drilling into vinyl window frame for air conditioner


I have vinyl windows. Cheaper nicer safer happier brighter more private, where people want it. Home Depot and Lowes both sell shims in the lumber section. If you could locate the bracket on the flat part of the siding profile, then you could transfer the load through the siding to the house without deforming the siding. You may need to shim at two levels depending on the design of your window air conditioner and window frame. You can buy plastic "buttons" or plugs. Is there anything you can do,beside replace, windows that are bad. Enjoy! Better Policy. We took wood and placed it from where the accordian ended from the A/C unit to the edge of the window frame. Your arm will be left sticking out the hole normally filled by the accordion baffle on either side. I am choosing the bedroom window for safety reasons, because I live on the first floor, but it is raised in the back, so I do not need to worry about someone popping out the unit from that window, as opposed to the living room. The top lip on the unit usually has two holes for screws so the window can't be raised and the flexible side panels have a hole to screw them to the sides so they don't move. After balancing your A/C on the windowsill, it’ll be easy to see why you need the top sash to stay put and hold the unit in place. 6A & FIG. Installing a window air conditioner is a sweaty job, so you might be tempted to simply open the window, boost the air conditioner into place, close the window, and hope for the best. Using screws in the new vinyl window may cause permanent damage, so I need another method. With a friend, lift the air conditioner and place it – do not drop it – onto the shims. How do I replace closet doors that keep on coming off hinges? It is possible to do this without cracking the siding. Before installing an air conditioner in a vinyl window, check that your rental agreement permits window air conditioners. Home; ... Measure a piece of wood from the top of the open window to the top of the window frame, and wedge it in. Note that when support brackets are advertised, they are advertised on brick, cement, or wood clapboard exteriors. I live in a condo- and my central air unit just died. I also screwed L brackets on the top of the window and the frame for extra security. They are structurally better than the wood block method described below. You don't need to screw anything else. You can stack shims to create just enough height to get over one or both lips. If you have vinyl siding, each course has one or more raised profile ridges. If you use a floor model air conditioner, you must pay attention to the condensation tank or bucket. How does one clean a large double-paned window inside? how can I install an air conditioner in a double hung vinyl window without destroying the window or drilling holes into the vinyl which will void the warrenty? The window sill is made out of metal, so I can't nail or screw anything into it; The base of the window has a thin (about 1/4") piece of metal jutting out of the buttom that's 2" high in the interior and 1.5" high in the exterior. I don't know why the holes were drilled. You may have to use a hammer to put them in place but it should not be drastic hammering to do so. Open both sashes toward the middle, reach around the sashes with two long arms or a friend, and each pull gently on both right corners of the full-height screen toward the left. Better Communities. If you have a child and you need to leave the window to get tape, close and lock the window before leaving. If your window has a half screen, push it up out of the way of the lower sash, and leave it. Do not drop the full-height screen outside. Unless your vents are cleaned and your neighbors are healthy and odor-free, you don’t want to be drafting air from these sources. If the window air conditioner is properly shimmed, and the sash is properly aligned, the air conditioner should be secure. Also, it negates the warranty on the vinyl windows (if they still have one). Also if there were no screws securing the unit anyone could open the window, drop the unit out and enter you home. The front of the air conditioner’s base may be higher or lower than the back. If the window can't be raised the unit can't fall out or be removed. We tape dit all into place, so all cracks are covered from water/insects, etc. Any idea's on turning sliding glass into french doors? 6B). Do not drill them into the window unless you feel there is a security risk from outside or children on the inside who would tamper with the baffles; drilling can damage the window. Another disadvantage of a floor model is, unless it has two hoses (rare in economy models), the air conditioner will create negative pressure. To operate efficiently and effectively, a window air conditioner … Better Lives. I recently (well, last summer) did basically the same as buggzzee23 to mount a window a/c into the frame of a sliding window. But as often as not, they crack vinyl siding. wooden windows: Vinyl-Clad windows: Keep a firm grip on the air conditioner, carefully place the unit into the window opening so the bottom of the air conditioner frame is against the window sill (FIG.

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