do filipinos have spanish blood


grandpa - filipino. In fact my great grand parents are from Canton. Why do you think so many Filipinos have Spanish surnames? Favorite Answer. Which is hilarious. grandpa - pure chinese. The notion of having European or American blood flowing in our DNA are only to those people who you could admittedly agree by their appearance. What is 'Filipino'? we don't have Spanish blood, if do then we should look like more of a latino than an asian, right? A lot of these claims are based on racial and social stigmas as well. triviatm. 10 years ago. Lv 6. That's why almost all of them look like the indigenous people of Indonesia, Thailand, etc. A lot of these claims are based on racial and social stigmas as well. Of the people I know who claim Spanish ancestry (but all look very indigenous), all of them turned out positive for Spanish ancestry (weirdly enough)! It’s like some Filipinos just love Europeans and want to claim to be it when the facts state otherwise. you look filipino but mexicans have a LOT more Spanish ancestors and blood, even similar traditions and values, along obviously with the language. It can only mean 3 things: either she didn't inherit her family's Spanish genes but her family members do OR her Spanish genes is too diluted to even show up on results OR she really has zero Spanish ancestry. Answer Save. That's why almost all of them look like the indigenous people of Indonesia, Thailand, etc. A total of one hundred seventy-two native languages and dialects are spoken, all belonging to the Austronesian linguistic family. Debate me if you want if you think Filipinos are Hispanic I’ll be glad to. The spanish didn't marry extensively there. While a sizeable number of Filipinos have Spanish surnames following an 1849 decree that Hispanicised Filipino surnames, chances are most people have a tenuous, or no link to Spanish … My blood, which contains no Spanish or Latino ancestry, boils whenever I hear my cousins babbling on about our mythical Spaniard or Latino descent, neither of which, run in my family, like at all....or for this matter, in most Filipinos. Filipinos always think that because of Spanish last names doesn’t make us Spaniard. The Philippines weren't even considered part of the Japanese empire. Nope. The Philippines didn’t get as much as Spanish immigrants compared to Latin Americans because the country is so far away from mainland Spain. 5 Answers. The only true way to know if a Filipino has Spanish blood is to send a cheek swab to the Genographic Project of the National Geographic Society and pay US$ 100 to know if he truly has Spanish ancestry. Talking of Spanish blood, I'm indirect Spanish decendants from Vigan, and Ilocos my great grandparents both mother and father are spanish origin. Relevance. grandma - filipino. 1 decade ago. You see, genetically I have no idea what it means to be "Filipino". Culture. FYI, having a narrow nose or fair skin does not hold up in court, because anyone can get a nose job, skin bleaching /chekwa heritage, respectively. I've met filipinos who say they have spanish blood in the US , although I must admit most of them do look hispanic/even spanish and could pass for one. Filipinos don't have Japanese blood, Latino blood, Hispanic blood, or Native American blood at all nor share any type of similar ancestry or DNA. The fact is, the vast majority of Filipinos have no Spanish blood in them. And they based this on looks. Probably because they do. Languages. MY DAD'S SIDE. grandma - pure spanish. When Philippines was conquered by Spain for 300 years , there has been a lot of inter racial marriages, not to mention the unwed filipinos who carried children from spanish colonisers. Because the Philippines were named for King Phillip II of Spain. Favorite Answer. What blood do I have? If you have a high percentage (more than about 20%) of Filipino DNA, then you have good reason to believe that you might have a Filipino grandparent. Most Filipinos of Spanish descent in the Philippines are of mixed ancestries or are of pure European ancestry. Which is hilarious. share. Ferdinand Magellan discovered the islands in 1521 and they were colonized by the Spanish starting a little over 40 years … 45 comments. Filipinos are not lieng about being spanish, at least not entirely. Why do you think so much Spanish is spoken there? Why do some Filipinos claim to be Hispanic and have Spanish blood when only 2%-4% actually have Spanish DNA? Answer Save. Majority of the filipino population have at least a small amount of spanish blood. It’s because Filipinos greatly outnumbered the Spaniards back then. Very few filipinos have any Spanish blood at all, some do, but not many. His people and your people were together a very long time. MY MOM'S SIDE. Filispanese. Our culture even 100 years ago was already a mix —of Malay, Chinese, Hindu, Arab, Polynesian and Spanish, with maybe some English, Japanese and African thrown in. We are mostly East Asians with Polynesians mixed with it. Share to Twitter Share to … Why do Filipinos always claim to have Spanish blood? For all the non-Filipinos out there, not all Filipinos claim that they have Spanish blood. Some Filipinos think that having Spanish blood makes them better than the Filipinos who don't. They left. Other 'reasons' such as having a spanish last name or fluency in spanish also do not apply since even the darkest former aeta tribesmen were forced to change their name over a century ago. But no! Mexican settlement in the Philippines comprises a multilingual Filipino ethnic group composed of Philippine citizens with Mexican ancestry. Your Ad Here. i have never seen a filipino who looks like mexican gael g.b. One thing I get so (x1000) sick of is when Filipinos claim they are Latinos. My great great great grandfather left in the 1880s. most filipinos claim to have spanish blood because of their blood line. The fact is, the vast majority of Filipinos have no Spanish blood in them. Email This BlogThis! And it … Some Filipinos think that having Spanish blood makes them better than the Filipinos who don't. A psychological exploration of the effects of colonialism among Filipinos. Posted by Liza Gear at 9:18 AM. Relevance. According to a Stanford University small-n study, only about 3.6% of all Filipinos have European genes, most probably Spanish. Since I don’t think Filipinos are Hispanic. In relation to this, a population survey conducted by German ethnographer Fedor Jagor concluded that 1/3rd of Luzon which holds half of the Philippines' population had varying degrees of Spanish and Latin American ancestry. Villasenor was the surname. Like African-Americans using White English last names. Over the years since I am 4th generation from them my blood is more filipino than spanish. Anonymous. And the reason why we Filipinos have spanish surnames is that when the Spaniards came to conquer the Philippines, they found a hard time pronouncing our local surnames (like dimagiba, dimakiling, tatlong-hari, tuma-ob) so they forced to change the surnames of the Filipinos and turned … The main reason is that the effing spaniards conquered, occupied, and tormented my country for over 300 years. 0 … Spanish, Filipino, Chinese or what? Some have drawn sharp distinctions between these two terms, saying for example that Hispanics are people from Spain or from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America (this excludes Brazil, where Portuguese is the official language), while Latinos are people from Latin America regardless of language (this includes Brazil but excludes Spain). Filipino blood which basically started from the early Malay natives had undergone a lot of mixing with Chinese traders, Indian traders and Arab traders to the time of Spanish rule, American rule, Japanese rule and much much more at the outset of seamans time, OCW time and … Korea was the only country to be considered part of the Japanese empire, because Korea was Japan only colonized, conquered, and influenced Korea. And they based this on looks. We are proud of our heritage at the rim of East Asia, the meeting point of the many Asian groups, as well as Europeans from Spain. My cousin in Mexico got in touch with some of our filipino cousins. If you do have a grandparent from the Philippines, then there is a good possibility that you have lots of second, third, and fourth cousins who also have ancestry in the Philippines. 8 Answers. European settlers from Spain and Mexico immigrated and their offspring (of either Spanish, or Spanish and Filipino) may have adopted the culture of their parents and grandparents. This explains why a number of Filipinos without Spanish blood share the same surnames as many Spaniards today. Filipinos have more Aztec blood than spanish blood.

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