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The Srixon Z 785 irons offer incredible feel at impact, great workability, and wonderful distance control (if you can hit the center of the club face). The new SrixonZ785 irons are the latest update to the company’s cavity back offering in a better players shape. He also liked the crisp impact sound. If you only have $200 and want a similar set of irons, check out Mizuno MP-30 irons. The Srixon z585 iron is touted by Srixon as being an iron that offers the distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron, while providing the look and feel of a more compact players iron. The Z 585 irons feature an added speed groove which allows for more face-flex, enhancing ball speed and distance. Srixon Z785 driver review: First impressions. The 785 is more workable than the 585, but not as workable as the Z Forged blades. ‘The goodness of the bad shots matters more than that of good shots’ – this quote is famous among golf players. They may not suit all golfers, but at least they look incredible... Three more iron models added to impressive range, Rebound Frame technology focuses on speed, 12th generation features new FastLayer Core, New tour cavity iron gets the MIM treatment, The brand's 'most advanced forged irons ever', Callaway's new X Forged driving iron goes up against SIM UDI, Designed for the 'best players in the game', New Metal Injection Molding technology put to the test. If you aren’t confident that you can consistently hit the center of the club face, this probably isn’t the set for you. Srixon Z 785 Irons players distance, players control, incredible forgiveness Srixon Golf's new Z 785 irons are designed for the better player looking for a boost in distance while maintaining a tight shot dispersion throughout the set. The Srixon Z 785 iron set isn’t for everyone. Sole has been modified to be greater on the leading edge with a standard bounce of 19 degrees instead of a variable one. Nov 18, 2020 | 8 Comments . Ball Lab – OnCore ELIXR Golf Ball Review. The last 2 models; the Z745 and Z765 were some of my favorite irons I've ever reviewed. The most perimeter weighting, the largest soles, and the largest toplines of the three. The Srixon Z Forged irons are blades, while the 585 and 785 are cavity back (585 has more perimeter weighting than the 785, though). Geared toward better players, the Z 785 driver can provide you with stellar performance if you have the ball striking to handle it. I was able to work the ball with the Srixon 785 irons incredibly easily. View all Custom Fit options here. Get incredible feel and total control with the performance technologies inside Srixon Z 785 Irons. Silver. From testing all three of the recent models of Srixon irons, they all feel great at impact. A similarity worth talking about is the very narrow club face. Srixon Z 785 Review. It reflects the importance of choosing the driver wisely because it will be critical in determining whether you lose the match or win it.. If you are like me that gets to play golf once a week if you’re lucky, you might want to choose a more forgiving set. The Z 585 irons are new from Srixonwith more forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked by the better player. If your budget isn’t close to $1,000, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’m typically playing my best golf when I am hitting everything straight except when I truly need to work the ball, so I wasn’t a huge fan of this set to be honest. On the Z585 irons, a new Speed Groove, essentially an internal channel on the SUP10 face insert, allows for more face flexing, enhancing ball speed and distance. CLUB SET : 3-PW / 4-PW / 4-AW / 3 Iron / 4 Iron / 5 Iron / 6 Iron / 7 Iron / 8 Iron / 9 Iron / PW / AW. Srixon Came To Play And Win Over the last few years, it kind of feels like the driver race has been between a couple companies. Designed with better players in mind, a reduced heel-toe MOI provides the ultimate freedom to control your shots and work the ball around the course. Their new z585 and z785 irons are no exception, as both have been solid performers so far in The Cluboratory. Sure there are 20 plus drivers on the market, but 2 or 3 companies seem to dominate the buzz, the tour, the sales and the bags of golfers. The Z 785 are forged from a single billet of 1020 Carbon steel so the feel is there but what makes this stand out for me is the mid-sized head shape that combines feel, performance and forgiveness for single figure handicappers. The sets are made to be blended so check out on a launch monitor to see where you break point should be as you might be surprised. I also felt the 900 and still the 919 were firm. Truthfully, there isn’t much more to say about the appearance. Because the lofts aren’t as strong, a 7 iron MP-30 won’t go as far as a Srixon 785 7 iron. The Srixon Z 585 irons are for distance, forgiveness, and feel. Normal Golfer March 11, 2020 17 0. However, we think they are a highly overrated set of players irons for one reason…because the Z 585 irons offer all of the benefits of a game improvement iron in a players iron look. I would love to see you do a video review of the 785 irons. Practically the same set but far less expensive. The sole seems a little narrower on the Z 785 too and the camber on the Tour V.T. The Srixon Z 785 irons replace one of the most underrated irons of the last two years in the Z 765, so it has a lot of live up to. Honestly, 90% of golfers should stick with the 585. Tweet. The Srixon brand is about more than premium golf balls and forged irons. Wilson Staff Model R (Raw) Golf Ball. Testing the Z 785 against the previous Z 765 on GC2 with Titleist Pro V1x balls you could see