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Here are some guidelines: Shaft Size Suggested Packing Size… A standard depth of 7W or 7 times the packing space has been established when a lantern gland is used. Regular Inverted Stuffing Box (IVSB) Tee Base Inverted Stuffing Box (IVSBT) • Exceptionally rugged; built for performance under tough conditions • Primary packing can be changed … The damage shown in this photo happened in one season with intact prop shaft zincs. The shaft was in fine condition when packed and a year later this is what it looked like. The tool works very well and unfortunately no one actually makes one?? Shaft sleeve O.D. I generally don't like rules-of-thumb for drip rates and really hesitated to even put one on here. measurement and divide by two. Image 4. My reason for this is that every shaft has differing levels of wear and thus the drip rates are usually different in every installation. Do not make adjustments to the packing nut, with traditional flax, for at least 24 to 48 hours as the plant based flax packing will absorb moisture and swell. To determine the correct packing size, measure the diameter of the shaft (inside the stuffing box area if possible) and then measure the diameter of the stuffing box (to give the O.D. Please use due diligence to determine the proper packing size for your particular stuffing box. This allows the packing to take a set and break in. I don't tend to see these issues with Aqualoy 22 shafting but I have seen it with bronze and lower grades of stainless. Some nuts can actually fit four & if so go for it but make sure you have enough threads to get a good hold for the female nut. 11. It is felt that less than 1/8″ (3mm) will not contribute to easy entrance of packing. Well.. To build this device I decided to use a short piece of 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe with about 1/3 of it cut out so it would fit over my shaft. Here's an image of a finished 45 degree cut. I then inserted this 2-1/2 inch piece into my bench vise and used a hack saw to make two more cuts. Gland Take-up: This gland take-up is limited to 40% of the packing. Finishes: Finishes of rotating elements in contact with packing should be the best economically possible, bearing in mid that the finer or smoother the finish, the longer the packing life expectancy. Our SB-Series Stuffing Boxes are compatible with our exclusive RE Thomas Marine Hardware stuffing box wrenches. The result is the required size. When adjusting other types of flax the stuffing box should be relatively cool/warmish to luke warm, at most. With packing … Going one size to big can eventually wear a groove in the shaft and one size to small will never seal properly. The cooler your stuffing box runs, the longer shaft life you'll have. The photo to the left is Duramax Ultra-X which has a very similar construction and braid to Gore GFO. 3. Common Sizes Packing is available in increments of 1/16” from most manufacturers and in increments of 1/32” from some manufacturers. W.L. Stuffing boxes are ubiquitous. This is four thread peaks with three rings installed and seated. Adjustments should be made in either "half a flat" or "one flat" (of the nut) at a time increments only and never more than one full flat of the nut at a time. Premature tightening of traditional flax can result in potential problems. g. Use precut packing kits, purchased from FNW, or carefully cut each ring by wrapping a length of packing around the blade snugly, but without tension. to 0.020 in. Chamfer Depth: A minimum of 1/8″ (3mm) is recommended. Old Teflon RIngs & Syntef Shown With GTU Rings. 1. The best rule of thumb I've found over the years is the least amount of drips when the shaft is spinning but before the box develops any heat. Pressures: These standard dimensions are intended for use up to approximately 1500 psi (102 bar). It does not fray when cut like GTU does. Gland Entrance: It is recommended that a minimum of 1W be maintained to minimize the probability of gland cocking, and allow for general variations of soft packings, molded, and other types. Re: Stuffing Box Nut Size Post by larryeddington » Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:21 pm Well I measured mine the packing gland nut is 1 and 15/16 the jam nut is solid 2 inches. What size packing does your boat’s stuffing box require? Many folks have asked me how I insert the flax rings into the female nut easily. Size Limitation: In designing equipment with shaft below 5/8″ (16mm) diameter, consult with individual packing manufacturer regarding packing space required (W). Consult the packing manufacturer of your choice for the proper set-up to best service your application. My personal preference is for four full thread peaks of engagement between the female nut and male stuffing box threads. 8. Please use these packings. This photo shows three rings installed. to 0.004 in. of the ring). To get the cross-sectional size, subtract the inside diameter measurement from the outside diameter measurement and divide the difference by two. 9. A depth dimension of 5W is used where lantern gland is omitted. Johnson Duramax Ultra-X can be purchased by the foot from Hamilton Maine and it cuts cleanly. This means that complete take-up will take place before equipment is damaged: therefore, packing replacement would be indicated. Clearance: Clearances should be accepted machining practices, taking into consideration thermal expansion and contraction of metals. Best to make yourself a seating tool. 2. The product I used above for this article was Western Pacific Trading GTU from West Marine. This was cut from Duramax Ultra-X. Garlock uses high purity car-bon bushings to shorten deep stuffing boxes … I decided that in order to keep my ring joints staggered, and to get them properly seated, I needed a new tool. *17 inch sizes have 21⁄ 4 inch (57) shaft diameters in stuffing box/seal chamber with sleeve. It's best when using this method of "stuffing rings" to mark the outside of the nut with a Sharpie marker where the joints are and then when all rings are in the nut, and staggered, you can finally thread the nut onto the box. However, they should not be treated as a "set it and forget it" packing. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE NUT EVER!! There is actually a fair amount man-handling, of the rings, between the time when they are cut and inserted and some measure of fray prevention should be attempted when using Western Pacific Trading GTU or just use GFO or Ultra-X. Stuffing Box Accessories Stuffing Box Packing We offer a broad range of sizes, materials and designs to best fit your stuffing box configuration.

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