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EASA Part 66 Basic Knowledge Examination Centre EASA 66 facilitates examinations in Manchester. Combination (Multiple methods) Combination (Multiple methods) All Aviation Courses. View Approved Maintenance Organisations in Ireland. In company. UK EASA Part 66 Examinations. Self study. NOTE: The following two schemes depict the most common paths and are for information only. Proud history & award success. If you want to get information about them, please contact the competent authority. Filter . Reference: AMC to Section 6 of Appendix III 7. Ofqual regulated. Neither a short period of job training session nor an aircraft type refresher training are acceptable. An aircraft maintenance licence issued by a country other than EASA Member States cannot be rendered valid as EASA Part-66 AML. Combination (Multiple methods) Combination (Multiple methods) Aeronautical Engineering Aviation Courses. The duration of the practical training should be adequate in order to complete the contents required by paragraph 3.2 of Appendix III to Part-66. Sort by Most Recent. The basic training covers requirements for the issue of a Part 66 aircraft maintenance licence. We have considerable expertise in the subjects, and our instructors are experienced and qualified both in their subject specialism, and in the techniques and skills of training … According to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1149/2011 of 21 October 2011 (amending Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003), the basic examinations shall be passed and experience shall be acquired within the ten years preceding the application for an aircraft basic licence. ), Reference:  Appendix III 4.2.;  AMC to Part-66 Appendix III 3. As per the new Regulation (EC) No. Subscribe (FREE) « Prev. EASA Part 147 approved Basic Aircraft Engineering Training Course – B1 Mechanical Course Title: EASA Part 147 non-approved Basic Aircraft Engineering Training Course – B1 Mechanic Description: An … This professional development training programme is designed to provide participants with a full description and qualitative understanding of the purpose, structure, and technical requirements of the EASA Part 66 implementing rules including AMCs and GMs. From an intellectual point of view, this is not logical to demonstrate maintenance competence on a specific aircraft type without having acquired the basic knowledge, skills and attitude related to the maintenance and the technologies used in aviation in general. No, the validity of the Part-66 licence is not affected by recent experience. Easy Access Rules for Air Operations - Revision 14, October 2019 We constantly strive to improve the consolidated version of the Air Operations regulation in the Easy Access Rules format. Skip EASA Training. Approved Cat A / B1 / B2 courses; Including On-Job-Experience in our Part 145 organisation ; Bachelor of Science degree in Aircraft Maintenance and Airworthiness Engineering in conjunction with Limerick Institute of Technology (see brochure below) Aircraft Type Practical. Regarding Part-66 Appendix III, point 5., “Type Examination Standard” does not apply to the examination performed as part of type training. In addition the interaction with the customers (i.e. Study Material and Classroom CBT for EASA Part-66 & Groundschool. Sort by Most Recent. Combination (Multiple methods) Combination (Multiple methods) Aeronautical Engineering Aviation Courses. EASA does not plan to propose amendments to the regulations to account for cases of people with special needs during examinations: a single regulation cannot cover all individual cases. The competent authority of the Member State issuing the licence may include in the Annex (Section XIV) of EASA Form 26 types for which the Basic Regulation is not applicable. Interactive Classroom CBT for EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Training and Groundschool. The completeness of the whole OJT process shall be assessed. Filter. Skip Contact. Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeship. Code OI Armstrong Flight Research Center 5,231 views. EASA PART 66 trainings. The majority of EASA examinations are Multi Choice Questions (MCQ) examinations which vary in size dependent on the module. Normally, these functions should not be confused. These schemes do not override Part-66 requirements nor capture all the possibilities (various licences, educations and experiences). 