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Just figuring out what we have and don’t have as a legacy of Stanford University’s Aetia site begun under the direction of Prof. Susan Stephens has been a real chore. 62a (=60 Pf. Supported by: Mellon Digital Humanities Grant Number of Weeks: 13: Christopher Francese: Nicholas Walter Stender: Dickinson College Commentaries: editing of vocabulary lists for Callimachus, Aetia … 1-3 P.Oxy. 240 BC) was a native of the Greek colony of Cyrene, Libya. Meanwhile, Nicholas Stender (Dickinson ’15) has finished the vocabulary lists for Callimachus’ Aetia, and is now moving on to revisions to the Lucian True History site, which should go live shortly. 1.5: I Told My Story Like a Child. 1 verso a-c [], Trismegistos 59407; 4-12 P.Oxy. Callimachus (/ k æ ˈ l ɪ m ə k ə s /; Greek: Καλλίμαχος, Kallimakhos; c. 310/305–c. 2211 fr. 63 Harder (= 63 Pf.) Callimachus and Lycophron (1921) edited A. W. Mair at Internet archive; English translation of Hymns (HTML) Katherine has been working on the edition of Callimachus’ Aetia by Prof. Stephens of Stanford, making the existing content conform to the format and goals of the DCC. Fr. 62b P.Mil.Vogl. Introduction, notes, bibliography: Susan Stephens. 1. πολλάκ]ι μοι Τελχῖνες ἐπιτρύζουσιν ἀοιδῇ,. brephos: a newborn child, properly of humans.Callimachus in the 3rd book of the Aetia uses it also for a lion cub. . Translations: Meagan Ayer, Fred Porta Fr. Fr. . DCC supervisory editor: Christopher Francese. 2211 fr. The poet Callimachus (c. 305– c. 240 bce), who was attached to the city’s famous library, wrote poetry of polished craft and allusive scholarship. . _____, 2012. Dickinson College Commentaries: Adding of image content to Aeneid commentary. His great work Aetia (“Causes”) is a rare miscellany, a long poem made up of short sections. 2001. = SH 268A) EM 212.36 sqq. νήιδες οἳ Μούσης οὐκ ἐγένοντο φίλοι, εἵνεκεν οὐχ ἓν ἄεισμα διηνεκὲς ἢ βασιλ[η . DCC managing editor: Meagan Ayer. . ]ας ἐν πολλαῖς ἤνυσα χιλιάσιν In both cases, the key activity is working on the vocabulary lists that accompany the (untranslated) Greek or Latin text. Acosta-Hughes, B. and S. A. Stephens. 1006.1-7. . "Aetia Fr. Callimachus in Context from … He then moved on to the preparation of our Callimachus Aetia site, which as you can imagine is a very complicated endeavor due to the fragmentary nature of that text. Fr. Support provided by the Roberts Fund for Classical Studies and the Mellon Fund for Digital Humanities at Dickinson College; and the Department of Classics, Stanford University. 1 verso 1-9 [], Trismegistos 59407 . Dickinson College Commentaries: Aetia Selected Poems by Callimachus (English translations) Callimachus and Lycophron (1921) edited A. W. Mair at Google Books. This is a very mutilated fragment on the Attic Thesmophoria; it ostensibly explains why girls are excluded from the Attic rite.It recalls Demeter’s anger at a young girl, though the reason for the goddess’ anger and its repercussions are uncertain. 5 he was killed Very exciting things are happening at Haverford, under the direction of Bret Mulligan. "Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 136: 214-16. Callimachus, immensely influential, has quality.…

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