how to color hair professionally


Once you have done the top gently flip your hair over and apply to the bottom as well to ensure the color is evenly distributed. - Equip yourself with products for colour-treated hair, which have UV filters designed to prevent colour from fading or tarnishing in the sun. Take off your gloves as you would medical gloves—pull from the wrist and turn inside out as you remove; use that glove to tug at and remove the other glove in the same fashion. And be sure to backcomb the hair to eliminate any risk of a harsh line in the middle of your head. When it comes to Garnier’s Olia formula, there are 10 colour levels, grouped on a scale going from the darkest black (represented by the number 1) to the lightest blonde (represented by the number 10). - Apply section by section, taking your time to ensure all areas are saturated. Once you have done this remove the clip from section 1 and use the handle of your brush to gently pick up a small section of hair, once you have done that take your brush and begin applying color from root to tip. There's a reason your stylist wears black and has you change into a black cape when you arrive for a salon treatment—dying hair is a messy job. How to Color your Hair Like a Professional Hair Colorist. It’s better to be over-prepared than run out of dye with only have of your colour completed. 1. Once your colour has set, rinse your hair with warm water. Take off your gloves as you would medical gloves—pull from the wrist and turn inside out as you remove; use that glove to tug at and remove the other glove in the same fashion. Generally, though, boxed dyes suggest using a small amount of water to work the dye into a lather. The massage process will also help the pigments to uniformly penetrate each strand and the oils will be able to work their nourishing, hydrating magic. Colouring your hair only takes an hour, including rinsing, so dedicate yourself to your dye job for those 60 minutes. "When applying hair color to the scalp, I always pay attention to a few important signs that will help you know where to start," says Cleveland. Don't trust the model on the box.. Sure, the woman smiling on the front of the box looks beautiful, but the color of... 2. Make sure it's underneath the top layer of your hair. Understand the importance of undertones. Take a deep breath. Look for a product called "clay bleach," since it creates a sun-kissed illusion and doesn't require any foils or extra items, says Guy Tang, a colorist and founder of #mydentity. 13 Colorist-Approved Tips and Tricks to Dyeing Your Hair at Home 1. "You need an experienced eye to know when to remove it. It also requires strategic placement, and can easily leave spots on the hair if you don't apply it correctly.". Put on an old T-shirt or something you don't mind getting a little dye on. And don't forget to re-dye the hair with a toner (10 volume or lower) to reduce or remove unwanted brassiness after bleaching, she says. - Enjoy the experience. Then, make sure all of your supplies are within reach: You'll need gloves, a plastic bowl to mix, and an applicator brush. Regrowth only! The one exception is for redheads, who should look at the warmer colors available. With hair salons closed for the time being in accordance with social distancing rules, many people are wondering how to maintain their preferred look — so much so that "how to color your roots at home" was among the top five "how to" Google searches on grooming in early April. Ultimately, Aral decided to go fully gray, and her experience both personally and professionally — this scientist has tested a whole lot of hair dye in her 11 years at the GH Institute! Wipe off the color with a wet cloth after half of the designated processing time (i.e., 15 … For a natural-looking results and easy maintenance, the pros suggest never straying more than two shades from your natural base. First things first, you must decide how light or dark you want your hair to be, and which overall colour suits your skin tone and hair goals. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. A developer of 10 is to deposit color only, meaning it doesn’t open the hair shaft to “lift” your color. If you do need an all-over color boost, we recommend massaging leftover color throughout the rest of your hair right before you rinse. calling, follow these pro tips for dying your hair yourself. - If you have grey hair, start by colouring the areas where there is the most grey to allow more time for the pigments to cover any stubborn grey hair. Wait 24 hours to make sure you are happy with the hair colour results. Continue this process until each section is evenly coated in your hair color. But if you're confident you can pull it off, stylists say there are a few tricks to improve success. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Look natural ingredients such as avocado oil, olive oil and argan oil. Then puncture your color tube and squeeze those contents into the bowl, as well. Set a tim… It’s almost like applying a conditioning mask to pamper your hair. Know when to go lighter — or darker.. And remember that if you have very thick or long hair, you should buy two boxes. A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Dye Your Hair at Home, According to a Pro Stylist 1. Purchase at least two boxes for a normal amount of hair, but if you have a lot of hair or extra coarse hair, you may need three boxes, says Brown. To minimize damage, your best bet is to stick with a neutral color that closely matches your hair. And get yourself situated in a suitable location—the bathroom or even outside on a nice day. If you've found your shade and just want to keep it up, make sure that touchups stay strictly to the roots. Do you want to become a brunette, a blonde or a redhead? The following method was not easily formulated. Here's how: Dye a section of hair a quarter to a half inch wide about a quarter inch above your ear (so you can see the color against your skin). Developers generally come in volumes of 10, 20, 30 and 40.

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