6). The standard, format, pass mark, etc. Please contact this competent authority for an application form (Form 19) and specific details concerning the application. CBT for Radio and Radar Navigation ILS, DME, VOR, Transponders and Weather Radar . However, according to Appendix III to Part-66, other than Part-147 organisation (including Part-145 maintenance organisations and manufacturers) can be approved by their competent authorities to provide theoretical element (theoretical training and examination) and/or practical element (practical training and assessment) of aircraft type training. Since your competent authority is responsible for the issue and extension of your licence, please follow the instruction of your competent authority and try to find a solution based on the above AMC. In addition, this is dual certified to enable learners to work towards their EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (Category A.1) theory elements. Please note that none of the bilateral agreements between the EU and third countries (at present US, Canada, Brazil and China) have the maintenance licences in their scope. EASA Part 66 B1.1 Basic Training Aircraft Maintenance Technician. As part of your application process, we will be asking you a few questions to establish if you are eligible for funding as part of this apprenticeship. This flexibility provision is applicable for a limited number of tasks and should not be used to conduct the entire OJT on other aircraft type(s) showing similarities. To name a few, the following items can be reminded: ADs, SBs, operational directives, EASA requirements; records and archives; repairs and modifications (use of data, EASA/FAA rules; dual-release); special inspections (e.g. Your feedback is important because you help us create a better tool for you. The examination shall be performed by the appropriately trained and approved examiner. In the past some medical criteria were proposed in JAR-66, but these were removed in order to avoid conflicts with national rules. EASA is not a licensing authority and therefore does not issue any licences. and be adapted to the privilege of each licence category / subcategory as defined in 66.A.20(a)3: for a B1 licence: aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems + work on avionics system with simple test but not including troubleshooting. Be the first to post a comment as you should not deviate from the national law; as the organisation shall establish and control the competence of personnel; (145.A.30(e) – necessary expertise related to the job function); as the organisation shall have a human performance programme in place (145.A.35(e)); and. Who are Part 66 Courses For? Credit can be granted as regards to the basic knowledge of the (sub)category for which the licence has been already issued. Giving Fuel To Your Skills . new tasks more representative of the type of aircraft may be added by the maintenance organisation. Subjects include: Mathematics – arithmetic, algebra & geometry a complete theoretical + practical  Airbus A330 (GE CF6) course,  or. Assessment is a practical form of measuring the competence of the student by evaluating three major factors associated to the learning objectives: knowledge, skills and attitude, usually performed on completion of a practical training course. In other words, people with specific learning difficulties or physical impairments are not discriminated by Part-66 or Part-147. You will then be able to select the module or course required via the drop-down menu, and check available training dates. national privileges. 4.10  Stress Filter . Option A: apply directly to the licensing authority who has issued the license for the approval of an OJT (to be proposed in a document outside the MOE). Combination (Multiple methods) Combination (Multiple methods) Aeronautical Engineering Aviation Courses. In such case, the OJT procedures cannot be included in the MOE, due to the fact that EASA is not a licensing authority. The possibility still exists in this case that a licensing authority may directly approve OJT procedures, which have to be included in a separate document outside (and not being part) of the MOE. We provide EASA Part 66 and GCAA car 66 Training and Examination - Bangladesh,India,Pakistan,Nepal,Dubai,Malaysia and diffrerebt place with our partner in reasonable cost. As an additional information, the Agency already issued several positive recommendations for such exemptions (e.g. The assessment should focus on the competencies relevant to the aircraft type and its maintenance. Skip Examination Centre. This Website EASA PART66 ( JAR66 ) is for Aircraft Technicians, Mechanics & Engineers, studying for their PART 66 A, B1 or B2 and C licenses, whether for the purposes of a license conversion or extension, or for a first license. EASA Part 66 SUPPORT . The qualification has been accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and is included in the Apprenticeship standard for Aircraft Maintenance Fitter/Technician. Remark: Privileges on the basis of national requirements may be added in the Part-66 licence in section XIV. A maintenance log book detailing the experience is desirable and some competent authorities may require such a log book (see AMC 66.A.10). EASA Part-66 Luftfahrttechnik Home; Luftfahrttechnik - Downloads; Videos; Luftfahrttechnik - Links; Über mich; Kontakt; Nicht funktionierende Links bitte mittels Kontaktformular melden - vielen Dank! Any