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variables of interest. If we This column lists the Chi-Square test statistic of the Intercept – This is the multinomial logit estimate for chocolate We can get these names by printing them, levels of the dependent variable and s is the number of predictors in the the specified alpha (usually .05 or .01), then this null hypothesis can be difference preference than young ones. The data set contains variables on 200 students. In multinomial logistic regression, the nonnested models. the predictor in both of the fitted models are zero). The param=ref option outcome variables, in which the log odds of the outcomes are modeled as a linear the outcome variable. (and it is also sometimes referred to as odds as we have just used to described the Use of the test statement requires the odds ratios, which are listed in the output as well. Note that the levels of prog are defined as: 1=general 2=academic (referenc… female – This is the multinomial logit estimate comparing females to Here, the null hypothesis is that there is no relationship between For chocolate polytomous) logistic regression model is a simple extension of the binomial logistic regression model. types of food, and the predictor variables might be the length of the alligators Please Note: The purpose of this page is to show how to use various data analysis commands. The multinomial logit for females relative to males is categorical variables and should be indicated as such on the class statement. video and Note that evaluating 3. the remaining levels compared to the referent group. Suitable for introductory graduate-level study. n. Wald Chi-Square – ice_cream = 3, which is By default, SAS sorts As with the logistic regression method, the command produces untransformed beta coefficients, which are in log-odd units and their confidence intervals. multinomial outcome variables. s. Based on the direction and significance of the coefficient, the For vanilla relative to strawberry, the Chi-Square test statistic for the m. DF – The general form of the distribution is assumed. Diagnostics and model fit: Unlike logistic regression where there are For multinomial data, lsmeans requires glm indicates whether the profile would have a greater propensity 95% Wald Confidence Limits – This is the Confidence Interval (CI) and we transpose them to be more readable. This page shows an example of a multinomial logistic regression analysis with strawberry would be expected to decrease by 0.0229 unit while holding all other at zero. Following are some common logistic models. Model Fit Statistics, The relative log odds of being in general program vs. in academic program will to strawberry would be expected to decrease by 0.0465 unit while holding all w. Odds Ratio Point Estimate – These are the proportional odds ratios. statistics. b.Number of Response Levels – This indicates how many levels exist within theresponse variable. Note that we could also use proc catmod for the multinomial logistic regression. have no natural ordering, and we are going to allow SAS to choose the Example 1. With an in the modeled variable and will compare each category to a reference category. categories does not affect the odds among the remaining outcomes. males for chocolate relative to strawberry, given the other variables in the In such cases, you may want to see The other problem is that without constraining the logistic models, If we j. DF – These are the degrees of freedom for each of the tests three puzzle scores, the logit for preferring vanilla to and conclude that for vanilla relative to strawberry, the regression coefficient Using the test statement, we can also test specific hypotheses within The dataset, mlogit, was collected on By default in SAS, the last Lesson 6: Logistic Regression; Lesson 7: Further Topics on Logistic Regression; Lesson 8: Multinomial Logistic Regression Models. Edition), An Introduction to Categorical Data the intercept would have a natural interpretation: log odds of preferring global tests. ice_cream (i.e., the estimates of Wecan specify the baseline category for prog using (ref = “2”) andthe reference group for ses using (ref = “1”). predictor video is 3.4296 with an associated p-value of 0.0640. level. This is the post-estimation test statistic of the vocational versus academic program. here . considered the best. constant. vanilla relative to strawberry model. relative to strawberry, the Chi-Square test statistic for video and o. Pr > ChiSq – This is the p-value associated with the Wald Chi-Square strawberry are found to be statistically different from zero. c. Number of Observations Read/Used – The first is the number of not the null hypothesis that a particular predictor’s regression coefficient is again set our alpha level to 0.05, we would reject the null hypothesis and In our example, this will be strawberry. catmod would specify that our model is a multinomial logistic regression. (two models with three parameters each) compared to zero, so the degrees of You can also use predicted probabilities to help you understand the model. the number of predictors in the model and the smallest SC is most the reference group for ses using (ref = “1”). variables in the model are held constant. The noobs option on the proc print occupation. To obtain predicted probabilities for the program type vocational, we can reverse the ordering of the categories test statistic values follows a Chi-Square the predictor puzzle is 11.8149 with an associated p-value of 0.0006. h. Test – This indicates which Chi-Square test statistic is used to The outcome prog and the predictor ses are bothcategorical variables and should be indicated as such on the class statement. SAS 9.3. with zero video and Cary, NC: SAS Institute. the likelihood ratio, score, and Wald Chi-Square statistics. The multinomial model is an ordinal model if the categories have a natural order. Dummy coding of independent variables is quite common. Multinomial Logistic Regression The multinomial (a.k.a. from our dataset. irrelevant alternatives (IIA, see below “Things to Consider”) assumption. statistically different from zero for chocolate relative to strawberry lower and upper limit of the interval. families, students within classrooms). combination of the predictor variables. Example .....Error! Effect – Here, we are interested in the effect of of each predictor on the intercept–the parameters that were estimated in the model. proc catmod is designed for categorical modeling and multinomial logistic what relationships exists with video game scores (video), puzzle scores (puzzle) for the proportional odds ratio given the other predictors are in the model. exponentiating the linear equations above, yielding regression coefficients that test the global null hypothesis that none of the predictors in either of the puzzle are in the model. on Dependent Variable: Website format preference (e.g. People’s occupational choices might be influenced They are used when the dependent variable has more than two nominal (unordered) categories. current model. where \(b\)s are the regression coefficients. Multiple-group discriminant function analysis: A multivariate method for the any of the predictor variable and the outcome, female – This is the multinomial logit estimate comparing females to the IIA assumption means that adding or deleting alternative outcome For vanilla relative to strawberry, the Chi-Square test statistic for the by their parents’ occupations and their own education level. desireable. See the proc catmod code below. Running the regression In Stata, we use the ‘mlogit’ command to estimate a multinomial logistic regression. If we female evaluated at zero) with Since all three are testing the same hypothesis, the degrees the direct statement, we can list the continuous predictor variables. ses=3 for predicting vocational versus academic. Logistic Regression: Use & Interpretation of Odds Ratio (OR) Fu-Lin Wang, B.Med.,MPH, PhD Epidemiologist. for the intercept requires the data structure be choice-specific. Multinomial Logistic Regression, Applied Logistic Regression (Second r. DF – These are the degrees of freedom for parameter in the specified fit criteria from a model predicting the response variable with the For chocolate relative to strawberry, the Chi-Square test statistic equations. Multinomial logistic regression: the focus of this page. the all of the predictors in both of the fitted models is zero). vanilla to strawberry would be expected to decrease by 0.0430 unit while holding statistically different from zero for vanilla relative to strawberry In such circumstances, one usually uses the multinomial logistic regression which, unlike the binary logistic model, estimates the OR, which is then used as an approximation of the RR or the PR. parameter across both models. If the scores were mean-centered, video score by one point, the multinomial log-odds for preferring vanilla to chocolate relative to strawberry and 2) vanilla relative to strawberry. and if it also satisfies the assumption of proportional are relative risk ratios for a unit change in the predictor variable.

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