens. Your email address will not be published. i would cry D: This mostly happens with feral cats. Now, I would still keep all your cats away from the cat who just gave birth. This is probably because cats do not display dominance in the same way that dogs -- or people -- do. This doesn't mean they're against taxation without representation -- rather, it means they naturally form groups with complex communication between individuals. Merciful reasons are the easiest to prevent. Remove other pets from the room; don’t allow them free access to her area. Science remains uncertain why a cat or another species will do what we consider barbaric. I'm hoping for a miracle :o(? Some cats will eat one kitten. The answer is no. There are usually between 1-8 kittens per litter, and cats are already fertile when they are about 5-9 months old. She doesn't know the other cats, nor their intention. Cats are colony animals. Still, keep all cat contact at a minimum for now, especially since you don't know what the new female cat is carrying (FIV, FeLK, Ringworm, etc). Cats indeed have different personalities. Any answer would be, at best, a rough guess. Its thought cats do this because it protects the kittens from marauding Toms, and it allows extra protection for the kittens (eg two sets of eyes are better than one). You can’t always prevent her from doing this, and you shouldn’t stop or scold her. Another side of mercy is she will ensure she can produce enough milk for her litter. Why? 2 / 9. Only you can decide if the differences between male and female cats should be a deciding factor when you are adopting a cat or kitten. WILL SHE TRY TO EAT THEM ASWELL? If they must be in adjoining rooms, place a barrier at the bottom of the door. This may indicate that cats have at least some … The video below offers some hypothesizes researchers believe could explain the … By killing and eating one of her kittens who is suffering from an infection due to a reduced resistance or hypothermia and inactivity, the mother eliminates the pathogen from the nest thereby protecting the remaining kittens. Few symptoms of hypocalcemia exist in the early stages, and your vet generally discovers the low levels on a routine blood test. Marauding tomcats are usually the killer and eater of kittens. They have privileged instincts and environmental stimuli can both capture their attention and awaken their curiosity. If you recall from the video we shared, you’ll remember this as a common reason mothers will sometimes eat their babies. She had diabetes. It does provide her with nutrients that she passes through her milk to the surviving kittens. I began feeding them and now a few months later they are a permanent fixture. Approach her nest with caution. Or..... start putting her food in the back of a crate EVERY time you feed her. Success will largely depend on why your mother cat would eat her kittens. Even though I continually separate them, should I be worried about this? From pregnancy to weaning, provide your mother cat with plenty of quiet space, high-quality kitten food, and water. Since human females shed the lining of their uterus every month, cramping, bloating, and related symptoms can be present. Some cats are happy to be submissive, while others will fight back and assert their own dominance. You can, however, try to understand why and take some steps to prevent it. I have 9 cats, and when one of my cats gave birth a few months ago, we kept her in a separate room away from the other cats for 2-3 weeks, letting her out for a break several times throughout the day. The motherly behavior is relative to the relationship between the females and the temperament of the cat. And she doesnt need to be stressed at this point. Now, intact male cats very rarely kill kittens. The upside to this feeding method is that you don't have to waste time feeding each kitty in a separate room. Once they reach maturity, female cats can continue having kittens for many years, often until they are 10 or 12! But other female cats trying act like fostermother is not at all unusual - it isnt sickly in any way. Stray Cats, Feral Cats and Kittens Have you found a stray cat or litter of kittens? Especially if she is young and doesn't undertand what is happening or if there is something wrong with the babies. What we see as a threat might differ from your cat’s point-of-view. She might require lifelong injections, and it might be wise to retire her from breeding. Biologically, cats are hunters. This is why, despite having a comfortable home life indoors, the outdoor environment can seem to provide a lot of entertainment and distraction.

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