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Meghalaya is home to three Mongoloid tribes; it has a unique cuisine, different from the other Seven Sister States of northeast India. Drinking and dancing to the accompaniment of music from singas (buffalo horns), bamboo flutes, and drums are integral parts of religious ceremonies and social functions. It also means that the men are married into the women's families. One can trace the family history of a person through the women in the tribe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These hunting people are very fond of them, meat is their delicacy. Most travellers and tourists know of the Indian cuisine but oftentimes we miss considering the dishes from India’s North-east. With the food, people drink a lot of rice beer locally called `Kyat’. Just visit the place and experience the charm of Meghalaya on your own. Your email address will not be published. I knew that Meghalaya, northeast Indian state of Meghalaya, is home to food that is not for the faint at heart, but seeing it up close on a dinner table was an entirely different experience.--> But for me, it was more about exploring the place and learning its mind-blowing culture. The Garo, Jaintia and Khasi tribes who inhabit Meghalaya have a matrilineal society. Cultural life. The Khasi, Jaintia, Bhoi, War collectively known as the Hynniewtrep people predominantly inhabit the districts of East Meghalaya, also known to be one of the earliest ethnic group of settlers in the Indian sub-continent, belonging to the Proto Austroloid Monkhmer race. And hey! interesting thing about their music is that their songs are still partnered The service sector is made up of real estate and insurance companies. Being a vegetarian I cannot claim nor will attempt to describe these. People in Meghalaya believe that no celebration is complete if there’s no folk music and dance in it. The people of Meghalaya relish pork cooked with fermented soya beans. We have ... Top 10 Holiday Destinations to Travel in 2017. So, don’t miss seeing how these beauties are made and if possible take some for your home as well and add grace to your living area. Well, along with their traditional dresses they also carry some jewelry made of gold and silver, and pendant called Kynjri Ksiar. This dish is quite popular... 3. In fact Kwai has a history or tradition of being the great equalizer. And that's what defines Khasi cuisine. In Shillong, you’ll find plenty of Indo-Chinese dishes. Jodoh. Here is the list of the best food of Meghalaya. I have talked about the material in the attire section used by the Garo community called Dakmanda, they use the same fabric for the products. It attracts many people to come and taste their dishes made of special ingredients. Get to know the cuisine of Meghalaya the abode of clouds and one among the seven sisters of India.This video features the veg food or cuisine of Meghalaya through a … It is a delicious soup, which is taken mainly after a heavy spicy meal. The world’s a big place. The cultural beliefs and traditions of Meghalaya, a north-eastern state of India, are highlighted by the Khasi food. Rice and pork is the staple ingredient of the Meghalaya. The recipe is simple, the taste simpler. Meghalaya has 3 different tribes and all tribes have their own food culture. Food culture of Meghalaya. The dishes culminating from the North-east are deeply rooted in their traditions and culture of their states and are an crucial part of their rich, diverse food that is proudly a part of Indian cuisine. Die Hauptstadt Meghalayas ist Shillong (auf 1500 m Höhe, 143.000 Einwohner), die Hauptsprachen sind Khasi und Garo; neben diesen dient Englisch als weitere Amtssprache.

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