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Underappreciated for too long, the Slits were an obvious influence on many Riot Grrrl bands. The Serpentine Galleries in London mounted a major retrospective of Ringgold’s work this year, the first time she’s been exhibited outside of the U.S. An independent feminist and queer record label and video art distributor co-founded in 1996 by Tammy Rae Carland and musician Kaia Wilson of queercore bands Team Dresch and the Butchies. As a feminist in my 40s, I can see the generational fault lines around “Hot Topic.” Many of the artists referenced were trailblazers in decades past and their achievements were—and still are—radical. In her novels Bastard Out of Carolina (1992) and Cavedweller (1998) and her short story collection Trash (1988), she explored poverty, family and sexual violence, and trauma in deeply powerful and empathetic ways. She won 12 Grand Slam singles titles in the 1960s and 1970s but is just as famous for winning the 1973 “Battle of the Sexes” against Bobby Riggs. Bang! Their 1994 autofictional novel Chelsea Girls about coming of age as a lesbian and a poet in 1970s and 1980s was a seminal feminist and queer text in the 1990s. Recommended Work: “Speed” from Burn, Berlin, Burn!, which was later included on the soundtrack to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Allison’s work felt like a lifeline to many survivors of sexual violence in the 1990s. Yr So Crazy! Sweetslyrics. ⬆. Exclusive offer. Hot topic is the way that we rhymeHot topic is the way that we rhymeOne step behind the drum styleOne step behind the drum style, Carol Rama and Eleanor AntinYoko Ono and Carolee SchneemannYou’re getting old, that’s what they’ll say, butDon’t give a damn I’m listening anyway, Stop, don’t you stopI can’t live if you stopDon’t you stop, Gretchen Phillips and Cibo MattoLeslie Feinberg and Faith RinggoldMr. ⬆. The Lyrics for Deceptacon by Le Tigre have been translated into 4 languages. Hot Topic "Hot Topic" was released as the album's only single. All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. ⬆. Don't give a damn I'm listening anyway Try disabling any ad blockers and refreshing this page. An artist notable for the way she used flesh (including her own) as material. A recent retrospective at the Whitney explored his connections to the prolific and collaborative East Village scene of the 1970s and 1980s. Recommended Work: Start with Giovanni’s Room. ⬆. Although they used keyboards in the studio, the band was known for their stripped-down performances featuring Carns’ ferocious stand-up drumming technique, which is a sight and sound to behold. Her greatest contribution, though, has been to help define (as well as question) postcolonialism, the interdisciplinary study of European colonialism’s impact and cultural legacy. referencing Le Tigre, CD, Album, MRLR-07 At first I thought this band was just a second rate Bis clone, but then this record gets a lot more interesting. What's Yr Take On Casavetes. As one-half of a duo with Alice Gerrard, she became one of the first women to record a bluegrass album in 1965. Recommended Work: Her experimental film That Fertile Feeling. ⬆. Recommended Work: In recent years, Kusama has become one of the most famous artists alive due to her highly Instagrammable “Infinity Mirror Rooms” at museums throughout the world. She created her autobiographical comics Awkward, Definition, Potential (which was nominated for an Eisner Award), and Likewise between 1997 and 2000.Schrag went on to write for The L Word and wrote the controversial 2014 novel Adam and the screenplay for the recent film adaptation. Cecilia Dougherty! Her seminal 1960s performance piece and film Meat Joy featured women and men writhing around with raw chicken, sausages, and fish along with paint and other artist implements. I can't live if you stop All rights reserved. James Baldwin! I'm So Excited. So much bullshit but we won't give in “In Riot Grrrl, it was very much white middle class women trying to prove that they were less racist or less classist than someone else. This is a really good record, though a couple of the tracks can get rather shrill and irritating. A lesbian novelist and essayist who grew up in South Carolina and wrote for the Village Voice and New York Native. She died in March 2019. Since the 1990s, Bond (who has since adopted the middle name Vivian and the pronoun “v”) has had a prolific musical and performance career. An artist and art critic whose 1998 video essay Not for Sale: Feminism and Art in the USA during the 1970s, featuring archival footage, artist interviews, and music by Yoko Ono, was a much-needed exploration of feminist art during a time when exhibitions on the subject were still few and far between. Friendship Station: 5. hot topic is the way that we rhyme A writer and cartoonist who was name-dropped on “Hot Topic”—preceded by a joyous “Woo!”