how do i stop other cats coming into my garden


Male cats spray urine around their territory to tell other cats that this is his place: “Back off if you are a male cat”, or “Come and get me if you are a female cat”. Not only does it stop my cats, you also have the chance of the prunings rooting and having some free roses. My difficult now is…if she stops fouling on my garden…will she go to the neighbour\’s garden ? I have my own cat but they still come in. But when your outdoor cat is not lounging in his favorite spot you may notice him wandering off to other houses. I will also try to put catnip on her litter and see if she started to use again. Katrina Christison. There is no denying that pet cats kill garden birds. Don't leave food out sometimes and then freak out when they come to eat. I don\’t want it…that\’s why I am here but I am completely aware how a cat works. Cover garden soil where cats frequent in twigs until your spring plants get established. Domestic cats, feral cats, and homeless strays may wander into your yard or garden due to curiosity, mating, hunting, feeding, and establishing territory. Thankfully, there are solutions that will allow your cat to get plenty of fresh air while keeping them safe from the dangers of outdoor life. Cats Toileting: How to Stop Cats using Garden or Veg Plot as a Toilet Cats toileting = ‘doing their business’, ‘leaving their calling card’, ‘digging up the plot and toileting’, ‘using the garden as a toilet’, ‘doing a poo in my raised beds’, ‘Cats defecating on the plot’ are the (repeatable) subjects of emails I’ve had over the years. There are also other injuries that commonly occur during a cat fight and you certainly don’t want any cat, whether he’s yours or not, suffering in any way. Diffuse cat tension with your neighbour . An automatic motion-detector water sprayer (such as the Scarecrow Cat Scarer) might help, but your own cat would also be sprayed. Here's everything you need to know to protect your cat from getting into a fight! There are many prickly bushes that you can plant in your garden to deter cats and other small animals from using it as a litter box. There are also other ways as to how to stop cats from fighting: Distract them: Cats can get very engrossed with fighting, but you can try and distract them. I remember one time she came back with a chunk taken out of her ear. Many cat owners want to stop cats killing birds. I stick my rose prunings through my vege garden. Answer. To add to that it also eats all my cats expensive food. If so, you might worry about her safety, as potentially aggressive cats may roam your neighborhood. What can I now do to resolve this? If you want to keep her outside, I suggest to make/buy a fence or make it so the stray cannot reach your kitten. Plant Prickly Bushes throughout Your Garden . For cats, I've found that 12" bamboo sticks spaced a few inches apart work well in the flower garden. After all, cats are not dumb animals, and … You did the best I could have recommended by not trying to break up the cats by hand. Be consistent. I've placed 2 foot boards through my raised bed veggie garden which serve as a place I can step as well as a block for the cats. There isnt food left down so its not that attracting them, they came in before i got her too. Its funny watching the cats looking up at the fence and then turning their heads and walk away to another garden. It should also prevent other cats from coming into your garden, which can be a source of stress for many cats. Push pine cones or other prickly yard trimmings (maybe fall leaves) down into the soil around your plants. My other cat is younger, but the older cat has been seeking out the younger cat and fighting. How can I deter this hefty brute from coming into my garden? Cats are digging in your garden. Place them a couple of inches apart throughout the bed. Your cat problems should go away quickly. It is marketed under the names Pee-off and Scaredy-cat. Catproof Your Yard: I wanted to be able to let my cats out into our fenced back yard without worrying about them jumping over the fence or other cats getting in. It should be available from a number of garden suppliers. A. What should I do? No Comments . Carefully cultivated flower beds can become open litter boxes. This might get their attention and stop the fight. Cats make wonderful pets but can be a nuisance for people trying to encourage birds and other wildlife into their garden. Planting the tall varieties of the plant can keep cats from jumping over them and into your garden. In particular, for killing garden birds. Some may be looking for a new place to call home. It has come to the point that I'm ready to rehome him. How do I stop a neighbour’s cat from urinating in my yard? Garden sheds can become breeding grounds for litters of unwanted kittens. Cats spend most of their days sleeping, eating, snuggling up with their human, and sleeping some more. Note: bundles of twigs help wild bees! He has become hesitant to go outside. 2night i heard a cat in my living room, i thought it was mine have a mad 10 mins. [smilie=013.gif] We have tried changing our cat flap to a magnetic one - didn't work he's worked out a way to still open it. I now let my weeds grow as this does stop the cats going onto the little bit of garden I do have. Here's how I did it. Do you have aggressive cats in your neighborhood? This is not just the other cat asserting itself, it is a vicious, deliberate attack. Some people dislike cats coming in the garden or home and will take measures to stop it happening. Do you love to give your cat the chance to soak up the sun in your backyard? They do work both ways then at all times, like a normal catflap, except other cats can't come in? Free-roaming cats may not be vaccinated and disease transmission becomes a risk should there be an interaction with your own cat. Community Answer. Trees, fences, or other