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In Tamil Nadu it is called Pazhaiya Sadam. Most favorite food in Odisha. They are prepared by adding "pancha phutana", with or without onion/garlic, and are best enjoyed with pakhala. And you'll see the influence vividly if you make a trip to Berhampur during the festival of Pongal. [3] In old times food was traditionally served on banana leaves or disposable plates made of sal leaves. Dalma-The wholesome food of Odisha. Odia cooking has some different type of curries based on the overall preparation style. So, which of these awesome Odisha food varieties are you going to try first? At the final level, delicious flavors add to the dishes. Indigenous vegetables used in Odia cuisine are Pumpkin, Gourd , plantains, jackfruit, and papaya. A chila is a North-Indian crepe made out of chickpea flour. At first soaked the cooked rice in water and add sour curd. The people are very eager to eat until the dish completed. The food is served in every Odisha food restaurants. 26. One request please never consume pokhalo in a glass or with a spoon. MT. 4) Rasabali, Kendrapara Offered to Baladevjew and believed to have originated from the Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara, Rasabali happens to be the most famous sweet dish found in this province of Odisha. According to the Fishery Survey in India (FSI), the fisheries potential in Odisha is 513,667. The state ranks ninth in terms of production of fish. People relish the dish with a variety of dishes like Dalma with Pitha (local pancake), Dalma with Vada (fried lentil cake).The high protein and healthy dish is the most essential component of any Odia meal. Garlic, onion and ginger are used in most of the food. Smoked Dry sardine after cleaning mix with garlic,green chilly, salt using moter & pistel or mixture grinder. Given the fondness for sweet foods, the dessert course may include generous portions of more than a single item. It contains mustard, cumin, fenugreek, aniseed and kalonji(onion seeds). Sorisa saga (ଶୋରିସ ଶାଗ) : Matara sāga (ମଟର ଶାଗ): The inner coating of peas is removed and then chopped to make the saga. Odisha has a culinary tradition spanning centuries.Majority of the people from Odisha are non-vegetarians and fish forms an integral part of their traditional cuisine. Every household feels better to prepare the favorite dish of Odisha Macha Ghanta. It is a preparation that is had during summer, although many families and communities eat it throughout the year, especially for lunch. Odias typically eat many cooked green leaves. [6], Yoghurt is used in dishes. Copy © 2017 Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, Govt. The fishes fried with heads and serve with salad and rice. Temple food preparation doesn't allow the use of garlic or onion. 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Mudhi is a famous snack in north Odisha. the wholesome food of Odisha Dalma is essentially dal (lentil) cooked with an assortment of vegetables and spices and is served as side dish. Then fry using oil in high flame. Different pitha also form the breakfast menu. Other saagas that are eaten are pita gahama, khada, poi, koshala, and sajana. The mixed Curd and seeds used to the Odisha people in their daily taking food. 2. Dalma is a very famous dish prepared here. Name the main food item consumed in: a) Punjab b) Gujarat c) Kerala d) West Bengal e) Odisha - 19643451 The absorption and utilization of food by the body is fundamental to nutrition and is facilitated by digestion. Teamed up with fresh steamed Basmati rice, Chungdi Malai is a delicious finger licking Odisha speciality. So here Chungdi Malai is a famous nonvegetarian dish. ALSO READ: Odisha collector cycles 80 km to interact with people at the grassroots The cuisine of Odisha, popularly known as the Odia Cuisine, is a melange of varied items and practices. It is prepared by soaking cooked rice in water and sour curd. As per 113th amendment of Constitution, the name of Orissa was changed to Odisha and language Oriya was changed to Odiya. This is a variety of dish not compare to any other fish cuisines. Geographical Facts about Odisha. In 2011 the state’s name was changed from Orissa to Odisha. Odia Cuisine is the cuisine of the state of Odisha. Bamboo stem(ବାଉଁଶ କରଡି ) recipe - usually done by people of hilli area/ Tribal people in dried form (ହେଂଡୁଅ)for flavour or raw as curry, fry, chips. The present capitol was subsequently built at Bhubaneshwar, in the vicinity of the city’s historic temples. Pokhalo is usually consumed with dishes which are either fried or with a very thick gravy. Odia cuisine is very simple yet delicious, prepared in little or no oil which not only enhances the taste, but makes them very healthy as well. The dish is a fish item, very popular in Odisha as a special dish to serve the guests. On the other hand, kalonji and mustard paste are used mostly in the region bordering Bengal and curries tend to be sweeter.

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