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Schneider Electric – 1836. Top 10 Richest Electronics Companies in The World 1. Thus the electronic products can be called as a fundamental component of modern technology. They include Microsoft tablet, XBOX gaming consoles, etc. The top 50 EMS companies achieved sales of about $333 billion in 2018, an increase of 10.9 percent from about $301 billion in 2017, TTI reports. With the same, the electronics also plays a major part in the nation’s development process and in enhancing the production and productivity of the economy. Post Apple company, Samsung Electronics is second biggest company in world in Electronics Manufacturing company. Philips has managed to make itself a well-reputable electronic brand by … Here is List of Top 100 Electronic Companies and Electronics Manufacturers in the world from Major Manufacturing Countries like – … It is also the leaders in sales of semiconductors and ranks 5th in the biggest television manufacturers among the world. This company’s estimated annual revenue is USD15 billion. Who is the wealthiest man in the world in 2020? According to the Fortune Global 500 list of the planet’s 500 largest companies released in 2016, these are the electronics … Sony’s major part of business comes from the Sony music Entertainment, Sony pictures Entertainment, Sony computer Entertainment, Sony Financial and Sony mobile communications. Some of its major products include mobile processor, Classmate PC, 22nm processors, server chips, Personal Office Energy Monitor, Car security system and IT Manager 3. This statistic depicts the sales of the leading consumer electronic companies worldwide from 2018 to 2020. Vizio makes affordable Flat TVs. They are major vendors of smartphones and a large range of tablets which is also giving rise to “Phablets engineering”. Intel 9. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the world’s largest semiconductor company with headquarters in Taiwan. Fujitsu. The founders of the company are Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. In that year, Sony was the largest CE company in the world with 79.2 billion U.S. … The electronics … Apart from software products, the company has also supplied a wide range of hardware products as well. Intel. 10. With a global sale of 195.9 billion dollars, Samsung has now become the number one mobile phone maker in America and is in a hard competition with Apple in the US. It has also been stated by some sources that the Lufthansa airlines along with Singapore, Delta, and United airlines will recently launch an Apple Watch App. … Netflix is a streaming service that allows their customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. Its chronology of products ranges from TV sets, refrigerators, Home theater systems, washing machines, smartphones and computer monitors. With a market value of US$242 billion, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China has been recognized as the best performing company in the world for 2020, according to CEOWORLD magazine, while China Construction Bank (US$203 billion)and JPMorgan Chase (US$291 billion) placed second and third, respectively. It has largely dominated the international market in the field of home entertainment products and video games. NVIDIA is leading the way in AI computing. Some of their most famous products include iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Mac, Apple Watch, iCloud Services, electric vehicles etc. It has a global sale of 91.26 billion dollars with its wide range of products including home appliances, interactive whiteboard, air conditioners, and LCD projectors. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 5 largest electronics companies in the world. 12 Emerson Radio: Emerson … It has its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea. Top IT companies globally are driving the innovation around the world. Develops and manufactures Medical Equipment. NVIDIA CORPORATION is famous for Graphics, 3D Graphics Cards and Drivers. This technology company was founded in the year 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. It was founded in the year 1976 by Steven Paul Jobs in... 2. As on 2019, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC annual revenues is 25,542 Million USD and they have 75,000 employees. Here is the list of top 10 best electronics companies in the world 2018 with their revenues. Apple. 3D flash memory and Chromebook version1 is its recent innovation. Intel works on Data Center Solutions, IoT, and PC Innovation. They have a global sale of 109.8 billion dollars and also provides their customers with their personal online store which opens convenient ways to order their products online. NVIDIA. In 2016 alone, these organisations generated combined profits of $27.7trn. Their product lines include a wide range of Imaging and Printing Group such as Inkjet and Laser printers etc, personal system groups such as Business and Consumer PC etc, HP Software Division, HP Enterprise Business, HP financial services and corporate investments. Huawei Annual Net Profit for FY-2019 is 62.7 Billion CNY. Some of the most recognizable companies in the world… Microsoft has Market Value of 1.392 Trillion USD company as on May 23rd 2020. Samsung Electronics is top number 1 company in South Korea by Market Capitalization as on 2020. The company was founded in the year 1939 by William Hewlett and his friend David Packard. Their electronic products range covers digital cameras, Laser printers, home appliances, DVD and MP3 players, etc. Revenue: $82,237 Founded: 1946 Employees: 146,300 Sony Corporation also known as Sony is the parent company for the Sony Group that deals with Motion Pictures and Games as well as electronic products but remains the world’s third largest supplier of televisions. The third richest electronic company of the world is the HP or Hewlett Packard. The Corporation primarily deals with both hardware and software services including most popular ones such as Play Station gaming console, MP3 players, laptops, Cyber Shot cameras and much more. Top 100 Electronic Companies and Manufacturers in the World. Microsoft is providing Cloud Computing Technologies Solutions as well. Their global sales have reached to an impressive amount of 199.4 Billion dollars. The company has used the modern digital technology to acquire excellence in their operations. Samsung manufactures Mobiles, Laptops, Home Appliances, TVs, Refrigerators and many other Electronic Devices. Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese multinational company with international sales of 73.5 billion dollars. List Of Top 10 Electrical Companies In The World 1. Their products include servers, computer operating systems, video games, mobiles, software development tools, and online advertising. With a sale of $ 55.9 B, it earned its name as one among the top brands of mobile microprocessors and personal computers. Currently the 100 biggest companies … Headquarters is in USA. Microsoft develops Software Packages, Windows Operating System Provider, Enterprise Applications, CRM Applications, Bing Search Engine and Technology Solutions providing industry. Sanyo is a world’s leading consumer electronics brand, that manufactures consumer electronics and appliances including toasters, household products, gaming devices, and automotive products for the worldwide consumers. The company designs and manufactures the world’s best PCs and mobile devices and supplies it worldwide. Its headquarters is based in Redmond, Washington, U.S. 10. The company was founded in the year 1938 in the name of as Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. Here is a list of the top 10 consumer electronics companies in the world 2020. As on Jan 1st 2020, Samsung Electronics has market cap of 320 Billion USD. It was established by William Wang, Ken Lowe and Laynie Newsome back in 2002. In the terms of revenues, the company was the fifth largest PC vendor and fourth largest semiconductor vendor in the world. TiVo and Roku set-top boxes. Intel is working on 5G Technology. Dell. The world’s largest software producer, the Microsoft Corporation MS was founded in the year 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Medtronic operates from more than 370 locations in approximately 160 countries. It operates through many segments like the Eco solutions, Appliances, Audiovisual computer network, Industrial systems, and Automotive. In this article we are going to list the 15 largest electronics companies in the world. They not only marketed their wide range of products within their mere territories but has supplied all over the world and has earned their name among the top tens. Medtronic Annual Revenues for year ending April 2020 is 28,913 Million USD and Net Income is 4,806 Million USD. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Top 20 Electronic Companies in The United States (USA) AMD. Some of its products include Sony tablets, Sony Xperia smartphones, Sony Cyber-Shot, Sony VAIO laptops, Sony BRAVIA, DVD players Sony Blu-ray Disc, and Sony Playstations like the PS3, PS4, etc. Siemens. TSMC deployed 272 distinct process technologies, and manufactured 10,761 products for 499 customers in 2019 by providing broadest range of advanced, specialty and advanced packaging technology services. Apple is the world’s richest electronic company. With the growing focus on automation and … It was founded in 1918 by Konosuke. That force of competition keeps the field flowing. Among the most well known brand in US and worldwide is the Vizio TV electronics brand. Its headquarters is based in Osaka, Japan. Post Apple company, Samsung Electronics is second biggest company in world in Electronics Manufacturing company. Samsung also provides OLED panels for laptops and other cellular devices. Its five major business groups are the Electronic Devices group, Digital products group, Home appliances group, Social infrastructure group and others. 5 They believe that the electronic device that they are handling can help them finish their work and this is true though as the electronic devices help one to complete his job more easily and efficiently. The company has six major business segments- Data Centre Group, PC Client group, Internet of Things Group, Intel Security Group, Programmable Solutions Group and the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. Microsoft is one of the dominating companies known for its high valued and use-friendly products. You have entered an incorrect email address! INTEL CORPORATION manufactures Intel Chips in Computers. 9. HUAWEI manufactures telecom equipment and has business in telecom infrastructure. The company comprises of five major business units, i.e., TV and Home Entertainment, Air conditioning and Energy solution, Home appliances, mobile communication and computer products, and vehicle components. The top consumer electronics companies include Apple, Samsung, Microsoft followed by Dell, Sony, Panasonic, LG etc. IBM. Hence these are the list of top 10 richest electronic companies in the world in 2020. 