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Venda Mezhukkupuratti is an easy to make side dish for rice. Today I'm posting a vegetarian dish.. Kerala Style Okra Stir Fry / Vendakka Mezhukkuperatti.. But this is one dish which I like a lot of ladies finger. It is a very popular vegetable with innumerable health benefits and is also known as Vendakka, Okra and Ladies’ Finger. There is this cute little thing that happens when buying bhindi in the Indian market. Chop the ladies finger into 1" pieces. It goes well in the tiffin box too. I modified it to my taste and here its there for you. There are certain tips to follow to make okra fry crunchy but not soggy. But still I'm posting the recipe , for those who don't know and to those who want to explore more yummy dishes with Okra.. 3. ... Vendakka Mezhukkupuratti / Ladies Finger Stir fry (4.2 / 5) Potato Fingers ... (4.3 / 5) Collection of traditional Kerala recipes especially Malabar dishes and recipes that adopted from other cuisines, which will makes you feel proud about yourself. 2. It contains potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. Add the Okra to the skillet and cook for 2 minutes, sprinkle chilli flecks and stir-fry for another minute or … Once it's done keep it aside. It gives even more crispier fries. I know most of the keralites & South Indians would be familiar with this quick recipe.. Sliminess sticks to the bottom of the pan and burns the bottom but thats ok. Keep stirring often to avoid over burnt. This okra gravy is a semi-dry preparation and tastes well for roti / chapati. Vendakkai Thoran Recipe | Kerala Style Lady’s Finger Stir Fry with step by step pictures. Cut the ladies finger in to small pieces. Beef Pickle / Malabar Style Beef Achar. The dietary fibre content of an Okra/ladies finger is known to be high and hence many health specialists recommend it for digestive benefits. Frankly I am not a great lover of ladies finger. Wash and pat dry the ladies finger. My roommate used to make the same when we were in Mumbai. Crispy Karela Fry recipe, also called bitter gourd fry or kakarakya fry is a delicious Andhra dish. 1. Vendakka Mezhukkupuratti / Okra Stir Fry Kerala Style Okra / Ladies Finger is one of my favorite vegetable. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, urad dal and dry chillies. You can also pair with dal-rice or sambar-rice. Cook until the Onions are soft. Preparation Method : Wash and cut the okra into one inch pieces and set aside. Vendakka Mezhukkuperatti Hello everyone.. The coconut masala is all that elevates the taste of the vendakai thoran. Squeeze out the extract or dilute the tamarind paste in 1/2 cup hot water and keep aside. Fry ladies finger in coconut oil for quite some time, keep it aside. Ladies finger known as okra in English has an excellent amount of soluble fiber. Step 1. Instructions. Bhindi Masala, Ladies Finger Masala Recipe. A simple and perfect side dish for rice and chapathi. Add chopped onions and curry leaves saute for few mins. 1. Very simple, very easy to make. This dry dish is usually served with sambar, curd along with boiled rice. We have a large collection of 100 different types of Bhindi recipes. Add oil-2tsp to the pan, fry the ladies finger with salt. In a wide non stick pan, heat oil and add the onion & lady’s It is low in calories and has a high dietary fiber content. In a pan add some oil and allow the mustard seeds, curry leaves to crackle. Squeeze the pulp, strain and set aside. Ladies finger/okra has known for their ability to prevent diabetics in a very short time. Heat oil in a nonstick pan. Add the turmeric and coriander powder and sauté until the raw smell goes away. Heat oil in a pan when hot add mustard seeds, sombu and urad dal, fry until urad dal turns golden brown. The best part about this bitter gourd fry is that it is ready in just 35 minutes and goes perfectly with rice and dal or sambar. First rinse 250 grams lady finger (okra) in … For preparing ladies finger kerala curry, first fry ladies finger in little oil and keep aside. Wash the vendakka/okra and pat dry,then slice them thinly. Add the onions (chopped), green chilies and curry leaves and sauté for another 5 minutes. How to make Vendakka Mezhukkupuratti – Upperi | Okra Stir Fry – Kerala Style : 1. Vendakka Thoran- Ladies Finger stir fry By kCk on October 12, 2016 I was never a Ladies finger lover, but as my mother loves to prepare Ladies finger/ Okra / Vendakka for me and my brother as she believes that it is essential for the growth of brain. 