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Born: April 26, 121 Rome (now in Italy) Died: March 17, 180 Vindobona (now Vienna, Austria) Roman emperor The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121–180) was a Stoic philosopher. His reign is commonly considered to mark the end of the golden period of peace in the history of the Roman Empire known as the Pax Romana. Marcus Aurelius Biography. December 4, 2019 by Donald Robertson Leave a Comment. Marcus Aurelius on Stoicism and Leadership Five stoic lessons Marcus learned from Emperor Antoninus Pius. The five presided over almost a century of competent government in … Emperor . The death of Marcus Aurelius is considered to be the end of Pax Romana, and eventually the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Marcus Aurelius: A Biography: Anthony R Birley: 9781138139503: Books - He was one of eight brothers, including a twin, and the only one to survive past his youth. Roman emperors are divinely sanctioned authorities with almost limitless power and wealth. Marcus ruled with his adoptive brother, Lucius Verus until 169, when Lucius died. Skip to main content. He was a superb diplomat, and among the most esteemed members of the senate. Marcus Aurelius is one of my heroes, and back in 2010 when Frank McLynn came out with his biography of the emperor / Stoic, I was eager to read it. Marcus Aurelius was born on April 20, 121 AD into a family of royalty. He ruled with Lucius Verus as co-emperor from 161 until Verus' death in 169.. He was the son of the last of the "Good Emperors," the philosopher Marcus Aurelius (121–180, ruled 161–180) and his wife Annia Galeria Faustina. Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine Barry Strauss. Marcus Aurelius - Marcus Aurelius - The Meditations: A more intimate contact with the thoughts pursued by Marcus during the troubling involvements of his reign, though not what would have been historically most valuable, his day-to-day political thoughts, can be acquired by reading the Meditations. The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was the most famous proponent of the ancient philosophy known as Stoicism. Letters from a Stoic Seneca. Commodus (/ ˈ k ɒ m ə d ə s /; 31 August 161 – 31 December 192) was Roman emperor jointly with his father Marcus Aurelius from 176 until his father's death in 180, and solely until 192. This is the age of the Imperial Cult. Born into privilege, he was adopted by Roman emperor Antoninus Pius and succeeded him in 161. Stoicism was a complex philosophy that advised people to find happiness by living in harmony with the universe and by doing their part to better the world—without worries about fate or … The web's source of information for Ancient History: definitions, articles, timelines, maps, books, and illustrations. The Historia Augusta's biography of Avidius Cassius, thought to have been written in the 4th century, ... Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, a new translation from the Greek original, with a Life, Notes, &c., by R. Graves, 1792; new edition, Halifax, 1826. Along with his predecessors – Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, and Antonius Pius – Marcus brought stability to an unstable empire. 4.4 out of 5 stars 523. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor who ruled from 161 CE until his death in 180 CE. Marcus Aurelius, A Biography Anthony Birley. Marcus Aurelius wrote the famous work Meditations in Greek. Iain King looks as the philosophy of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. That's the way he introduces the subject. Marcus Aurelius, A Biography — Tracking down the life of Marcus Aurelius is difficult. George Long (1862) The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius; reprinted many times, including in Vol. The first 100 people to go to are going to get unlimited access for one week to try it out. Marcus Aurelius Augustus was the emperor of the Roman Empire from 161 to 180 AD, and one of the important stoic philosophers. Lucius Aurelius Commodus was born on August 31, 161 in Lanuvium, the ancient city of Latium. Paperback. Paperback . In addition to being a unique Roman leader, Marcus Aurelius was also an accomplished historian and Stoic philosopher. "The universe is change; our life is what our..." - Marcus Aurelius quotes from Marcus Aurelius is famed for various accomplishments—his title as the last of the Five Good Emperors; his extensive study of and literary accomplishments in the field of Stoicism; and, last but not least, defeating numerous longstanding enemies of the Roman Empires: the Parthians, the Marcomanni and the Sarmatians, to name a few. CDN$47.07. Marcus Aurelius called himself a philosopher on the throne. It started in 87 AD with Caesar Augustus, the founder of the Roman Principate (or the first period,) and ended with Marcus Aurelius’ death in 180 AD. Who: Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 AD) served as Roman Emperor from 161 – 180 AD. The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury. In particular, he meditates at length on the virtues of the emperor Antoninus Pius, his adoptive father. Pax Romana saw the height of the empire’s lands. Hardcover. The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Pierre Hadot. CDN$21.50. Marcus Aurelius Biography. Introduction. When Marcus Aurelius became an emperor in 161 CE, the Roman empire was at its maximum territorial extent. We don’t have great primary sources, and some of the later sources are highly biased and inaccurate. 3.8 out of 5 stars 5. In the past, the position of … Marcus Aurelius was the last ruler of the “Pax Romana.” Pax Romana, sometimes called Pax Augusta, is a 207-year period marked by the stability and peace of the Roman Empire. Marcus Aurelius is an actor and director, known for Blade (1998), Almost Related (2006) and I Love You, But (1998). 13 offers from CDN$36.08. His love for wisdom lay behind all his deeds, no matter what he did. But once I saw the reviews and picked up a copy to page through myself, I realized that I wasn't interested in reading a ridiculous hit-job on Marcus Aurelius written by a man who colossally misunderstood Stoicism. At the beginning of The Meditations, Marcus Aurelius spends a whole chapter carefully reminding himself of the most important things about the most important people in his life, his family and teachers. Marcus Aurelius was the Roman emperor who wrote Meditations, a classic text of philosophy and history. Here are 20 Marcus Aurelius quotes that show you are the creator of your own happiness. The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Marcus Aurelius, Actor: Blade. His uncle and adoptive father, Antoninus Pius, was the emperor of Rome.Aurelius, too, was trained from birth to be a great ruler like his father.At age eleven, he dedicated himself to religion, although he considered philosophy to be the "true, inward" religion, one which did not require ceremonies necessary in others. Marcus Aurelius is, in fact, one of the few living … 4.6 out of 5 stars 37. What’s more, Aurelius spent half (10 years) of his rule in brutal wars to defend the empire’s borders. He was the last of the Five Good Emperors, and is considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers.. Marcus Aurelius' work Meditations, written in Greek while on campaign between 170 and 180, is still revered. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. One of Rome’s most remarkable rulers, Marcus Aurelius (AD 121-180) is commonly regarded as the last of ‘the five good emperors’. Nonetheless, this is probably the standard biography of Marcus. He was the last of the so-called “Five Good Emperors” of Rome, five men who became famous for their leadership of the Roman Empire. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (26 April 121 – 17 March 180) was Roman Emperor from 161 to 180. Marcus Aurelius Valerius Tullianus Symmachus, proconsul of Achaea, to whom two laws of Constantine the Great were sent in AD 319, and consul in 330.; Lucius Aurelius M. f. Avianius Symmachus, praefectus urbi in AD 364, and consul suffectus circa 376.

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