2020 Top 50 Electronics Distributors eBook (.PDF Download) Jul 01, 2020 Don’t miss out on this year’s e-book covering the 2020 Top Electronics Distributors. As on April 2020, Medtronic has 104,950 full time equivalent employees. Its Headquarters is based in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Gateway. Its recent innovation is the smart home appliances, Android-based smartwatches, HomeChat and G series Tablets. This is a … Manufactures and markets Mobiles, Tablets, Electronics, Consumer Electronics. Would you trust any electronic product that is “Made in Asia”? LG Electronics is a multinational electronics company which was founded in 1958 by Hwoi Koo in South Korea. The company has raised to be the largest producer of electronics in Japan and has established itself in Indonesia, North America, India, and Europe. Its recent innovation is the smart wearable earbuds which provide fitness information. Its popularity grew no bounds and within 4 years of its establishment, Vizio’s revenues touched at $700 Millions.The company whic… The company has also dominated their online presence through App store, iBook store, iTunes store etc. Apple has a near about 470 stores across the geographies and had contributed its best in every field of consumer electronics. It has a global sale of 76.9 billion dollars which makes it the world’s number sixth richest electronic company. The Japanese multinational conglomerate company, Hitachi Ltd. was founded in the year 1910 in Ibaraki, Japan by Namihei. eMachines. TSMC is the first foundry to provide 5-nanometer production capabilities, the most advanced semiconductor process technology available in the world. Top 100: Consumer Electronics & Household Appliances Consumer electronics and household appliances are already a part of daily routines for consumers. With the international sales of 93.3 billion dollars, Microsoft has peaked to the fourth richest electronic companies in the world. Looking at the top 8 producers of electronics in terms of highest annual … Company Fiscal year ending Revenue ($B) USD Employees Headquarters 1: Apple: 2019: … Apart from these electronic products, it also supplies financial and medical services to its consumers. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational company that was founded some 70 years ago in the year 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. Intel brand is present in Laptops, Tablets, Mobile, Desktops, All in PCs. They provide a wide range of software, hardware, and other computer accessories to their consumers as well as Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs). Top Manufacturers In The Global Electronics Sector . © Copyright 2018-2020 | Value.Today | All rights reserved | eMail : | Asia's best trusted site, Apple Annual Revenues for 2019-SEP ending is 260.17 Billion USD, Apple Annual Net Income for 2019-SEP ending is 55.25 Billion USD, Apple Total Assets as on June-27-2020 is 317,344 Million USD, Microsoft Annual Revenues for 2019-JUN ending is 125.84 Billion USD, Microsoft Annual Net Income for 2019-JUN ending is 39.24 Billion USD, Total Assets of Microsoft Corporation is 301,311 Million USD as on June-2020, Total Liabilities of Microsoft Corporation is 183,007 Million USD as on June-2020, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Annual Revenues for 2019-DEC ending is 230.4 Trillion KRW, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Annual Net Income for 2019-DEC ending is 18.89 Trillion KRW, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Total Assets as on March-2020 is 299,850 Million USD, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Total Liabilities as on March-2020 is 76,393 Million USD, TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Annual Revenues for 2019-DEC ending is 1069.9 Billion TWD, TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY Annual Net Income for 2019-DEC ending is 354 Billion TWD, INTEL CORPORATION Annual Revenues for 2019-DEC ending is 71.96 Billion USD, INTEL CORPORATION Annual Net Income for 2019-DEC ending is 21.04 Billion USD, INTEL CORPORATION Total Assets as on June-2020 is 152,539 Million USD, INTEL CORPORATION Total Liabilities as on June-2020 is 70,529 Million USD, MEDTRONIC Annual Revenues for 2020-APR ending is 28.91 Billion USD, MEDTRONIC Annual Net Income for 2020-APR ending is 4.78 Billion USD, NVIDIA CORPORATION Annual Revenues for 2019-DEC ending is 10.91 Billion USD, NVIDIA CORPORATION Annual Net Income for 2019-DEC ending is 2.79 Billion USD, NVIDIA CORPORATION Total Assets as on July-2020 is 25,180 Million USD, NVIDIA CORPORATION Total Liabilities as on July-2020 is 11,266 Million USD, NETFLIX Annual Revenues for 2019-DEC ending is 20.15 Billion USD, NETFLIX Annual Net Income for 2019-DEC ending is 1.86 Billion USD, NETFLIX Total Assets as on June-2020 is 37,175 Million USD, NETFLIX Total Liabilities as on June-2020 is 27,840 Million USD, HUAWEI Annual Revenues for 2019 : 121.7 Billion USD, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Annual Revenues for 2019-DEC ending is 25.54 Billion USD, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Annual Net Income for 2019-DEC ending is 3.69 Billion USD, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Total Assets as on June-2020 is 61,593 Million USD, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC Total Liabilities as on June-2020 is 31,718 Million USD, World Top Electronics Companies by Market Value as on 2020, Apple - Mobiles, iPad, Laptops, Software OS, Electronics, Microsoft - Windows OS, MS Office, CRM, Softwares, Games, Samsung - Electronics, Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, Home Appliances, TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY, TSMC - Semiconductors, Electronics Manufacturing and Supply to Companies, Intel Inc - Intel Processors, Data Solutions, PC Solutions, IoT Technology, Medtronic - Healthcare and Medical Devices Company, Netflix - Online TV, Movies Watching Portal, Media Services.

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