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For now, this is out of scope but I will provide more information on how to do proper scenario planning with data in another article. You’ve developed your strategy plan and have a clear road map designed to reach your vision. Strategic planning may be utilized on a large scale, such as planning for business growth over several years or to help a nonprofit or governmental organization reach its stated mission. The top ten HR metrics that have the highest chance of getting your CEO’s attention are listed below. Just like when making project requirement checklist examples, there are also different elements that you need to consider when creating your company’s workforce planning document.A few of these factors that you need to look into include the strategic plan of the business as well as its financial resources and quality standards. Diversity & Inclusion is a demonstrated benefit to business. Creating Strategic Metrics. General Approach. Choose a measure that is cost-effective to produce. HR Business Partner 2.0Certificate Program, [NEW] Give your career a boost with in-demand HR skills. This example shows how a strategic plan can be structured to allow for the development of outcome-based metrics. Creating good, solid measures is the first step to developing your performance scorecard. Those will be at the crux of your strategic plan. Focus on university-wide (aggregated) metrics and qualitative indicators but include, where appropriate, unit-level ones. Drop us an e-mail to get the ball rolling. Plan . Logic Map/ Results Chain “Information Technology Unit” Unit Activities Measurement/Example Metric. Even a concept plan to create a business opportunity or a project plan to implement a task is also a good example. The strategic plan sets forth a general approach and set of assumptions to guide the assessment of progress over this period. Your metric would measure staff turnover before flex time and after to assess the impact of your strategic project on the turnover. Once you have these bundled, you will have a story to tell about each of the target groups and this will help you and your project team get a sense of the people in the target groups. This is the start of building scenario’s in a model for Strategic Workforce Development and this is where people data meets business drivers. E.g.,: Choose to measure the “why” behind a strategy. We would be happy to point you in the right direction to create metrics of your own. An example of a Metrics Cube is in the image below. To do this, choose a metric that isolates out all the other potential reasons for a change in the numbers and gets to the effectiveness of your strategy alone. To ensure continued success, we will use the metrics established for each of the plan’s goals and strategies to annually assess progress. Organize metrics and qualitative indicators around goals and priorities. Good strategic planning examples all set clear priorities for an organization and focus employees and resources on established goals. 2 Tie to strategic objectives Some metrics will be financial, such as profit, revenue and cash flow. The following notional example of an outcome-based strategic plan with associated outcome-based metrics illustrates an approach (and an existence proof) for measuring GNDA effectiveness. People can only pay attention to a handful of things, so the question for any change agent is what metrics are preserved and what new… Download your free survey guide to help identify inclusivity blind spots that may affect your employees and your overall business. Choose to … To help you succeed, use this proven strategic plan template, and the information below details the 13 … There are many more metrics that might be interesting for Strategic Workforce Development but the collection mentioned above provides the more common metrics which have proven their worth for this specific process. A sound strategic planning metric is one that measures whether or not a strategy on your strategic plan is working. HR Metrics & DashboardingCertificate Program[Now Open], Enroll now and become an HR Reporting Specialist, The 21 metrics you need for Strategic Workforce Development, Digital HR Transformation: Stages, Components, and Getting Started, 5 Reasons Why Your In-House HR Assessment Will Fail (and how to avoid that), Effective People Analytics: the Importance of Taking Action, How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis: A Template & Example, Evaluating Training Effectiveness Using HR Analytics: An Example, How Natural Language Processing can Revolutionize Human Resources, Predictive Analytics in Human Resources: Tutorial and 7 case studies, The number of Full-Time Employees and the number of individuals in the target group, The core number related to the staffing of the organizational formation is key to describe trends in workforce needs, The average age of the people within the target group, This is an indicator of the level of seniority within the target group, The percentage of people that leaves the organization (either voluntary or involuntary). In the normal course of operations, it can be easy to lose your grasp on what a strategic plan is (or should be). Strategic Workforce Development is an important process for any business. The following samples are included in this guide. For example, a “why” might be reducing staff turnover, and the strategy chosen to influence turnover is implementing flex time. A strategic plan can also be used on a smaller scale, such as crafting a marketing plan or developing strategy for the goals of one department within a business or organization. Goal 1: Enhance Student Success; Goals 2 and 3: Invest in Faculty and Infrastructure and Support Interdisciplinary Scholarship; Goal 4: Pursue Organizational Excellence; Goal 5: Engage Locally and Globally; Download Report Metrics (PDF) Progress. This indicator should be measured by a ratio (generally represented by a number) which portrays the progress of the