how to pay axa insurance via axs


After that, use mAXS to pay the policy via the grab wallet. What is Multi-factor Authentication ; I haven’t received my Email Validation link. Please click here to visit AXS website if you require more information. Alternatively you can call us on 1890 24 7 365 or if you would prefer to pay by post, we can accept payment by cheque, postal order or bank draft made payable to AXA Insurance. For eNETS, the maximum payment amount is either the default set by your card issuing Bank or the daily transaction limit set up by you, up to a limit of $9999.99. What do I do? uob one top up 1k, ocbc 365 top up 1k, DBS live Fresh top up 1k) to top up the grabpay wallet. For AXA Shield basic plans, there will be an ad-hoc CPF MediSave deduction of the outstanding premiums. AXS App. On AXS mobile app and website, bill payment to organisations using Citibank Visa Credit Card is temporarily unavailable. Please choose one of supported browsers by clicking links below. How does AXS use my Facebook account? We regret to inform you that your browser is not supported to run AXS e-Station. When making payment for your policy via AXS, please select Manulife Singapore Pte Ltd as the billing organization and enter your policy number, purpose of payment, e.g. With our monthly payment plan you can spread your premium over 10 payments. How do I create an AXS Account? App Basics and Help. Please go to our payment form and select "Pay renewal in full" from the drop down menu. How do I update my personal information? I would like to maximize my credit card spending, Grabpay and the mobile AXS payment for the payment of my Great Eastern Life Insurance Policy. Please click here and select "Pay amount outstanding" from the drop down menu. You may also opt to use the Phone Banking Service of Metrobank and BPI, or simply use your ATM cards to pay via Metrobank’s electronic teller machines. • For Visa or Mastercard Credit Card holders, pay straight or automatically charge your annualized premium of up to Php 200,000.00 per policy • You may enroll your premium payments via Auto debit Arrangement (ADA) if you are an accountholder of Metrobank, BPI, … Privacy Policy © 2020 AXA Insurance Pte Ltd, All Rights Reserved What is an AXS Account? Instructions. The minimum payment amount is determined by the billing organisation/fines agency/telco. You can pay your policy in full online. In the meantime, affected cardholders may wish to pay bills via alternative payment methods. General Questions. The trick here is similar to paying for rides and purchases: simply to top up your GrabPay wallet using your preferred credit card and, in turn, use GrabPay on AXS m-Station to pay your bills! For policies without GIRO arrangement, policyholders can pay via cheque or AXS payment by the premium deferment due date specified in the notification letter. Security . How do I sign in and out of my account? You can pay the additional payment due on your policy online. If I have a 3k payment, can I split this 3k into 3 different credit cards (e.g. If the billing However, payment via Citibank Mastercard Credit or Debit Card continues to work as usual. Virtual Events, Event Checklist and FAQs For AXS. Ticket Delivery, AXS Mobile ID, Flash Mobile Delivery and more. OVER-THE-COUNTER Choose to visit any branch of the following bank and merchant partners to make over-the-counter payments. Cancelled, Postponed and Relocated Events. Event Changes. How do you use my personal information? If topping up your GrabPay wallet before paying your bills on the AXS m-Station app is not a hassle, this may be a welcoming change for you. If you choose to pay your premium monthly, you will pay 15% of the premium upfront as a deposit. 7. Personal Information. Monthly payments. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can pay through AXS e-Station in a single transaction?

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