malai kofta curry recipe


paneer has lots of moisture, if possible press out moisture from paneer before grating to remove excess moisture. tandoori roti and naan, you can also serve it with steamed plain Basmati Rice or zeera rice. Once they are golden brown, remove the koftas from hot oil and put them on a paper napkin to absorb excess oil. Otherwise Kofta’s might break. Malai Koftas are melt in the mouth fried dumplings of cottage cheese, napped with in a creamy smooth curry. Malai kofta is one of the most popular curry dishes across India, and it is found on the menu of many Indian restaurants around the world. Serve with naan, roti or over the plain rice. Coat these kofta balls with white flour/maida . Even the biggest meat fans love Malai kofta curry. There are two parts of making any kofta dish. Take onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, cashew nuts and water in a saucepan and turn the heat on … Malai Kofta Recipe, panner kota Sabji, How To Make Malai Kofta Recipe Malai Kofta is a classic North Indian staple dish. Basically, Malai Kofta is a deep-fried ball dunked in Curry. Do give it a try! Malai Kofta is a very popular dish in India. Take some flour in a plate or a bowl and roll these dumplings in the flour to coat them well. Since cream is liberally used in making the gravy. Malai Kofta is a Mughlai Speciality dish made with Deep fried Potato Paneer Balls simmered in Spiced Onion Tomato Gravy. One of the popular paneer dishes for any special occasion. He … Malai Kofta is a vegetarian dish made by adding vegetable/potato dumpling (kofta) in creamy tomato curry. Malai kofta is a hugely popular dish on Indian restaurant menus all over the world. If you want to try vegetarian kofta recipes, I have more such recipes of kofta curries like. The malai part of the name refers to the rich cream sauce, while kofta refers Second is Making Gravy or curry: These kofta are served in a spiced curry which is made with onion, cashews, nuts and whole spices like cinnamon, cardamom, star anise etc. Malai kofta is usually served with plain rice or Indian flat breads, such as naan, chapati (aka roti), or paratha. Keep … Modern Blogger Pro Theme By, Pretty Darn Cute Design. Deep fry these kofta balls in a pan on a medium heat. It is made with deep-fried potato and paneer balls that are dunked in rich creamy gravy. Email Save Print Malai koftas are delicious deep fried paneer and flour dumplings that are crunchy outside and soft and creamy inside. Add salt to season if required, along with cream and some yogurt and mix it well. When the cumin seeds turn brown, add onions. Paneer and potatoes kofta with cashew and raisins stuffing (as I showed in this post). First heat the ghee in a small pan and roast the chopped dry fruit and nuts until nicely golden. Mix all these ingredients together and mash nicely to make mixture of malai kofta. Koftas added into a richly flavoured tomato cream base sauce to make a yummy and silky gravy which is served as a great side dish for rotis or pulao. Add cornflour in the bowl to bind the kofta’s well and mix all of them together. it will give a white creamy gravy. Kofta breaks because of less binding in the mixture. Malai Kofta … For making paneer and potato kofta first grate paneer . Before frying kofta make sure to use the right amount of corn flour in the kofta mixture. But in this regard, it is made with potato and paneer. It is a delicious, creamy dish best served on special occasions because it is quite rich. Let them cook in medium-low flame until the raw smell is gone, the gravy thicken and the oil oozes out. Or this white gravy recipe for malai kofta I shared here is good one too. Take another pan, add oil and zeera and allow it to crackle for few seconds. And, your delicious restaurant style Malai kofta is ready to eat. Paneer dumplings with rich cream gravy. Malai Kofta is a popular restaurant style Indian vegetarian dish  is easy to make. Add salt, corriander powder, cardamom powder, green chilli, cornflour to paneer and potato mix. On My Tasty Curry which is Rekha Kakkar's Food Blog you can find simple healthy and Easy to cook recipes. Malai Kofta Recipe – How to Make Malai Kofta, The kofta recipe which I am sharing here is traditional Malai Kofta with white gravy. After boiling, allow it to cool and then blend it to make gravy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sound like … Now add gravy paste we made and cook it for 7-8 minutes on medium heat till it starts to thicken up. Wait until they come to room temperature and then blend them into a smooth puree without any chunks. The traditional malai kofta recipe is a 2-step process: First, the kofta/dumplings are made using assorted vegetables and cheese or ground meat, spices and then deep fried. There is another version of the malai kofta in rich, spicy tomato based gravy but I like to call that. Like my Videos? Cook on medium heat for 8-9 minutes till it thickens up. Now add water to the gravy based on your desired consistency. Now, switch off the flame and pour the gravy on a nice serving plate. Malai is nothing but fresh cream. It is made with deep-fried potato and paneer balls that are dunked in rich creamy gravy. Meat or veggies along with spices are made into round balls and deep fried. The malai sauce is delicious and mild. Make small dumplings out of it, flatten it with palms of your hand. INDIAN MALAI KOFTA RECIPE. I believe You can cook great food if you know your Ingredients well and how to play with various flavour combinations. It does not contain meat. Keep aside and bring to room temperature. After it cools down blend to make a liquid paste in a grinder jar of the mixer. To Make the Malai Kofta Curry: Add avocado oil and cumin seeds to a pan on medium heat. In the last, add crushed kasuri methi over the gravy and stir it well. The dumplings are then added to a creamy tomato based sauce. These vegetarian kofta are dunked in smooth gravy with lots of cream and cashews. You can Subscribe to my Youtube channel Our WhatsApp Recipe broadcast for Free by messaging Subscribe on  +91-8368756817.

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