process as a whole or in part. When it comes to strategic planning – all the five years of strategic plan – the goal may be set and that goal is KPI for the related target. These are metrics that will give you more detail about the groups and will help a great deal in determining HR actions tailored to these groups: These are metrics that give very detailed information about the population and will help you in making customized HR policies tailored to future workforce demands. So, what are the key ingredients to prepare the organization for the future in terms of people and work? For example If you are wanting to measure customer satisfaction through a customer survey, consider the cost to survey your customers on a frequency that will really help you. Process Performance Metrics, also called KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)focuses on how the task is being performed by measuring performance and if individual goals are being achieved. Division Level Pilots* Campus Level . 15. Choose a measure that can definitively show you whether your marketing campaign is bringing in new customers vs. some other factor such as word of mouth or a more aggressive sales campaign? The risk involved in being unprepared for future market shifts and/or rapidly changing customer needs becomes increasingly bigger in a VUCA world. UNC-Chapel Hill’s 2020 “Carolina Next Strategic Plan” are aligned the UNC System’s strategic plan and with our nine specific performance metrics. Most organizations, small and large, have a defined vision, mission, and strategy. Why monthly? If not, then you might consider putting in place metrics to evaluate your strategies. Measurement must be continuous, so a well-run organization needs to generate monthly financials and track metrics for SOs on a regular basis. Instead, provide guidance in the graphs by pinpointing results that should catch the viewer’s attention. For example, ... A definition of budget planning with examples. In this article, we will dive into what workforce planning is, the process, give a number of examples, and end with a toolkit on how to get started when you want to start planning your workforce. You might also want to include labor market data in order to provide more information on the efforts in may take to keep hiring talent for the target groups. But, before we jump straight into examples, here’s a quick refresher on what Key Performance Indicators are and why they’re a critical part of managing your plan on an ongoing basis. Performance Monitoring . A Metrics Cube in Planning Analytics is created first and is the basis for end users creating scorecards. ... following are techniques that are commonly used to plan a strategy. Rob van Dijk is an experienced people analytics consultant. U-M’s strategic plan is a great example of an easy to read strategic plan. These are metrics you will need to have if you’ll want to say anything useful about the target groups: Learn to build a digital HR strategy and start leading the digital transformation in HR. 4 METRICS FOR WORKFORCE PLANNING VISIT US | ORGCHARTPRO.COM Workforce Metrics A combination of metrics is needed to clearly understand workforce strengths and challenges. 14. Depending on relevant internal and external developments you might want to include specific metrics that are not mentioned above. It is very short at only 5 pages and uses graphical elements to communicate goal alignment. Browse Examples, Metrics and Workforce Planning content selected by the Human Resources Today community. This will allow you to come up with strategic planning metrics that you can use to gauge the effectiveness of your plans. Coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Cofounder of the Ken Blanchard Companies. Conversely, Operational Planning is concerned with internal environment of business. The primary difference between Strategic Planning and Operational Planning is that Strategic Planning takes into account the internal as well as external environment of business. Review of Approved Strategic Plan Metrics • The Board-approved Strategic Plan includes a series of metrics to evaluate State ... Identify areas of focus to achieve strategic goals • For example, moving away from premium credits to outcomes and steerage. Division Goals & Metrics . Strategic Management and Metrics Project . Example : Logic Map & Metrics . A strategy plan, more commonly known as a strategic plan, is a list of strategic goals together with an action plan to achieve each goal.This is the output of strategy planning and may be developed at the level of an organization, department or team. He works at OrgVision and Bright & Company with partners and clients on designing workforce strategies using data & analytics. The word planning has a very top-down approach to the process, while I think getting your people ready for the future needs of the organization is as much an ongoing conversation with your people as it is a conversation about your people. Measures are quantifiable performance statements, and […] Its goal should always be to prepare the organization for future business continuity, business growth, and business agility. UCB Strategic Management and Metrics . Choose to measure a specific strategy to assess its impact. Subscribe our newsletter to get notification about new updates, information discount. The real value of a metric is in giving you good data to evaluate your strategies early on, so that you know whether you are making a sound investment of time and money. For example, if it is important for the organization that a target group (e.g., IT specialists) acquire new knowledge and skills (e.g., agile UX software development), you might want to include information form Learning & Development on how many IT specialists have already followed this training. Budget . Metrics give you these answers. In order to execute this strategy successfully, the organization needs the right number of people with the right skills, background, profiles, and experience. Metrics. There