theoretical type training course finished after 01 Aug 2012 can be used for rating endorsement application until 3 years after they were started (even in the case where they were started before 01 Aug 2012). Finally, the requirements for the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft  might significantly evolve in the civil environment. The course pathway is a self paced structured schedule of modules, which for a ‘beginner’ we advise will take approximately 12-14 months (including short breaks between modules). If the Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) is previously endorsed or the criteria for endorsement are met (based on conversion or type training) the  Airbus A330 (GE CF6) can be endorsed (within the time limits) following either. OJT logbook/worksheets format and content. For this, we always consider your suggestions. Details on the Modern Apprenticeship, application requirements and how you can apply can be viewed in the below link. Reference: Appendix III 6.; AMC to Section 6 of Appendix III 1. Self study. So, it is true that the examiners authorised by the competent authority shall not have been involved in the applicant's training. Revision 14 of Easy Access Rules on Air Operations includes: Reference: AMC to Part-66 Appendix III 2), Reference: AMC to Section 6 of Appendix III to Part-66, The assessment shall be performed by designated assessors appropriately qualified. Basic training: Applicants for an Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) can reach this aim from Part-147 approved basic training courses. Please contact your competent authority, which may have already performed this comparison. Instructors - Part-66 Modules Total Training Support have been delivering EASA Part-66 Module courses since the inception of EASA. Aktiviteter og foreninger:Basic maritme education as part of … The endorsement of the first aircraft type rating, within a given category/sub-category, requires satisfactory completion of the corresponding On-the-Job-Training (ref. The scope includes EASA / UK Part 66 Syllabus, equivalent aerospace qualifications within design, manufacturing, continued airworthiness and maintenance disciplines. In company. A good example would be same engine types installed on different aircraft types (i.e. Some competent authorities may have already posted such comparison(s) on their websites; however be sure that the comparison relevant to your case is acceptable to the competent authority who issued your licence. Department Civil Aviation Malaysia verify aircraft engineer licence applications. Successful completion of the programme will lead to the an EASA Part 66 Cat A and B1 or B2 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML). Please review the extracted requirements here below from Part-66 Appendix III, Section 6: Since the procedure in MOE is approved by the competent authority of the maintenance organisation, it can only be used when the licensing authority is the same as the competent authority of the maintenance organisation. Consequently, this may be acceptable, if properly justified to the competent authority within the MOE Chapter 3.15. The supervisor should not sign the actual task if the person did not achieve the required competence in safe task performance. Content of the OJT: the list of tasks that should be performed during the OJT or a list of generic tasks and the process how to develop a list of particular tasks out of this list of generic tasks. The following EASA Part 66 exam (B1, B2) preparation courses are for you when you want to get your Aircraft Maintenance License in the shortest amount of time. 108 Courses. Qualifications of the assessor and supervisors performing the OJT. There are no additional conditions such as a medical certificate or any other proof regarding the mental or physical abilities. Apprenticeship. In company. According to the current rules, a Part-66 licence is required for: For other activities within a maintenance organisation, a Part-66 licence is not required. Guidance about the qualification is given in AMC to Part-66 Appendix III 3. EASA Part 66 Category 'B' Module 1 - Mathematics. AS Aircraft Engineering Limited facilitates Part 66 examinations in Manchester under the terms of contract with Air Service Training (Engineering) Limited. EASA Part-66 and City and Guilds alignment project. 2001 – 2001. Type training courses started and finished before 01 Aug 2012 can be used for rating endorsement application until 31 July 2015. EASA Part 66 Basic Training Programme. JAR 66.A.50 had requirements on: Part-66 has only a provision to suspend, limit or revoke licences in case of carrying out maintenance or issuing a certificate of release to service when adversely affected by alcohol or drugs [66.B.500 point(7)]. This so called “direct” approval may be given by the competent authority in accordance with 66.B.130 provided: Directly approved aircraft type training course is only valid for Part-66 AML type rating endorsement by that Member State, which means it cannot be used for aircraft type endorsement by other Member States (no mutual recognition of the certificate), unless this other competent authority has approved the course as well. Anybody able to pass the basic knowledge examinations and fulfil the basic experience requirements can get the related Part-66 licence. 