—while she was still in high school. Recommended Work: Eleanor Antin: Time’s Arrow is a recent exhibition that pairs both works in the CARVING series. An all-women British punk band that formed in 1976 and played alongside the Clash, the Buzzcocks, and the Jam on the 1977 White Riot Tour across the U.K.—a tour that notoriously included an actual riot by fans at the Rainbow Theatre in London. LT Tour Theme. Kara Walker! In 1970, she was one of three artists arrested for organizing “The People’s Flag Show,” an exhibition of artwork that reimagined the U.S. flag to protest restrictions on its display and use. Recommended Work: The 2001 Mr. Lady compilation album Calling All Kings & Queens, which includes Le Tigre and a number of other artists shouted out in “Hot Topic”: Sleater-Kinney, the Butchies, Justin Vivian Bond’s Kiki and Herb, Gretchen Phillips, and Vaginal Davis’ PME. She has also toured and performed extensively with the Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray. Davis has never stopped being a controversial figure, but she’s also never stopped being a pivotal activist, scholar, and speaker about social change. If that doesn't work, please visit our help page. (ACT UP protested the retrospective’s lack of connection to the current AIDS crisis, prompting the Whitney to respond with new wall text for the screen print Untitled (ACT UP).) Stream Le Tigre - Hot Topic by xsurfy from desktop or your mobile device. ⬆. In 1991, a year before Wojnarowicz died from AIDS complications at the age of 37, U2 amplified his work to mainstream pop culture by using his photograph of a buffalo tumbling off a cliff as the cover to their single “One” and announcing they were donating all royalties to AIDS research. Recommended Work: Her legendary 1998 DMC set. My My Metrocard. ⬆. Recommended Work: She contributed to the 1995 Free to Fight double album and book promoting women’s self-defense. “To me, that was a really important moment for the band. Urvashi Vaid! Recommended Work: Her signature work is Action Pants: Genital Panic (1968), in which she strolled through a Munich art-house theater wearing crotchless pants and a leather jacket, her exposed vagina at eye level of the seated theatergoers, and challenged them to look at her instead of the women on screen. The Slits! Carland was a member of Kathleen Hanna’s first band Amy Carter, and she created one of the most beloved riot grrrl zines I ♥ Amy Carter, about her girlhood obsession with the daughter of the former president. She has since been the subject of belated retrospectives in the U.S. and Europe, including a 2017 exhibition at the New Museum in New York. Yet, much of their work was grounded in white feminism, along with essentialist ideas of gender and identity that feel out of step with the trans-inclusive and gender nonconforming emphasis of younger feminists. ⬆. Export (a name/brand identity the artist adopted in the 1960s—partially inspired by the Export cigarette brand—to discard her patriarchal birth and married names) created some of the wildest feminist art in Europe during the 1960s and 1970s. ⬆. Yayoi Kusama! La Woman, spawned several minor college-rock hits.After reuniting in 2011, the band broke up in 2017. “Hot Topic” is a song of joy that comes from a place of frustration. ⬆. Her short films Joe-Joe (1993) and Coal Miner’s Granddaughter (1991) were part of the indie film movement to shoot on Fisher-Price Pixelvision cameras. (That might sound like something to scoff at now, but spoken word was crucial in the 1990s, and D.C.was the epicenter for spoken word and poetry slams at that time.) Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. Andreas Sterzing’s iconic 1989 portrait of Wojnarowicz with stitched lips (the inspiration for the painting above) was used as a poster image for Silence = Death, a powerful 1990 documentary about AIDS, and has become an enduring symbol about the importance of expression in resistance. Top Le Tigre Lyrics We Like The Cars That Go Boom Keep On Livin' Hot Topic Get Off The Internet FYR Friendship Station Fake French Eau D' Bedroom Dancing Dyke March 2001 Dude Yr So Crazy!! O Sally How’s It Feel With a Fake Hand? Les And Ray. in 1997. His groundbreaking 1956 novel Giovanni’s Room, about queerness and masculinity (a book he was warned would only alienate his audience) became an essential part of the LGBTQ canon by the 1990s, and many of us found ourselves reading it again and again. In 1997, she co-founded Critical Resistance, a formative organization in the fight against