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It's elegant and honest design plays with light and shadow, a stunning light with a soft luminosity. top. Se den under relaterede produkter. DESCRIPTION. No reviews yet. 150 cm (longer cables available upon request at additional cost). Photo by Uzi Varon. Choose Options. replica Flos Model 2097 30 Small Modern Chandelier by Gino Sarfatti, replica CICATRICES DE LUXE 5 Pendant light. 0. Shade width: 540 mm, shade height: 680 mm, cable length: 150 cm. Choose Options. Diameter: 45cm. This grand and airy pendant is a classic. Octo 4240 lamp, natural and the other high quality replicas of SEACTO DESIGN direct from China. 6430053140325. A magnificent suspension that is comfortable also in small spaces due to its lightness. Attachable to DALI systems with a separate DALI-compatible trailing edge (phase cut off) type dimmer. Secto 4240 Pendlen i valnød fra Secto Design er innovativ brug af træ samt godt gedigent håndværk. Secto 4240 Birch - the beautiful pendant from Secto from Finland. Lift up and remove the top sheltering structure. New cases appear weekly, from all around the world. Private Residence, Helsinki, Finland. Safe and secure payments. We presented on our website the largest amount of exclusive design lighting. Secto Design luminaires are handmade in Finland from form-pressed Finnish birch. Secto 4240 Birk - den smukke pendel fra finske Secto. OBS Ledningen kan kun skiftes af producenten eller en certificeret elektriker OBS Varsi kan KUN bruges til følgende Secto lamper: Secto 4200, Secto Small 4201, Octo 4240, Octo Small 4241, Victo 4250, Victo Small 4251, Puncto og Kontro 6000 Find alle vores pendler fra Secto her. Korean Restaurant Kimchee. The pendant lamp has an E27 socket and can be equipped with a 20 watt (max) LED. Nov 7, 2013 - FREE AUS-Shipping, Worldwide Delivery. E27 base, LED max 20 W. Comes with a LED bulb (Airam Pro LED, E27, 12 W, 1060 lumen, 3000 K, pure white, dimmable, may vary). The lamps are made of Finnish birch which gives an appealing warmth to the light. Pressing the button of «Send» you accept conditions of the Public offer. Available with Natural Birch, White Laminated Birch, Black Laminated Birch or Walnut Birch in two sizes. Add to Cart. Living room vol11 2020 by Mohanad. Secto Design’s Octo 4240 is a wooden pendant light with a large size yet slender and airy feel. Octo 4240. Enter your name and contact phone number. Lift up the lamp by holding it from the lamp body. 6430053140042. Tailored Designer Lighting Solutions.Trade & Commercial Accounts Available. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly moist cloth. The lamp is produced in Finland and made from moulded birch rods. BUY IT; Secto Pendant: Designed by Seppo Koho and hand crafted in Finland, this understated design draws people into conversation. We are able to take into account all your concerns. Pop it above a wooden table and afront white walls for ultimate lightness and brightness. All use of Secto Design Oy’s intellectual property rights without written permission is strictly prohibited. This allows players to fire 111 shots before needing to refill the ink supply. The standard cable set includes the lamp base, a textile cable, a ceiling cup, a suspension screw and an additional ring. Please contact your local electrician. Octo 4240. Similar to Replica Seppo Koho 4201, this pear shape premium wood pendant lamp is consists of rows of handcrafted birch slats from the top down with a circular opening. This Secto Design pendant uses the patented ceiling suspension by Dezall. Hvis du alligevel synes, at Octo 4241-pendlen er lidt for stor, men er vild med designet, så kan du med fordel overveje dens lillebror Victo 4251. replica of Octo 4240 lamp, natural by Secto. The Octo Shot Replica is a middleweight weapon. The Octo lamp, designed by Seppo Koho for Secto Design, has a wooden shade which is hand-made from Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen. 150 cm, textile cable, ceiling plug/connector, ceiling cup, Ingress Protection IP20, IEC Protection Class II, CE marking. Factory prices. INTERMEDIARY BANK: CITIBANK N. A., NEW YORKSWIFT BIC: CITIUS33BENEFICIARY BANK: ZHEJIANG TAILONG COMMERCIAL BANK CO., LTDSWIFT BIC: ZJTLCNBHADRESS: NO. We use cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible for our customers. Each shot consumes 0.9% of the ink tank capacity. Due to great variation in DALI systems, Secto Design does not supply DALI-dimmers. We recommend using of LED bulb or 20-30 W energy saving bulb. Secto Octo 4240 pendant lamp design is a modern designer lamp with onion-like shade from birch plywood slats, and is deal for mood lighting. replica of Octo 4240 lamp, natural by Secto. Zhenbao Park, Tongyi Industrial Area, Cao San Industrial Zone, Guzhen, Zhongshan, China. View Secto Design's Quick Ship Program. 