how to do a wash and go on 4c hair


For me, a wash & go means I don’t do any styling (no twists, braid-outs, etc.) They’re supposed to enhance the curls you naturally have. This is my third attempt and after my last one, I almost threw in the towel. 3c/4a Low Porosity Wash and Go Tutorial by NaturallyQuinn. This has been the easiest "YouTube" wash and go I have done so far. I apply the Eden BodyWorks Curl Defining Creme. With these three simple steps you can refresh your curls in no time. (I don’t have one that I LOVE yet.) Saved from Half Up/Half Down. Hairstyles. Your scalp and hair strands will be need to be free of product and dirt that you may have accumulated throughout the past week. Dede Spencer says. Like anything in life though, it does come with some cons. In order to keep twists looking their best, shampoo and condition your hair every 2 weeks and dry wash in between water washes. It tends to be kinky coily, have a ton of shrinkage, and tangles very easily. Make sure that you do not touch or mess with your hair during this time. Then, I work Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel into 1-inch size combed out sections of my hair. How To do a DEFINED Wash and Go on 4c Hair (No Tangles, No Knots, Best Method)\r\rHey loves Im trying the WASH AND GO again on my 4c natural hair. This will help to prevent frizz and keep your curls defined. Since your hair is worn out and free, it is more subject to tangles especially if you have kinky textured hair. You can also use a diffuser if you need to dry your hair faster. It is also one of the most tricky styles to master especially for naturals with type 4 curls. 4C hair is simply a way to describe tightly coiled kinky textures. However, sometimes our Wash 'n' Go's take longer than we expected, especially in the morning. If you want the same thing, here are five of my favorite (and easy) hairstyles for short/medium 4C hair that will transform your wash n’ go! How Do You Wash Natural Hair Properly. This delicate hairstyle needs gentle care to ensure it does not unravel or become frizzy. The wash and go is without a doubt one of the most popular hairstyles in the natural hair community. So anything we can do to our hair to moisturize it is a plus. Beauty. When hair is truly hydrated and moisture is locked in, style-disrupting frizz and poofiness is diminished. This video teaches step-by-step the Anthony Dickey Wash and Go Method on type 4c hair. Although I loved the results I achieved with wash n go’s the time commitment involved just isn’t for me personally. But the execution can be challenging for some. Hot oil treatments will help the oils to be deposited into the hair and prevent dryness that can lead to breakage. I don't know about you, but I'm a Wash 'n' Go girl. They struggle with shrinkage, detangling, and the fear of breakage when rocking many styles other naturals wouldn’t think twice about wearing. 4 Oils to Seal with That Aren't Coconut Oil 6. Cleanse – In order to achieve a wash and go you have to style on freshly washed hair. Sometimes I feel like coiling my hair and sometimes I don’t. Do not use a brush or a comb, this could lead to unnecessary breakage and shedding. Reply. Once I’ve applied my milk or cream and shaken out my coils, I’m good to go. Here is a detailed guide on how to achieve a wash and go on natural hair. Styling is done in no time and it can be a good way to infuse your hair with moisture. After I wash & condition my hair, I put in a leave-in conditioner. This is my third attempt and after my last one, I almost threw in the towel. Try to get all of the shed hair out; shed hair often has no way to actually fall out of your hair so it stays mixed in with the healthy hair and creates knots. Anyone can do a wash and go, but not everyone can create Here are 5 things you need to know before doing a Wash and Go on 4C hair. I tried a wash and go for seven full days on type 4b/4c hair and some pretty surprising things happened. I seal with a bit of Cantu Gel Oil. For this particular wash and go, I'm holding on tight to Vitamin Shoppe Argan Oil. The idea of the wash and go, once again, is to wash your hair and leave the house.

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