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For up to 7 psi. Not having the proper size can result in the seal rotating on the shaft … Freudenberg Sealing Technologies radial shaft Energy Saving Seals (ESS™), demonstrate significant reduction of power loss in drive assemblies as opposed to standard sealing elements. The hose connecting the seal to the stern tube fills a critical role: It is below the waterline and failure could lead to sinking. Mechanical shaft seal types 26 2. Because mechanical shaft seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime, we decided to dedicate this column to mechanical seal basics. V-ring seals are axial shaft seals, available in two types: all-rubber varieties and those with a metal casing (MVR seals). Service. Rubber covered O.D., metal core, sealing lip with garter spring and additional static dust lip. NOV-NATIONAL 7817081 SEAL SHAFT ROTOR 5/8 IN SHAFT SIZE. Dripless or not, all three types need water for lubrication and cooling. A short length of heavy-duty hose connects the assembly to the stern tube. Labyrinth seals are the simplest seals ( multiple orifices) • Low pressures • Could be made of generally of softer material to prevent damage to rotor. Conventional seal 2. Both seals require water injection for all installations. A mechanical face seal may seem like the robust design, but if you only have a small 2-3" diameter shaft that sees only a few hundred hours of operation a year and you can get away with a more affordable option like a Duramax Packing type seal, that may be a better route. If it is running at 140° or higher, then it is too tight or lacks an adequate flow of water. Seals are a diverse group of semi-aquatic mammals in the Order Carnivora. Depending on the location of your engine relative to the waterline, the injection line may require a vented loop to keep the stern tube water from back-feeding into the engine at rest. Properly maintained, replacements are not common, and the manufacturers report more than 20,000 to 30,000 hours of use on a single carbon seal in commercial applications. A thin film of water forms on the interface between the stainless and the carbon, lubricating the seal. The big advantage of shaft seals is that they eliminate the need for flax packing and the knuckle-busting experience (for some) of periodic tighening of a stuffing box nut. Type A & B: provides a seal at the shaft. First, there is a short length of specialized hose that fits over the stern tube where it enters the bilge and, second, there is a seal that fits around the shaft and attaches to the hose. Tides Marine guarantees its seals for two years or 2,500 engine hours and Nautical Specialties for three years. If you notice that the bellows is holding water, then there is a problem that must be addressed. The SureSeal Shaft Seal is a drip-free, self-aligning propeller shaft seal that is OEM equipment on many well known brands and types of vessels. One seal, two seals, packing gland, shaft seal. These shaft seals can work with a maximum operating temperature of a hundred degree Celsius. Clean the surface with a rag as needed. ISO 6194-4. Oil and water hydraulic pumps use this kind of seal. If the stainless collar becomes loose on the shaft it can move away from the carbon face, allowing water into the bilges. This type of shaft seal relies upon compression of a packing material around the shaft. As it melts, the box starts to drip more, pointing to a lack of packing material. Tides Marine produces the SureSeal (an earlier version was called the StrongSeal) and Nautical Specialties offers the LasDrop DrySeal. Tribology 63 1. Boat Drive Train, Shaft Packing & Stuffing Boxes. Dual opposing sealing lips each with garter springs. Get dependable rotary shaft seals from Grainger. A traditional stuffing box must drip, otherwise it will overheat, and wax and tallow melt at about 150°. If the carbon face seal needs replacing (some can be refaced), you will need to haul your boat and pull the shaft from the coupling so that the replacement can slide onto the end of the shaft. Rotary shaft seal for needle bearing or rotary applications, without garter spring. Rotary shaft seals provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swiveling movements under low pressure and high velocity. Radial shaft seals, also referred to as lip seals, are used for sealing the bearing … The wax and tallow provide lubrication so that the twine can be compressed against the shaft without abrading the metal. Pressure up to 7 psi. Fig. Early radial shaft seals utilized rawhide as the sealing element, and many elastomeric seal … One solution specifies a crossover hose from one seal to the other, so that water from either engine will flow to both seals. Those are not spares—the instructions specifically state that two set screws must thread into each hole. Axial clamp seals . The SureSeal supports propeller shaft sizes ranging from 1 inch up to 8 … Those familiar with the older StrongSeal will appreciate improvements in the SureSeal design which make replacement easier and extend the life of the seal. PSS Type A Shaft Seal For 3/4" to 3-3/4" (20mm to 95mm) shaft diameters Shop Now. There must be an interference fit in the bore and on the shaft. GO TO PRODUCT FAMILY . PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals Standard Types PTFE shaft seals are often the perfect choice when the operational parameters cause premature failure of traditional sealing products. Make sure the hose and nipple remain in good condition and remove the hose from the nipple with the engine running to make sure there is good flow. Choose from single lip, dual lip with spring and single lip with spring seals … These seals function at certain minimal speeds. Unlike the PSS seal or the LasDrop Bellows Seal, lip seals do not require compression. Duramax also uses a stainless spring to provide compression and avoids the use of a hose on the stern tube by providing an adapter ring. Choose from our selection of spring-loaded rotary shaft seals, rotary shaft seals for grease, mechanical pump shaft seals, and more. Figure 1: Basic operation of a Bulkhead Shaft Seal – HydroActive type shown, Dry versus Wet. This reduces the cost of a replacement hose and simplifies service and installation. The following are types of rotary seals that Seal & Design offers: Oil Seals; IM Seals; PTFE Lip Seals; V-Ring Seals; Rotary shaft seals are used between rotating and non-rotating machine components. An end-face mechanical seal, or a mechanical end-face seal, also referred to as a mechanical face seal but usually simply as a mechanical seal, is a type of seal used in rotating equipment, such as pumps, mixers, blowers, and compressors.When a pump operates, the liquid could leak out of the pump between the rotating shaft and the stationary pump casing. Realistically, you will most likely have to live with about four to six drips a minute at cruising speed. And, just so you don’t have to go through the same dilemma of which seal to choose every time they need replacing (which they will), here’s your go-to-guide on rotary valve seals. Non-pusher Seal 4. Secondary seals 59 5. For up to 7 psi. Ribbed O.D. This method provides an extra measure of protection, since the loss of flow from one engine would not lead to an overheated seal. For all of the details described above, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ribbed O.D. 5). Lip seals are common in industrial applications, such as hydraulic pumps and axle seals. A well stocked warehouse provides a quick and comprehensive delivery readiness.

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