1401, CHOUZHOU NORTH ROAD, YIWU CITY, ZHEJIA NG, 322000 CHINA BENEFICIARY NAME: HONGKONG FLOSE LIGHTING LIMITED BENEFICIARY A/C NO: NRA33080020201000022205. Free & easy listing. Secto Octo 4240 is available in four different colours: Black, white, birch and walnut. en de. Bedroom vol8 2020 by Mohanad. Secto Design Oy owns and controls all the intellectual property rights of the designs of its products and related material such as photos and drawings. Vis produkt. This item will ship in 2-3 weeks depending on vendor stock. Du kan også anvende lampen i et hjørne, hvor det blot er designet af lampen, der kommer til udtryk. We have our own factory. SELECT id, name, idpath, path, parent_id, extra, news_pick_end_date FROM sitemap WHERE parent_id=2 AND (template='popup-menu' OR template='lamps') AND published=1 AND hidden=0 ORDER by order_num. Wipe dust regularly. Lyskilde: LED 11W E27, 1055 lumen, 2800 K This designer pendant light is a faithful reproduction of the original light. Hang on the ceiling hook and connect. Octo 4240. Designed by architect Seppo Koho, the Octo is handcrafted in Finland, and its design is a true reflection of both Secto Design and Seppo Koho's common interest in and respect for Scandinavian nature. Arrange the spare cable and screw the ceiling cup onthe screw until the cup sits tightly against the ceiling. Quick View. The entire Secto Design collection is designed by architect Seppo Koho and has a clear and timeless Scandinavian feel. Replica Seppo Koho Octo 4240 Pedant Light - Premium. Concept: Secto Octo 4241 is the baby brother of the beautiful classic Secto Octo 4240, which is one of Secto's most popular lamps.The new pendant is a smaller alternative to the big Secto Octo 4240.With a height of 55 cm and 45 cm in diameter, the Octo 4241 is more compact, yet it maintains the allure and spaciousness that is so characteristic of its big brother. The additional ring can also be used to cover a larger ceiling socket. Lampen er produceret i Finland og er fremstillet af formspændte birkestave. Lampshade is made of PEFC certified, top-quality Finnish birch. Octo Pendant 4240 Replica: Natural birch wood forms a cocoon in this inspiring fixture. Good proposals for designers and lighting companies. Octo 4240 - Designer Pendant lights by Secto Design Comprehensive product & design information Catalogs Get inspired now. Full details can be found here. See how our lamps look together in different arrangements and create your owneye-catching installation tailored to your interior. If the power cable comes from the side, use the ring provided and push off one of the side outlets to makeroom for the cable. Easy and quick to install, enables the ceiling cup to sit perfectly tightagainst the ceiling. Start with the lower side hole, push it into the channel and finish with the upper side of hole. Lampen er designet af Seppo Koho for Secto design og udmærker sig ved sin enkelthed og runde form. Octo catches the eye immediately and provides inviting ambient lighting in any space. Here you will find a curated range of beautiful designer lamps for all spaces and purposes, seasonal lighting as well as all the lighting accessories you need. Buyer Protection for worry-free shopping. The Octo 4240 from Secto Design is an innovative use of wood and an example of excellent craftsmanship. A ceiling plug (pictured) is included in the deliveries to Finland and Sweden; deliveries to other countries include a terminal block (not pictured). Octo catches the eye immediately and provides inviting ambient lighting in any space. With our extensive and carefully-chosen selection of floor, wall and table lamps, we hope that you will be able to get exactly the finish you want. Factory prices. Se alle varianter af Octo 4240 her Bemærk! The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is prohibited, due to overheating. Secto Design Oy owns and controls all the intellectual property rights of the designs of its products and related material such as photos and drawings. Photo by Ellen Swaan. Description. Photo by Yu-Kuang Chou. As the other Secto Design lamps by Seppo Koho, also the Octo lamp is well-known outside Finland as well for its clear Scandinavian feel. Handmade of PEFC-certified formpressed birch in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen. The Octo 4240 ceiling lamp from Finnish brand Secto Design is a modern classic. The lamp shade has a height of 68 cm and a diameter of 54 cm. Replica Wood E27 Pendant lamp $99.00. ETL listed. Når du … White or black matt soft lacquer depending on the colour of the pendant. $399.00 - $429.00. Tilbud. In natural birch, as well as black or white laminated birch. More images of the Octo 4240 pendant lamp here. Categories: CEILING LAMPS. Replica Seppo Koho Octo 4240 Wood Pendant Lamps are NOT made or manufactured by, affiliated or associated with, the