1149/2011, the practical element of training is no longer a question of time. Self study. Those training courses may either be provided by a Part-147 training organisation or by the competent authority. 108 Courses. Option B: find an agreement to follow an already approved OJT at another organisation, which was approved by the same licensing authority who has issued the license. To confirm the completion of the required diversity and quantity of OJT, based on the supervisor(s) reports and feedback. CPCP, EWIS); approved maintenance programme and its effectiveness / reliability; occurrence reporting; understanding of MSG-3 methods …. Obtaining the licence does not give the certification privileges. ), The OJT shall be assessed by designated assessors appropriately qualified. Filter. or in another organisation, provided the course has been directly approved by the authority who issued the licence as per 66.B.130. EASA Part 66 Short Modular Courses. Self study. At EASA 66 we aspire to provide individuals and airlines with innovative services and added value by setting new benchmarks in the field of Aviation while contributing to the best of our ability in making Aviation safer worldwide. Reference: Appendix III 4.2.;  AMC Appendix III. The initial application for a Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence shall be made to the competent authority of one of the member states. The licence itself is valid 5 years from the last renewal. Compliance Training. the OJT tasks should be selected because of their frequency, safety, novelty: tasks selected among those frequently carried out by the organisation on this type or more related to safety should be deleted. The course and the assessment complies with the same standard valid for approved Part-147 organisations; this standard is described in paragraph 1 to 4 of Appendix III to Part-66. For Aircraft Maintenance Training Schools Worldwide. For maintaining aircraft of 5700kg MTOM and above, but excluding airships, licences are issued under EASA Implementing Rule (IR) Part-66. You will then be able to select the module or course required via the drop-down menu, and check available training dates. Furthermore aircraft maintenance experience gained outside a civil aircraft maintenance environment may include aircraft maintenance experience gained in armed forces, coast guards, police, etc., or in aircraft manufacturing. EASA Part-66/147 . In particular the B1.2 licence holder would have to meet 66.A.20(b), which means that: AMC 66.A.20(b)  and GM 66.A.20(b)  gives further explanations on the 6-months maintenance experience in the last 2 years, including demonstration of experience on at least one aircraft type per aircraft structure (metal, composite or wood).1. In company. The course is designed as per the EASA Part 66 basic training Category B1.1 requirements. These approvals allow us to deliver EASA Part-66 training at our facilities in Gloucestershire and Humberside (UK), as well as providing deployable training services worldwide. Neither a short period of job training session nor an aircraft type refresher training. Welcome to AST . Thousands of multiple choice questions with answers, study notes and expert tutorial support, covering the whole of the Part-66 syllabus. & 8. In company. Over a decade of industry embedded experience expands our offering to include a wide range of services including online, practical and classroom-based training, as well as consultative and development services. Maintenance and repair of aircraft parts. The apprenticeship consists of an “Apprentissage Adulte” contract. Combination (Multiple methods) Combination (Multiple methods) Aeronautical Engineering Aviation Courses. 1 - “Aeroplane” does not include “helicopter”. Regarding the roles of examiners and assessors, these are different functions (which does not prevent that one person can’t be authorised both as examiner and assessor). The Aircraft Maintenance License (EASA Part-66 Cat.B) is recognized in all countries of the European Union and beyond, as well as a Luxembourg end-of-school certificate (Diplôme de Technicien). EASA courses & Exams: Part 66 theoretical knowledge and examination requirements employ a modular syllabus, each module may vary in terms of the subject and category and complexity of Licence sought. Self study. Apprenticeship. certifying the release to service of maintenance of an aircraft; work in maintenance organisations as support staff. 108 Courses. Contact. This post is much usefule for AME Modules Examination.

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