mass incarceration. Riggs died of AIDS in 1994 at the age of 37. The former Bikini Kill frontwoman had formed the feminist queer electropunk band Le Tigre, and she was determined to make a song to counteract how depressed she and her bandmates were about the tenor of the times. ‎Originally conceived as the live backing band for her Julie Ruin solo project, Bikini Kill founder and quintessential riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna formed Le Tigre, another bold, feminist-oriented trio, with filmmaker Sadie Benning and zine creator Johanna Fateman in 1998. The academic heavyweight of “Hot Topic.” She translated Jacques Derrida’s Of Grammatology into English in 1976, making a name for herself as a scholar of deconstruction, a school of philosophy and method of literary critique that exposes the instability of meaning. This is a good read about her career and work. To take just one example: Le Tigre and several of the musicians referenced in the song played the now-defunct Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in the late ’90s and 2000s, and were caught up, to varying degrees, in the decadeslong, painful controversy around the festival’s trans-exclusionary booking policy, which indisputably contributed to its declining relevance among younger people. Kusama, who turned 90 this year, has broken records for being the most expensive living female artist in the male-dominated world of art auction sales. ⬆. In 2014, her first large-scale public project was A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby, a colossal sugar-coated monument of a sphinxlike woman located on the former site of Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Factory. One of the biggest and most divisive musical stars of the 1960s, famous for her genre-defying voice and her civil rights and black power activism. A self-portrait of Carland serves as the cover of Bikini Kill’s Pussy Whipped album. 03. Two decades after it was released, “Hot Topic” continues to resonate with its call to celebrate the people who have done, and who are doing, the work. Le Tigre Track Listing CD 1; 1 Deceptacon; 2 Hot Topic; 3 What’s Yr Take on Cassavetes; 4 The The Empty; 5 Phanta; 6 Eau d’Bedroom Dancing; 7 Let’s Run; 8 My My Metrocard; 9 Friendship Station; 10 Slideshow at Free University; 11 Dude. The comic strips centered on a lesbian feminist named Hothead who takes it upon herself to rid the world of male scum. indisputably contributed to its declining relevance among younger people, 2017 exhibition at the New Museum in New York, an inspiration for the character of Maude Lebowski, leading voice in movements in the 1960s and 1970s to open museums to women and artists of color, major retrospective of Ringgold’s work this year, independent feminist and queer record label, A lesbian anti-racist activist, writer, and scholar, Irish filmmaker and important contributor to no wave cinema, exploring black lives and black female subjectivity, Olympia’s Maid: Reclaiming Black Female Subjectivity, pivotal activist, scholar, and speaker about social change, Davis’ speech at the 2017 Women’s March, a totally strung-out story of lesbian love in 1990s, poverty, family and sexual violence, and trauma, were known for swapping out instruments and vocals and constructing their songs through improvisation, turntablist, DJ, and Pinay-American activist, prompting the Whitney to respond with new wall text, U2 amplified his work to mainstream pop culture, performed at the end of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery protest marches, An all-women British punk band that formed in 1976, Elias left ATR in 1999 to pursue solo work and her own label, the coal miners she grew up with in West Virginia, a book he was warned would only alienate his audience, many of us found ourselves reading it again and again, Watch her patiently and hilariously explain, massive, ambitious fountain “Fons Americanus”, Dr. Frockrocket’s Vivifying (Re-Animatronic) Menagerie and Medicine Show, Riot Grrrl Convention held in D.C. in 1992, Carns’ ferocious stand-up drumming technique. She’s Good People, her first spoken word EP for Kill Rock Stars—the influential indie label actually put out spoken word records before moving on to music—was partially recorded at the Riot Grrrl Convention held in D.C. in 1992 and features a wild range of stories, from women riding out to the desert together to helping a friend take out her tampon. The song encourages them to … ⬆. The Need! a long career of recording and performing traditional music, broken records for being the most expensive living female artist. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. Hot Topic. More than just an inspiration to Riot Grrrl, Jett was often an advocate for women in the movement; indeed, she produced the 7” single version of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and contributed guitar and vocals to the track. ⬆. The The Empty: 10. ⬆. Mr. Lady, Laura Cottingham She created the cult underground comic Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist for the better part of the 1990s. I can't live if you stop My Art. Phanta. ⬆. Le Tigre (French for "The Tiger", pronounced / l ə ˈ t iː ɡ r ə /) was an American electronic rock band formed by Kathleen Hanna (formerly of Bikini Kill), Johanna Fateman and Sadie Benning in 1998 in New York City. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. ), Recommended Work: “Drunken Love Song” from No Light in August (2000). Juliana Lueking! A Durham, North Carolina–based queercore trio composed of former Team Dresch members Kaia Wilson and Melissa York, along with Alison Martlew. Hazel Dickens! Copyright: Writer(s): Johanna Fateman, Kathleen M. Hanna Lyrics Terms of Use. And so it kind of became this, like, downwardly mobile beauty pageant in reverse.”. and The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. ⬆. Their debut album, 1996’s Viva! Dude Yr So Crazy!! “Imagining Billy Tipton,” a recent episode of the Lost Notes podcast, reexamines the many narratives constructed about his life. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy . Her landmark 1985 essay “Can the Subaltern Speak?” emphasizes that since speaking is a transactional relationship between speaker and listener, those who are “subaltern”—who are truly written out of capitalist structures—cannot be heard. But it’s just a fucking song. They broke up in 2001. Aretha Franklin! Their debut album Are We Not Femme? Ann Peebles! Eileen Myles! ⬆. Recommended Work: Two Nice Girls – “I Spent My Last $10 (on Birth Control and Beer)” and “The Queer Song.” ⬆. For twentysomething feminists in 1999, no song captured the inspirational jolt we needed quite like “Hot Topic,” Le Tigre’s exuberant tribute to feminist and queer champions of the ‘90s and earlier. Recommended Work: Ono’s work continues to feel more relevant with every decade. So many rules and so much opinion Just about everyone’s favorite music crush in the late ’90s and absolutely one of the top five acts ever to appear at the Bronze in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Eau d’Bedroom Dancing: 4. Le Tigre Track Listing CD 1; 1 Deceptacon; 2 Hot Topic; 3 What’s Yr Take on Cassavetes; 4 The The Empty; 5 Phanta; 6 Eau d’Bedroom Dancing; 7 Let’s Run; 8 My My Metrocard; 9 Friendship Station; 10 Slideshow at Free University; 11 Dude. 06. Le Tigre is an American electroclash trio formed in New York in 1998 by Bikini Kill vocalist Kathleen Hanna. But making any list of this sort carries some risks. ⬆. The label was active until 2004. [Spoken]Gertrude Stein! Melissa York! Le Tigre released their first two albums on Mr. Lady. A Japanese sculpture and installation artist who’s been influential in the avant-garde world since she appointed herself “High Priestess of Polka Dots” in the New York art scene of the 1960s. The song sparked a collaboration between Le Tigre and Christina Aguilera. Recommended Work: Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet collects the entire series and is a must-read. (She now spells her name Tammy Hart. Le Tigre in 2004. ⬆, Recommended work: All of it, but start by watching Amazing Grace. My My Metrocard. Recommended Work: “Imma Shine” and “What’cha Wanna Do” from Mama Drama. The band broke up in 2005. Their 1979 debut album Cut, which drew heavily on reggae and dub, is one of the best punk albums of the era. In 2000, they collaborated with Olympia-based activist and singer-songwriter Nomy Lamm on The Transfused, a full-length, anti-corporate punk rock opera that was performed (with guests including Donna Dresch and Screaming Trees) at Olympia’s Capitol Theater. To this day, one of the greatest American rock bands. Hot Topic. Recommended Work: It’s still difficult to find good selections of Rama’s work online, but this video offers a good survey. After stints with punk bands including Born Against, she joined the lineup for queercore band Team Dresch. Don't stop In recent years, Tipton has largely been understood to have been transgender and has even been embraced by many as a trans pioneer. Le Tigre - Le Tigre Album Lyrics; 1. In 1980, she adopted the persona Mlle Bourgeoise Noire and staged invasions of art galleries wearing a dress made of white gloves to critique the racial divide in the mainstream art world. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex-Boyfriends, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS, NEW SONG: AC/DC - "Shot In The Dark" - LYRICS, The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time, NEW SONG: Shawn Mendes - "Wonder" - LYRICS, 23 One Hit Wonders You Still Can't Get Out Of Your Head. Recommended Work: Interviews with Spivak are no less dazzling than her writing, but they’re far more accessible. And you'll never see this message again. Recommended Work: “O Sally How’s It Feel With a Fake Hand?” from their 2000 album The Need Is Dead. Twenty-six minutes of a woman screaming? Recommended Work: Tipton is more notable for being a figure at the crossroads of our shifting understanding of gender identity than for his artistic output. ⬆. Initially envisioned as a live back up band for Hanna's solo moniker Julie Ruin, Le Tigre mixed the leftist politics and feminism of riot grrrl with fun electronic samples and lo-fi beats. Recommended Work: Team Dresch’s “Remember Who You Are” from Captain My Captain (1996). Let's Run: 7. The other half of the pioneering bluegrass duo with Hazel Dickens. Inspired by Althea & Donna’s 1977 “Uptown Top Ranking” and Stevie Wonder’s 1976 “Black Man,” “Hot Topic” was a conscious response. He died in 1987. Her song “To Be Young, Gifted and Black,” dedicated to playwright Lorraine Hansberry, has become an important black American anthem. The debut effort from Le Tigre sounds like the best new wave album not to come from the 1980s. And then she asked for an autograph! A legendary cabaret performer in the 1990s as Kiki DuRane, the aging, acerbic, and alcoholic lounge singer of the duo Kiki and Herb. Her first band, a punk outfit called Meat Joy, was partially inspired by the Carolee Schneemann performance (and also included eventual Oscar-nominated actor John Hawkes); in the ’90s, she founded two all-women groups, Girls in the Nose and Two Nice Girls. A performer who became notable in the D.C. spoken-word scene in the 1990s. I’ve heard it’s the reason someone became a poet, a sculptor, started to make video art.” Some fans have gone even further: In the early 2000s, Canadian artist Kirsten McCrea painted portraits of every single person named in “Hot Topic.” (Those paintings illustrate our annotated lyrics, above. Recommended Work: Hothead Paisan is currently out of print, but the comic still resonates. Yr So Crazy! (When I asked Fateman whom she would include if she were to write a new “Hot Topic” today, she sent me a list of more than 70 people that ranged from Stacey Abrams and Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Nobel Prize–winning Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek. Take “Cambridge, 1969,” a 26-minute improvised song in which Ono shrieks and howls to the accompaniment of John Lennon’s feedback. 05. ⬆. All lyrics by Le Tigre with videoclips, background information and opinions. What's Yr Take On Cassavettes. Pitchfork gave it its blessing with a 8.5. A groundbreaking writer, transgender activist, and self-identified revolutionary communist whose novel Stone Butch Blues has been an essential queer coming-of-age novel and exploration of butch identity since it won the Stonewall Book Award in 1994. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A turntablist, DJ, and Pinay-American activist who became a force in hip-hop after becoming the first woman to make it to the DMC World DJ Championships in 1998.She was a member of the 5th Platoon DJ crew and co-founded the all-women hip-hop collective the Anomolies. ⬆. The band broke up in 1982, but members Ari Up and Tessa Pollitt re-formed the Slits in 2005 with a new lineup and released the 2009 album Trapped Animal. The book was out of print for many years, but in light of the recent resurgence of white supremacy, it’s gratifying that a new edition was just published last month. Founded by Japanese expats Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori (occasionally backed up by Yoko Ono’s son Sean Ono Lennon), Cibo Matto made music that was a delightful and slyly subversive blend of trip-hop, pop, and food obsession. So many roads and so much opinion Ut! Founded by Hanna, writer/musician Johanna Fateman, and artist Sadie Benning, Le Tigre released its self-titled first album 20 years ago this month. Get up to 3 months of free music. If anything, it should be longer. Tammy Rae Carland and Sleater-Kinney Recommended Work: Wojnarowicz’s 1990–91 collage Untitled (One Day This Kid…) is a culminating example of his work: Wojnarowicz places a childhood photo of himself at the center of the work and surrounds it with text that forecasts the pervasive homophobic violence to which he’ll be subjected. She went on to win three championships during her career, helping to pave the way for women in auto racing.

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