muskrat drowning set


Trapping products designed for maximum trapline efficiency and extreme versatility - Putting you miles ahead of your competition. Crossover Set - Overall. SNAREMAN. Re- port submitted to Federal Provincial Committee for Humane Trapping. Baiting: The WCS Floating Muskrat trap works best when baited with apples, carrots, parsnips, etc. May, 1981. That way if the beav or the current moves Hal's 30-40 pounds of rocks, it should only get in deeper water. The set is easy to make and it works really well. The1.75 gets high hold on a rat and in my opinion It's better then a stop loss trap. General set up is very simple. I set up yesterday and remembered a few other tips while doing it where there is a current. Gilbert, F. F. and N. Gofton. Probably don't need drowning lock set ups for muskrat. Heavy duty. - Death Diamond Drowning Lock (DDD-1) Sep 10, 2010 #2 . Messages: Tie the bait into the far rear corner of the top chamber with fine wire, opposite the door. The "Death Diamond" is a laser cut drowning lock that easily slides (in one direction) on fiberglass and carbon fiber rods, 1/2" and 3/8" rebar, and #2 machine chain. Drown rods enable me to make very quick sets, carry a minimal amount of equipment, and have very reliable drowning sets. Even on muskrat sets I will set just like a coon drown line because I encounter several coons in my muskrat sets. A crossover set can be a very productive set for trapping mink and muskrat. A trap set in the run, the house or den entrance, or even under a feeding house, will usually catch a muskrat in 1 or 2 nights. Top #21492 - 12/13/14 09:08 AM Re: drowning sets? 3 - 16x2 blade for large raccoon and similar - $27.95 ***SPECIAL***Pro Fleshing Knife Set - of all 3 professional knives - $58.95 I use 1.75s for my coon and rat trapping In water sets. If there is a chance of a raccoon catch then 11 gauge wire is a safe bet. drowning Muskrat Flag Hang a “flag” from a tree limb over a dirt mound with the trap buried in the mound Bobcat Flat A variation of the dirt hole set; instead of burying bait, place an object on the ground to lure the coyote Coyote Float On a floating log or man-made platform Muskrat, nutria Phase II--Mink and muskrat in leghold traps ("drowning sets") and preliminary examination of the suitability of killer-type traps for muskrat and beaver. Two-handle knives with one piece blade (not butt welded). The forum Know It All according to Muskrat I am having a brain malfunction but does anyone have a picture of a drowning set for muskrat/mink? Is the trap the L shape part you just slide the wire through that and have two stakes one in deeper water and one near the trap? drowning. 1 - 8x1 blade for muskrat, mink and similar - $13.00 No. 2 - 12x1 1/2 blade for coyote, possum, raccoon and similar - $19.95 No. Muskrats are probably the easiest aquatic furbearer to trap. 8. First, it's best to angle the drowning cable upstream slightly if at all possible. Using a muskrat gland or curiosity lure such as Muskrat Love increases its’ attractiveness. In most cases where the run or burrow entrance is in 2 feet (61 cm) of water or more, even a leghold trap requires only a forked stake to make a drowning set. ... Guys this is getting off track.The question is how to set up a drowning rig.Lets start a new thread if you want to talk about hypothermia and coon. I would stake in the water, use enough wire between the trap an stake so the critter can get to deep enough water to drown. Base-line heart rate values for beaver, mink and muskrat. Will last a lifetime! If you don't have deep enough water to make a drowning set with a foothold trap or if the bottom is too hard to drive a trap stake, consider using a Killer Clip mounted to a brick. Thanks Hal for reminding us how much work beaver trapping is (lol). Thanks Matt muskrat, Sep 10, 2010. muskrat, Sep 10, 2010. Otherwise 14 gauge will do fine. Handles reinforced to prevent cracking. Whether you're trapping Muskrat, Mink, Marten, Raccoons, Coyote, Fox, Bobcats, Beaver or Otter, HAGz® Trapping Products will make you more efficient, putting more fur … No.

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