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What to serve with ven pongal? I was never a Ven Pongal fan until I became pregnant with my first born. Pongal is a popular South Indian Rice and Lentil dish. The next step is the tempering process – cumin seeds are added to hot ghee and when it starts to splutter, cashews, curry leaves, asafoetida, green chilies, and peppercorns are added to it. Pongal | Ven Pongal | Khara Pongal is a popular South Indian dish. With step by step pictures. It is the south Indian equivalent of a risotto, but here we have both rice and moon dal instead of just rice. February 20, 2012 by Sharmilee J 61 Comments. Breakfast / Main course / Pongal recipes VEN PONGAL IN PRESSURE COOKER. Ven pongal (also called as Khara Pongal) is a traditional South Indian breakfast dish. Ven Pongal / Khara Pongal. Tips to make BEST Ven pongal: Do not reduce the amount of ghee in the recipe. Note: 1. The Pongal should be eaten hot, else it will become hard and you will not enjoy the taste. It helps to those trying to lose weight or those suffering from diabetes. Ven pongal is served with coconut chutney and sambar. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes coming up … Ven Pongal is South India’s equivalent of the North Indian khichdi. Pongal means “boiling over” or “spilling over” in Tamil, which signifies abundance and prosperity. Ven Pongal has a unique flavour and consistency, which are rich yet soothing. Cooked rice and moong dal are flavoured with ginger, crushed peppercorns and cumin seeds, and garnished with ghee-roasted cashew nuts and curry leaves. I use lots of Ghee for tempering and it adds a great flavor to the Pongal. Serve immediately with coconut chutney, Sambar or Gothsu. Ven Pongal is a traditional recipe of Tamil Nadu enjoyed during Tamil festivals like Pongal and Tamil New year. This recipe is quick and easy to make . It goes well with sambar and chutney. Black pepper is one of the key ingredients added to this recipe. There are slight variations in the way people make it. South Indian king of breakfasts Ven Pongal / Khara Pongal. Cumin seeds – 1 Tsp. This ven pongal is made with Raw rice and Paasiparuppu / Moong Dal. I used to crave for a few things and Ven Pongal was high on that list. Kalyana Ven Pongal is a pongal made in the marriages which has an unique taste and flavor. Pongal is usually made in 2 versions, savory and sweet. Categories: Breakfast Dishes; 4.5 from 2 votes. Instant Pot Ven Pongal|Khara Pongal. Ven Pongal also known as Khara Pongal is a classic South Indian breakfast dish made with rice & yellow moong lentils. The Savory Pongal is known as Ven Pongal, Khara Pongal or Ghee Pongal.The sweet pongal is known as Sakkarai Pongal and you can find an incredibly delicious recipe for it in The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook. INSTANT POT VEN PONGAL RECIPE CARD. Ven Pongal (Khara Pongal) or Ghee Pongal is one of the regular breakfast in south indian households. Rice and dal/lentils cooked and tempered with cumin, pepper, ginger and ghee. Learn how to make ven pongal with step by step pictures. Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal is a popular South Indian breakfast recipe made with raw rice and yellow moong lentils. Ven Pongal recipe | A2B style soft Kara ghee Pongal. Both my mom and mil are experts in making ven pongal. This is a fulfilling recipes with loads of taste. Meanwhile, dry roast the moong dal for 5 mins on high, when you start getting the aroma, remove, allow it to cool, and add to the rice to soak. 1000. free sample with every new order. This is my hubby’s favorite combo too. Salt – as required. Pongal is a famous and traditional harvest festival of Tamilnadu, at the beginning of Tamil month “Thai”. free shipping for orders over rs. Commonly had for breakfast, ven pongal is a comfort food for many. Ven Pongal recipe with stepwise instructions. Cook Time 15 mins. Water – 3 ½ Cups. Ghee/ Clarified butter – 1 Tsp. Try out this healthy Thinai ven pongal and start the day with a healthy breakfast. Tempering. The traditional recipe to Ven Pongal involves roasting rice and moong dal before pressure cooking with water, grated ginger, and salt till it turns into a soft, mushy porridge. Raw rice/ Sona masoori/ Ponni rice – ¾ Cup. To make the Pongal: Wash the rice and soak for 10 mins. This instant pot ven pongal is one of the dishes I inaugurated my instant pot with. Ground pepper/ whole pepper – 1 Tsp. Ginger – 1 Tsp chopped. Always keep the pongal a little loose in consistency, since it will tighten as it cools. Ven pongal is a very easy and comfort food. How to make the Temple-style Ven Pongal Recipe This authentic South Indian recipe is prepared using some easily available ingredients like moong dal, rice, curry leaves, cashews, ghee and some spices. Moong dal – ¼ Cup. The addition of ghee makes it aromatic, rich and flavorful. 2. Ven Pongal..Pongal, Sambar, Coconut Chutney & Medu Vadai..My favorite breakfast combo ever..I make this quite often atleast twice a month or thrice a month. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Mostly in weekend mornings I make ven pongal it to laze around. bhavana. If you plan to make pongal, it has to be served with coconut chutney and sambar. Ven Pongal is one of the famous breakfast recipe in Tamil Nadu. Posted on Nov 18th, 2015. by Sowmya Venkatachalam. There is Iyengar Style Pongal and there is Andhra Style Pongal. Ven Pongal Sambar is a favorite combination too and is served in many restaurants and so is Ghee Pongal. In contrast to Vj, Aj won’t even touch this one. This Recipe gives you the taste similar to Saravana bhavan Ven Pongal. Check out my other Millet recipes and i have published a cook book on Millets in Tamil. A famous South Indian breakfast. Ingredients. My parents are with me in Bangalore and I am having a great time with them. Kalyana Ven Pongal Recipe Ven Pongal with unique taste and flavor. Ven Pongal which is also called ghee Pongal, kara Pongal, and milagu Pongal is a staple breakfast in South India and very popular around the globe under healthy Indian breakfast items. Ven Pongal is ready. 4.75 from 12 votes. Asafoetida – ½ Tsp. How to make Kara Ven Pongal. It is comfort food and since it is light … What is Pongal? Ven Pongal – Ghee Pongal Recipe – Khara Pongal. Making Pongal … I make it only with chutney if I want to make it simple. Pongal sambar is a very popular combination and it can be served as a meal and you can have roasted papad, pickle on side. Prep Time 5 mins. Ven Pongal Recipe or Khara Pongal is one of the delicious aromatic South Indian breakfast recipe made with moong dal and rice.. Usually, during Dussehra Navratri festival on the first day of Navratri, Ven Pongal is offered as naivedyam to Goddess Swarna Kavachalankruta Durga Devi. Pongal and Medu Vada is a great combination. Ghee gives a rich flavor to the Pongal. “Ven Pongal recipe with video and step by step pictures, A popular South Indian breakfast made by cooking rice and lentils, garnished with cumin, whole pepper and cashews topped with ghee. Temples have their own recipe to make this dish and so does the hotels. If you have time then please make some crispy medu vada. Ven pongal also known as Khara pongal is one of the most important South Indian breakfast recipes which is very popular in Tamil nadu.I have already shared my MIL’s easy, Venn pongal recipe in a pressure cooker with a video. Today I have come up with my mom’s version of making ven pongal. Pongal | Ven Pongal | Khara Pongal is a delicious recipe prepared from rice and yellow moong lentils. This easy and simple recipe is a staple dish for most south Indians. Ven Pongal is made of rice and yellow small lentil which is called pasi paruppu in Tamil.

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