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Sharp EL-509A. Preparing to Use the Calculator Before using your calculator for the fi rst time, you must reset (initialize) it. • After resetting the calculator, How to Use a Scientific Calculator . Scientific calculator. To turn on the calculator, you push the "ON/C" key which also serves to cancel the current action during normal operation of the calculator. Basic calculators will not have a button for the antilog. Its sole function is to add numbers. All this is pretty standard. You will be using a “MODE” button. View and Download Sharp Scientific calculator user manual online. To start with, if you have a number pad on your keyboard, make sure NumLock is turned on and then you can use the pad to perform calculations. Use your calculator to find couples for plotting a graph. When you use the percentage key, your calculator quickly multiplies one number by a second number to get a product. This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the financial functions to handle time value of money problems and make financial math easy. 2. The Sharp EL-733A is a very easy to use financial calculator that will work fine in all finance courses, but it does have some oddities not shared by other financial calculators. Features. The antilog is the inverse, or opposite, of a logarithm. The Calculator app has keyboard shortcuts integrated into it to make things a bit easier for those of us that like to use hotkeys to get around the desktop. Statistics with single list of data points each with frequency 1: Statistics with d ata points from a frequency distribution: Get into statistics mode: Press (you will see at the top of the screen) (you will see <> at the top of the screen) (you will see Stat 0 [SD] at the top of the screen). The calculator should be kept in areas free from extreme temperature changes, moisture, and dust. Sep 11, 2011 #12 Khun Ying Pojaman said: Use the total key (* or T) to sum your numbers. Also for: El-506ts, El-520tg, El-531tg, El-531th, El-531ts. And you see Wiki also uses the same concept. The calculator should be kept in areas free from extreme temperature changes, moisture, and dust. The Sharp EL-2192RII calculator allows you to print out the data you are calculating, has large and easy-to-read buttons, and has a computer-style keyboard. Facts at a glance: Credits. Use your Sharp EL-W535 calculator for a shortcut on the quadratic formula. Resetting the calculator Press the RESET switch located on the back of the calculator with the tip of a ball-point pen or similar object. Using the “TAX-" button can tell you how much you can really spend on gifts, because it helps you calculate the tax on an item and, therefore, stay on budget. Use multiplication to calculate a percentage of a number, such as when figuring a tip. 3. Do not use solvents or a wet cloth. When this happens, the calculator displays the number in scientific notation, using the letter E to denote 10 to the power of whatever number comes after it. Do not use an object with a breakable or sharp tip. APPENDIX: HOW TO USE STAT MODES ON YOUR CALCULATOR A-5 ... SHARP EL-520 or EL-546 (Note the EL-510 is not good enough.) Contact Webmaster. 1 Solution. As seen in a previous post, the new online scientific calculator now has a random generator function.This article describes the new function in detail and how to use it for generating random integers within a specified interval or for simulating random events such as the rolling of a dice. Use addition and subtraction for calculating percentage increases or decreases, such as when figuring out markups or discounts. Use your memory buttons to make quick work of the question. All of the Sharp calculator resources in one download. But my sharp calculator instructions say to use 'divide' instead of 'multiply', which, if I use 'divide' I will get 125 instead. In this section we will take a look at how to use the Sharp EL-733A to calculate the present and future values of regular annuities and annuities due. Learn to calculate the number of combinations. By using the percent key, the calculator then takes this product and divides it by 100 to create a new second number. Press the [ 1 ] … SETTING STATISTICAL MODE The first thing we need to do is put the calculator into statistical mode. The method of setting the Sharp calculator may vary slightly from model to model, … … A soft, dry cloth should be used to clean the calculator. The power source is 2xLR44. Thank you for purchasing the SHARP Scientific Calculator Model EL-506W/546W. This function is usually only available on a scientific calculator. The tax rate button is usually symbolised by “TAX+.” Hewlett Packard Calculators. So let's learn to tame this little beast we call the SHARP EL-520WB calculator. The Sharp EL-1750V Printing calculator is a solid calculator with multiple functions and options. Many Sharp calculators have a function that allows the user to set a tax rate so that it is automatically calculated when used. Otherwise, you need to do a bit of experimentation or you'll enter in the right numbers and still get the wrong answer. Use your calculator for trigonometry with the "sin," "cos," and "tan" buttons. This calculator has the option to figure out taxes on a number with the push of a button. By following a few simple tips and examples, you can learn how to use a calculator to quickly figure percentages. Follow these three steps to change the calculator's mode: 1. That same button turns the calculator off if used after the aforementioned orange modifier key. 2. This handheld electronic calculator is the first model in a series of scientific calculators sold by Sharp under variations of the designation EL-506 (e.g. Standard Deviation. and is ideal for heavy duty office use. Clear previous data: Press Enter the data: In this section you will be asked to explore the functionality of your scientific calculator, and to use your calculator to solve some simple problems. 4,578 Views. It has 28 functions, 35 keys, and an LCD (liquid crystal) display. The obvious way to learn to use the calculator is to read the manual. In the previous section we looked at the basic time value of money keys and how to use them to calculate present and future value of lump sums. Sharp also allows cancellation of input data on a character-by-character basis. 2. Sharp Calculators. A soft, dry cloth should be used to clean the calculator. Using Your Calculator. It has 41 keys, and an LCD (liquid crystal) display. If your calculator doesn’t have many buttons, chances are, you won’t be able to find the antilog. Press the [ MODE ] key. The Sharpe Ratio Sharpe Ratio The Sharpe Ratio is a measure of risk-adjusted return, which compares an investment's excess return to its standard deviation of returns. Do not use anything breakable or anything with a sharp tip, such as a needle. EL-506A, EL-506H, EL-506P, EL-506W, EL-506WBK). For example, 265 billion appears on a scientific calculator as 2.65 E 11. The tax rate button only appears on printing calculators, such as Casio and Sharp. You will get a "sub-total" and then a "total" amount. Math / Science; 5 Comments. The power source is … To insure trouble-free operation of your SHARP calculator, we recommend the following: 1. The formula to compare the two units is 100 degrees = pi radians. Every business needs quality supplies.

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