are still other information that you can include in a strategic planning checklist depending on the needs of the business and the scope of the strategic plans that you are developing. Strategic Process Performance Metrics serve to show if the organization is achieving the objectiv… In this article, we will explore the key metrics that you need to prepare your organization for the future. Campus Common& Unit Metrics Strategy & link to . It communicates what an organization of people believes in (vision), its goal (mission), and how they want to achieve this goal in the coming years (strategy). Once you have established the target groups important for strategy execution you will need to know the composition and needs of these target groups. Important number which directly contributes to the recruiting challenges that need to be met for business continuity, without the added effort from any business growth ambitions. Census Metrics M-101: Headcount M-102: Job Type Census M-103: Salary and Headcount Rollup M-104: Age Ratio M-105: Gender Ratio The most powerful motive for creating strategic metrics is to improve the focus of your team. Copyright © 2020 Professional Growth Systems | Site Created by, Building Effective Strategic Planning Metrics. The following metrics are crucial in creating a relevant overview for each target group. He also has extensive experience in implementing HR analytics and digital HR tools and processes. What is the purpose behind a strategic project on your plan? Personally, I rather speak of Strategic Workforce Development than strategic workforce planning (SWP). Questions or thoughts? PGS is a premiere organizational consulting resource for executives, governing boards and management teams throughout the United States. What are examples of strategic planning? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the elements of your plan that express what you want to achieve by when. The next step is to put your plan into action and manage the process as well as the plan’s performance. Strategic Planning @ Haas Defining Principles Leadership Brand Intellectual Economic Organiz-ational Strategic Business Plan (OGST) Academic . He introduces 7 Questions you can use to partner with your people for better performance…Use Bill Dann’s good questions, and I guarantee not only that you will become a better leader/manager, but that your people will become better performers.”. Choose a metric with monthly data available. Sorry. This is where strategic workforce planning, or development, comes in. If you’re just getting started, the seven cities listed below offer a shining example of how to properly execute a strategic plan—take a look … Measuring our progress 11 metrics. An example of a measure and its metric would be the percentage of planned portal monitors that have been deployed at seaports (measure) and the number of … After discussions about the Drive to 25 across the WSU system during fall 2016, the campus senior leadership team and deans chose 11 metrics to measure progress toward the goal of achieving recognized status one of the top 25 public research universities in the U.S. When used well, strategic workforce planning enables HR to plan for the capabilities they need in the future. Benchmarking Benchmarking is the comparison of your metrics with a competitor or industry average. These valuable insights are making HR an indispensable strategic planning partner. The following are illustrative examples of a strategy plan. Three-Year Strategic Plan Update 2011-2014; Six-Year Strategic Plan Update 2011-2017. A measure that can be taken every few months or only once a year is too infrequent to take action on. Executives and CEOs need tangible results that can inform their decisions about workforce planning. This is where strategic workforce planning, or development, comes in. These metrics, address graduation rates, enrollments and completions of low income and rural students, research, and production of graduates meeting critical workforce needs. Strategic planning is the process of developing a strategy and planning its execution. Is your initiative to branch into new markets effective? The reader can very quickly get an understanding of what initiatives have impact across the university while at the same time understand how individual initiatives apply to a specific goal area. Capital Plan Narrative/ Strategic Objectives . Is your project to enhance customer loyalty doing just that? In order to gain insights into the Strategic Workforce Development your organization needs for the coming years, you need a number of basic ingredients. Appendix. Metrics can be any item that an organization would like to track such as: Profit, Revenue, Product Releases, Customer Count, etc., these metrics can be financial, statistical, or qualitative. If it is cost-prohibitive, determine a different, more cost-effective method to assess customer satisfaction. But don’t just pop some screenshots in a PowerPoint to let the graphs speak for themselves. Policy monitors are metrics for determining whether the true business intent of a business policy is being satisfied.Here are some facts of life about actors in the everyday drama of business activity: Actors will modify their behavior to adjust to your business rules. For this article, I want to zoom in on the data and metrics that are useful to create in the Strategic Workforce Development process and why. While a strategic plan does share common elements with a business plan, or even execution plan, it is very distinct from both of those things. This is a structured business process designed to proactively anticipate, and plan for, future personnel needs. Approved Metrics – Improve Members’ Health . In this article, we will explore the key metrics that you need to prepare your organization for the future. As you will recognize, these are essential ingredients required to form a people strategy and engage in strategic human resource management.

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