2. Add chopped tomatoes and fry for few more mins. Cook for 6 to 7 minutes with lid closed. Easy Lady’s Finger Recipe with a coconut masala. Heat the oil in a broad non-stick pan, add the green chillies, garlic and onions and sauté on medium flame for 3 minutes. How to cook Vendakka Puli – Palakkad Style | Okra-Ladies Finger Tamarind Curry :. Okra/Bhindi is a good source of vitamins, folate, Potassium, Calcium and also high in dietary fiber. Add eggs and stir well. Ingredients for Ladies finger fry: Ladies finger cut into 1 inch size – 2 cups Small onions – cut into 4 each – 1/2 cup Turmeric – 1/4 teaspoon Sugar – 1/4 teaspoon Lemon juice – 1/4 teaspoon Garlic pods – 10 Oil – 1 table spoon Mustard seeds,dry red chilly,Fennel seeds,salt, Curry leaves- … The fiber tends to break down immediately when we start cooking and makes the vegetable gooey. Vendakka mezhukkupuratti is a traditional Kerala style okra curry with an amazing flavors. Method. Then chop it into thin circles as shown below. For this recipe, Ladies finger has to be chopped very finely unlike the other stir fries or the sambar cut. Transfer the Okra/ladies finger into a bowl, place the same skillet over medium heat and pour Oil followed by Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes, Salt to season. Similarly, chop the onion, green chilli and grate the coconut. Use coconut oil for cooking the bhindi for a very good flavour. Soak tamarind pulp in hot water. This ladies finger masala is an everyday recipe in many homes as a side for chapati. Wash the vegetables. Bendakaya fry – Andhra style Ladies Finger fry; Okra stir fry goes very well with phulkas and a bowl of salad or plain curd. Ladies finger – 500 gm, Egg – 4 nos, Chili powder – 1 tea spoon, Salt – As required, Water – if required. It takes about 15 min to get cooked. Add the INGREDIENTS Tender Okra / Vendakka - 300 gms Onion - 1 medium size thinly sliced Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp Grind coconut and green chillies. Recipes using Ladies Finger, Bhindi Recipes Collecion, Okra Recipes. Yes, it's clearly evident that Ladies Finger and the different types of Ladies Finger recipes are super popular all across our lovely country.. Bhindi Onion Stir-fry , Kerala-style Ularthu It’s good for easy digestion, vision, skin Read more… Lady’s finger fried and cooked in spicy coconut and yogurt based gravy. 1. Simple, crispy and tasty Ladies finger thoran recipe Kerala style with lots of coconuts. Bindi Fry Recipe. Happy weekend to all!! Okra/Ladies Finger/ Vendakkai or Vendakka/ Bindi has lots of nutritions. All the recipes added here are tried by me at home. Add chopped ladies finger into the pan and sauté well, add little water if required. Cook all the vegetables adding enough water, onion, green chilly, curry leaves, turmeric powder and salt. Notes: My mom in law adds a tsp or 2 tsps of curd instead of water for binding the flour. It is a good recipe for your lunch box menu. You can try this kakarakya fry on a regular basis as it is quick, tasty and healthy. Soak the tamarind in ¼ cup water for 15 minutes. It’s an easy to prepare and a yummy side dish which goes well with rice. If we chop them very finely, they get fried fast and crispier. Chop the ladies finger/okra/vendakka diagonally and keep it aside. Heat oil in a fry pan and fry the okra for untill almost all the stickness disappears, remove and keep it aside. It goes very well with rice and sambar or any spicy curry. It becomes slimy when cooked. Lady’s Finger / Vendakka kichadi is one of the must side dishes for Kerala Sadhya which is popular during festivals Onam and Vishu. Add salt and chili powder and saute again. If you are not adding enough water to bind the flour to the ladies finger, the fries will come out so white and wont turn golden while frying and it spoils the oil(the flour). How to make vegan ladies finger fry. Bhindi Masala/Okra Masala is an aromatic, delicious and nutritious vegetable side dish. Keep frying till they are cooked. It is better to use tender okra/ladies finger for a tasty mezhukkupuratti. Cut and throw the head, tail of the ladies finger. Kaya Mezhukkupuratti Recipe – Kerala Style Raw Banana Stir Fry June 12, 2015 by Sharmilee J 5 Comments Kaya Mezhukkupuratti is one of menu items in onam sadya.I have already posted Beans Mezhupuratti which I posted last year during onam and this recipe is a variation to it so thought to try with Kaya / Raw Banana / Vazhakkai. Bhindi Masala – This is a very simple recipe made with bhendi – vendakkai.

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