that the new model was a few yards longer because it was a little faster off the face and had slightly less spin. An upgrade to the previous Z 765 model, this new offering delivers on everything it says it would. Photos have recently popped up in our GolfWRX Forums of Srixon “Z785” and “Z585” irons. The MOI is slightly lower than before but there was not a noticeable increase in launch, just the same consistent flight. Everyone else says MP soft but they really aren't. The top line is a little thinner and this gives it a slightly sleeker look than the 765. The price difference is pretty steep though, so you can save around $400 without sacrificing anything performance-wise. I find that your reviews are very critical, in a needed way. The 6-iron would probably be the break point for this as the 7-iron downwards might start to sound a little hollow for better players. The cynics, of course, will say it’s nothing more than a marketing-fueled money grab. However, the number on the bottom of the club is just that… a number. It’s a set that is very similar to the Srixon 785 irons. The little amount of offset, small thin line, and all silver design lead to a very attractive club overall. However, if you are super confident with your ball striking, this won’t be a problem. SHAFT FLEX: Modus3 Tour 120 S / Modus3 Tour 120 X. Personally, I’d prefer a slightly wider club face (and therefore sweet spot). Designed with better players in mind, a reduced heel-toe MOI provides the ultimate freedom to control your shots and work the ball around the course. Driver It's different every day : 3-Wood Titleist TS2 13.5° 5-Wood Titleist TS2 18° 4-Hybrid PXG 0317X GEN2: Irons … The ... Wilson DUO Soft+ Ball Review. This could be because of the difference in shafts, but I would not rule out the new muscle back design changing the spin to improve the performance. The 585 irons offer all of the benefits of the 785 except great workability, and it’s more forgiving and a tad bit longer. Srixon have been making fantastic irons over the past few years. Give us a 5 minute rate session with the 785 iron. Expert Review: Srixon Z-Series Irons 0. Very small amount of vibrations, and very quiet sound at impact. In the Words of the Manufacturer ‘The Srixon Z 785 Driver is 460cc with a tour preferred look and profile. The softer metal produces enhanced feel for ultimate workability. Buy the older model, the Srixon Z 765. The Srixon Z 785 irons replace one of the most underrated irons of the last two years in the Z 765, so it has a lot of live up to. Changes to the 785 also appear subtle, and that’s not a bad thing. The look, sound and feel in particular have all been very impressive. The mid to short irons are excellent and even low single figure players could benefit from having some of the larger cavity back Z 585 irons at 4, 5 and maybe 6 iron for greater distance consistency. Thin toplines, a small cavity back, and forged design. Nov 17, 2020 | 37 Comments . The Srixon Z 785 driver is the lower launching, lower spinning of the two latest drivers from the Srixon Z series lineup. It’s been nearly two years since the company released it’s previous Z565, Z765 and Z965 irons, so it’s possible (if not likely), based on nomenclature, these could be the replacements for that series.. Now, the differences. It is a club that looks good, performs great, and is well-suited for different kinds of players. Martin. At address, I was a little nervous that I’d hit more toed shots than normal, or even more shanks, which isn’t a very reassuring thought. First, though, let’s talk about how they are similar. The Srixon Z 785 irons offer incredible feel at impact, great workability, and wonderful distance control (if you can hit the center of the club face). Pretty much the same club with some small design differences. Srixon set out to be a contender for the big dog slot in your bag. In this article, we will go through a complete and impartial Srixon 2785 Irons review. Check out the last section of this article for a better value set of irons. A … It sits really nicely at address, with a traditional shape, and our pro said shots felt very hot off the face. Price: $1,000 ($1,200 graphite) | BUY NOW Set: 3-PW Our take: Made for low handicappers who demand control, the Z 785 achieves max … There are MANY golfers that would benefit from the 585, though. Nov 25, 2020 | 8 Comments . And again, in case you haven’t read anything that I’ve written so far, we’d recommend you consider the older verison of the more forgiving option too, which is the Srixon Z 565 iron set. Pretty much every number our test pro generated with the Z785 was spot on his test average, meaning the Z785 is very solid. Our recommendation? The company’s Z 745 driver, for example, is beautifully shaped, with a … The most forgiving of the three. That’s pretty rare, though. If you’d like, you can view this as a positive, as it will quickly force you to learn to hit the center of the clubface. The lofts are the same as before and a degree or so weaker in the 6 to 8 irons than the Z 585 which is where most people would break the set if they were blending the two models. They all have pretty small toplines, so the appearance at address is pretty similar between the three. Slide 1 of 6. Generally speaking, however; companies on two-year product cycles view their new releases as part of a product continuum: each iteration featuring performance enhancements the OEM believ… Next, they are all forged using the same forging process, leading to roughly the same sound/feel at impact. The Srixon Z 785 irons are for workability and feel. Specs Get incredible feel and total control with the performance technologies inside Srixon Z 785 Irons. REVIEW: Srixon Z785 Driver. I’m going to make a pretty strong statement here: there aren’t many golfers that would benefit from the 785 irons. The Tour Cavity has been modified with more weight moved towards the toe and a little more mass put behind the centre. The feel from the longer irons is very good for what is a cavity back iron and anyone wanting to blend the Z 585 irons with the more blade like Z 785 short irons will not be disappointed with the feel. The Z 785 irons feature a tour cavity, providing additional mass behind the impact location for increased shot-shaping ability and versatility. The three new Srixon iron sets are pretty easy to differentiate. It’s the loft that really matters. Drivers Equipment. However, the same is true for the more forgiving counterpart, the Srixon 585 irons. Srixon doesn’t price their clubs insanely high like many of its competitors. However, we think they are a highly overrated set of players irons for one reason…because the Z 5 85 irons offer all of the benefits of a game improvement iron in a players iron look. With the release of the 2018 Z Series Drivers, Srixon is offering a 60-Day Performance Guarantee on new Z Series Drivers for all customers from the original date of purchase. Just from looking at them, the Srixon Z 785 irons look very similar to the Callaway X Forged Irons. The Z 785 is the newest model Srixon … Also, when you reviewed the M3 fairways you put in a shaft that was more suitable for your speed in order to offer a better review. Off center strikes will be penalized pretty badly, unlike with the more forgiving Srixon Z 585. This model offers players looks, excellent forged feel and just enough forgiveness to help good golfers get even more out of their irons. It’s more forgiving, longer, and still offers a great look. For example, you told it like it is regarding the 919 Tour irons from Mizuno still being on the firmer side even though they have softened them, allegedly. Next Club Titleist 620 CB. Hard to get much better than this when it comes to appearance. However, the most “attractive” clubs are typically the least forgiving clubs. The Srixon Z785 irons are the latest evolution of in the 700 series of irons. Thank you, GOLFALOT: Video is on the way - glad you like them :>. It may help them to make an informed and correction decision that is based on facts and figures, instead of opinions and hearsay. Review Srixon Z 785 Driver. If you want a workable set of irons that feels incredible at impact, this is a great set for you. Home » Equipment » Drivers » Review Srixon Z 785 Driver. 5% of golfers, the ones that want a little bit of forgiveness and LOTS of workability, should go with the 785. The Z 785 almost looks like a blend of the previous 765 and 745 models and the clean looks give it a better players’ feel. Thankfully Srixon has improved things further by making the Z 785 feel a little better and offer a touch more forgiveness. SHAFT TYPE: Steel. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t find ways to cut the price down. Srixon Z 785 Review: TG Verdict. At the time of this writing (May 2020), you can pick up a set on our favorite used golf club website for around $150. The last 5% of golfers, the ones that want to play blades to get the best distance control and workability possible, should stick with the Z Forged blades. In terms of looks, feel, and performance, these irons deliver. Thankfully Srixon has improved things further by making the Z 785 feel a little better and offer a touch more forgiveness. Srixon saw their greatest success ever with the Z series drivers last season, and will look to build on that with this year’s Z 785. The Srixon Z 785 Iron’s compact player’s shape provides a blade-like address profile while updated weighting maximizes versatility and shot shaping. Anyway, here’s our honest review after getting to try out the Srixon Z 785 irons last weekend. By Keith Schneider on October 17, 2018 Game Improvement Irons, ... Srixon Z 785 irons are a players iron set, forged from one single billet of soft 1020 carbon steel. It was super easy to hit draws or fades on demand, which can be a huge benefit or huge detriment, depending on your game. The Z 785 are towards the top end of the iron market by price, but pretty good value when compared to the other forged cavity back irons, so this is one of the irons that should definitely be on your shortlist. HAND : LEFT / RIGHT . Review comparing the Srixon Z 585 and Z 785 irons against each other and the previous models. Easy decision there, unless workability is a huge concern for you. Irons; Golf Balls; Golf Shoes; Fairway Woods; Hybrids; Range Finders; Golf Apparel; Blog ; Best value. A game improvement iron, but one that looks like a players iron at address. We are sure it will help our readers to have a reasonably good idea about the features, specifications and functions of this golf club. Srixon Z785 irons. If you are not 100% satisfied with the incredible performance of the Z 585 or Z 785 Driver, return it to the store where you purchased it and get a full refund: No Questions Asked. They have been making some very tidy drivers too. But the ball speeds perhaps just fell a little bit behind the Callaway, TaylorMade and Ping drivers we have tested. Whenever an OEM unveils an upgrade, it’s always fair to ask if it’s an improvement or if it’s just a change to satisfy the calendar and to sell something new. It’s just like the new Srixon Z 585, but way more affordable. The trailing edge bounce has been reduced a little so the effect is to change the angle at which the sole enters the ground and through the turf the Z 785 is as efficient as it was before.

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