original manufacturers or designers. In the near future our manager will call you. This much anticipated model is beautiful on its own, in a row and in groups both in grand and small interiors. Our Replica Seppo Koho Octo 4240 Pedant Light has been rigorously tested for quality control, throughout each stage of the production process to ensure the highest quality. The Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena Boulevard Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Octo. This stat can be changed with Ink Saver (Main). Born out of respect for the forests in the Nordic peninsula and uncomplicated Scandinavian design. Crafted in Finland. We offer good conditions to loyal clients. Secto Octo 4240 fås i … Replica Wood Atto 5000 Pendant Lamp - Premium. Replica Wood 4240 pendant lamp-Premium version Discontinued June 2020 Product Code: LUP20012-1 Dimension: D47cm x 60cm high, Cord:150cmPower & Light Source: E27 … OCTO 4240 PENDANT LAMP - Designer Suspended lights from Secto Design all information high-resolution images CADs catalogues contact.. Tilbud. Products. The Octo 4240 Pendant is available as a Quick Ship item. What is worrying is the fact that they are not just poorly made shades from China anymore, but some of them are … Recent Articles. Octo 4240 er for stor til at kunne sendes til pakkeshop, så det er nødvendigt at vælge hjemmelevering! $295.00. Specifikationer: Højde: 55cm. Octo Small 4241, the smaller version of the classic Octo 4240. - Designer Lighting Melbourne, … the global destination for architecture and design. Our Replica Seppo Koho Octo 4240 Pedant Light is a faithful reproduction of the original by Danish design powerhouse Secto Design. The design of the lamps is both classic and contempora This grand and airy pendant is a classic. Vis produkt. The Octo Pendant features a shade reminiscent of a gilded onion dome made from laminated birch slats, perfect in any room of your home. High Holborn, London, UK. The Secto Design Octo Pendant 4240 eases into a space, creating a sense of peace and tranquillity with its see-through slatted shade. We are always happy to see you on the pages of our store and we will do everything to satisfy your needs. The lamp is designed by Seppo Koho for Secto design and stands out beause of its simplicity and round shape. The new Octo Small 4241 is a smaller sized version of the famous Octo 4240 pendant. Products. 3.960,00 DKK Pris fra 3.088,80 DKK. Replica jungle . Article Categories: Ceiling light. Privacy © 2020 Secto Design Oy. Preorder . DESCRIPTION. Due to the generous opening at the lower end of the Octo 4240 shade, direct light penetrates. Authentic & hand-picked design. Design: Seppo Koho for Secto. Lighting is a key component of every home. Secto Design Oy takes the protection of intellectual property rights very seriously. 350 USD. Designer: Seppo Koho. Save with MyShopping.com.au! Secto Octo 4240 Pendant Light was originally designed by interior architect Seppo Koho from Secto Design of Finland. Authentic illumination The Octo 4240 lamp by Secto Design is a beautiful handcrafted light that casts a gorgeous reflection onto the surroundings. Fasten the cable into the screw at the desired hanging height. Octo 4240 pendel SECTO DESIGN. 0. A magnificent suspension that is comfortable also in small spaces due to its lightness. The standard ceiling cup includes an additional ring, which enables leading the cable along the ceiling into the ceiling cup. The bulb base E27. Replica Secto Octo 4240 Pendant Lamp for - Compare prices of 49888 products in Lighting from 265 Online Stores in Australia. No room is complete without the correct lighting; centuries of architectural design and evolution testify to that concept. Home furniture. When firing continuously, it has a fire rate of 6 frames between shots (10 shots per second). Customer Reviews. We give garanty for the lighting for 1 year. 6.120,00 DKK Pris fra 4.773,60 DKK. Quick View. Non-quick ship items will ship within Secto Design's standard lead time. The Secto Design Octo 4240 is made of Finnish birch wood. Passer til alle pendel lamper fra Secto, og fås i sort og hvid. Secto Design’s Octo 4240 is a wooden pendant light with a large size yet slender and airy feel. Magazine. Octo 4240 lamp, natural and the other high quality replicas of SEACTO DESIGN direct from China. To cart. Lampen er designet af Seppo Koho. Replica-lights was created with the mission of becoming the best online store on the worldwide lighting market for those people who love modern design. Pendlen som vi oplever næsten er synonymt med Secto må helt klart være den flotte Octo 4240, der findes i hvid, birk, valnød og sort. Octo 4240 er håndlavet i Finland af birk, og udført af certificerede håndværkere. Quick View. 0. Secto 4200/4201 pendel SECTO DESIGN.

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