golden age pre 73 jr manual


Combining a PRE-73 and an EQ-73, and using a UNITE rack kit to mount them together, one will get a 19-inch 1073-style unit at a low cost and with a great sound! The Golden Age Project PRE-73 Jr is the little brother to the big seller, the PRE-73. "Hello Golden Age Premier, I recently purchased a Pre-73 Premier and I just wanted to reach out to let you know how great of a product it is. It uses the same discrete (no IC´s) signal path with a transformer balanced in- and output. WARRANTY The PRE-73 PREMIER is built to last. Presenting the Golden Age Project PRE-73 Jr, the little brother of our big seller the PRE-73 Mk2. The single-channel Pre-73 MKIII is versatile, with 80dB of gain that … The Golden Age Project PRE-73 Jr is the little brother to our big seller, the PRE-73. Like its big brother, the Pre-73 Jr inherited its superior sonics from its parents' infatuation with the classic Neve 1073 — the legendary console module … It can also be used with many other units that has a low level insert jack. If the unit dies, check this fues. Contact Golden Age Project +46 322 66 50 50 Web The big brother of this diminutive preamp, the PRE-73, has won many friends in the audio industry thanks to its Neve-like sound quality at a price far lower than that of a genuine Neve product. By most accounts, the Pre73 is very successful, especially given the constraints of its price point. In order to be able to offer this classic and musical sound character at an even more affordable price point, we did scale down on some features that is seldom used. The PRE-73 MKII is a one-channel vintage style microphone-, line- and instrument preamplifier. However, a few component replacements can bring yours closer to true “Neve-vana.” Congratulations on choosing the Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKII microphone preamplifier! The Golden Age Pre73 attempts to replicate a coveted, classic Neve preamp design at a fraction of the price. The Golden Age Pre-73 Jr mic/instrument preamp is the little sibling of the Pre-73, a favorite here at GearNuts. Using the same discrete (no IC´s) signal path with a transformer balanced in- and output, it offers the same classic character at an even more affordable price point. The EQ-73 is made to be used together with one of our PRE-73 models that has an Insert jack. The line and microphone input The classic Neve 1073 wrote the book on characterful mic preamplification, so in designing their Pre-73 MKIII mic pre, Golden Age aimed high. I will be picking up another one soon to complete the rack. The GA Pre 73 gives you everything that you'd expect on a good preamp, including inputs for mic, line‑level and DI signals, as well as a polarity-invert button and an LED level meter. It's built very well and really sounds amazing. But as in any electronic device, components can break down. PREQ-73 PREMIER away from other unit and the hum will most likely disppear. Thanks for making something so great and so affordable. There is a 1,0 A, slow blow fuse located inside the unit, close to the 24 V AC input jack. Given its mild pricetag, it's amazing how well they succeeded. The gain control layout borrows from the Neve 1073, with three 'off' positions, the one between the 50 and 55dB positions being for a second mic gain-stage. GAP(Golden Age Progect)では、高いリプラのパヱツヺザNEVEコイヱデを、驚くべき価格で全ての人に 提供します。 USING PRE-73 Jr PRE-73 Jrを使用して最大のハビェヺボヱシを引き出すホアヱテを上げてみます。 AC24VのAC゠ゾフソヺ(付属)から電源を供給します。 The signal path uses only discrete components like resistors, capacitors and transistors. It uses the same discrete (no IC´s) signal path with a transformer balanced in- and output.

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