structures can be territorial markers for spraying males. My cat is being terrorised in our own garden by a new arrival to the neighbourhood, an enormous black cat. Scatter fresh orange or lemon peels. Since cats have incredible climbing and jumping abilities, keeping them out of your outdoor area can be challenging. We’ll take a look at both sides of the argument, what the law says, and how to improve your relationship with your neighbour without taking drastic measures. hi thanks for the replies still no cats coming into the back garden so maybe the chicken wire has done the trick. My cats were getting stressed by other cats coming into the house and since the new cat flap, I've not had any problems. How to stop cats from pooping in the garden - top tips to stop cats fouling on your lawn CATS may be cute, but they can be a menace to gardeners in the spring and summer. People won't be able to stop their cats from roaming into other gardens. Wet coffee grounds—which you may be able to get for free from coffee houses and fast food chains—and metal pans filled with vinegar also deter cats. Find something you know the love, like a toy, and make a noise with it. I don't know what else to do, and it is becoming very stressful for all. tb1234. You have to make your garden less appealing to them. 18. The other cat has been back in my yard several times since. Our concern for all wildlife The RSPB is not an animal welfare organisation, but a wildlife conservation organisation concerned with populations of all wild birds and other wildlife. Don't give them mixed messages. You can strategically plant these thorny bushes in your garden to keep stray cats out. Maybe there is a neighborhood kitty who likes to make stops at your house as well. I've placed chicken wire on open areas where sticks would be in the way and I spread coffee grounds everywhere. However, you should avoid interacting with them and never offer them any food as this will only encourage them to come more often which could mean they end up going into your house which could stress out your own cat. Why do cats go to other houses? Will keep you all posted if we see any more cats in the garden. I redirect him and tell him off, but he actively goes back to fighting my other cat. How to stop cats pooping in your garden. Contrary to popular belief, not all poop is good for soil. We feed the birds, so we limit the number of cats in the garden simply by making it obvious we don't want them there. Choose your fence wisely. Let me know if anyone else tries this idea in their back gardens to keep out the cats. my neighbour has 4 cats, all of which come into my home everytime i leave my door open or a window. Scent deterrents will either serve to repel (eg Citronella) or mark a territory (eg Silent Roar). I'm having trouble with a neighbor's cat which comes into my yard on an almost daily basis for the sole purpose of attacking my cat. The last thing you want to do when two cats are fighting is physically intervene, which is likely to get you badly scratched or bitten. We give them a shock by opening the door very suddenly and shouting "Shoo" aggressively. My neighbours cat is always coming into my house and spraying on my curtains and carpet. How to deter cats All cats are legally protected from harm by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and their Scottish and Northern Irish equivalents. Many people are distressed and angered by someone else's cat killing birds in their garden. Highly recommended, if you can justify the price! But they are also incorrigible roamers - which can be a real headache for gardeners and garden wildlife, leading many gardeners to wonder how to deter cats from the garden. Recently a stray cat saw my kitten and attacked her. Here are the five customisable options that UK cat owners are frequently choosing between in the 21st Century. If I don't put plants into the pots, then the cats use the compost as well! Feral cats not only kill birds and other wildlife, but they also cause other problems when they become accustomed to visiting the same yards. ! Last week it sprayed one of my childs toys! If the clove or orange oil works, I will let you know. Why is this? Indoor cats can lead very happy lives, but you may not want to stop them from enjoying outdoor life completely. Mines neutered and so are theirs. Cats are also disliked for scaring away and attacking wildlife. If you see a cat urinating in your front yard, it is probably because that area has been claimed as his territory. Not a pleasant experience for any cat to have to endure. Today it was so openly aggressive it trapped her into a corner, turned around and sprayed all over her. Admin. Food is one of the biggest reasons cats and other animals will come into your yard, so practice keeping your environment free of any food source and keep your garbage tightly covered. Cats are among our favourite pets, and are often welcome garden guests. What should I do now? Advice. This plant has a pungent odour that is said to repel cats and other mammals from the garden. In fact, cat poop can be very harmful and toxic. REASON: It is a cat’s natural instinct to dig in soft or loose soil, moss, mulch, or sand.. Quick Tips: Put out fragrances that keep cats away. It would be virtually impossible to stop a neighbour's cat from coming into your garden. Keep your kitten inside, she is too young to fend for herself. My wife saw a system for sale on the Internet but I made my own for 1/4 of the price. And that cat keeps coming back. I have had to buy large plant pots to put into other areas with plants in to stop the cats going onto the chippings. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time maintaining your garden only to step outside and see a neighbourhood cat tearing up flowers, digging holes and worst of all, pooping. Ground cover works well.

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