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Each capsule is visually inspected and electrically tested for imperfections. This microphone is specifically designed to produce the tonal characteristics of classic U47 microphones for musicians, recording engineers, and vocalists in project, home, and commercial recording studios. The WA-47jr is an FET transformerless version of the highly renowned classic ‘47 microphone that has been used on countless hit records for the last 50+ years. Share Tweet. Sort: Clear All. Warm Audio WA87 vs Neumann U87. The Neumann KM84 was developed in the 1960s, and is a SDC mic with a warm, natural, and detailed sound. The WA-84 has a very LARGE sound for its small size and uniquely uses a heavy Nickel CineMag transformer in its signal path to warm up and ENLARGE sound sources. Learn more. But can the Warm Audio WA87 replicate that signature sound at a fraction of the cost? The Neumann U 47 is not only one of the most iconic microphones in the world, it is possibly the most sought-after mic for that “big and warm” vintage sound. The 3u audio warblers arent really in the same ballpark as the mics ive listed (although many will defend them). Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. The result is the WA73-EQ, which, as the name suggests, is a recreation of the Neve 1073 mic, line and instrument preamp and features an EQ section too. HOWEVER their GZ series is up there, and warm audio have asked them to help with their u87 clone. 584 € 1 . I purchased a wa-87 recently and after trying for the first time, decided I love it. Warm Audio WA-47. The impressive Warm Audio WA-87 Condenser Mic is an outstanding U87 clone that delivers a stellar performance with incredibly rich sonics. 888 € 1.129 € 3 . However, the WA-87 is not so much a re-creation as an homage, inspired by the sound of that classic microphone but with a character all its own. Warm Audio is sort of taking over the world right now. 1.466 € ... 138 . For everything from country and rock to pop and hip-hop vocals, the U 47 is a sound nearly everyone can agree on. Hey there! One of the company’s more recent offerings is the WA-47, which, as its name implies, is based on the classic Neumann U47 tube microphone. Both of them are condenser microphones with multiple polar patterns. However, because the U 47 has been out of production for decades, the price of original 47s is absolutely through the roof. Warm Audio has been making quite a name for itself in creating “tributes” to classic audio products, manufacturing them using modern production techniques and selling them at affordable prices. The capsule has apparently been manufactured to vintage specs, with the same hole pattern and frequency response. Live Chat . We compare the Warm Audio WA87 vs Neumann U87 to see how they perform and which one is the best for broadcasters and podcasters. 2.299 € 2.495 € 969 . Both microphones are based around Warm Audio’s custom K47-style capsule, the WA-47-B-80v, developed in Australia. But can the WA87 replicate that signature sound at a fraction of the cost? Warm Audio WA-47 Tube Condenser Microphone against the Peluso 22 47 LE. (512) 348-6585 [email protected] Home. Warm Audio’s WA-87 is one of the most popular inexpensive alternatives to a real U87. Guitar/Effects Pedals. When Warm Audio decided to build their first microphone, the WA-87, they offered their take on one of the most famous mics in the history of audio recording. The Warm Audio WA-87 is not based on the modern Neumann U87ai, rather it’s based on its vintage counterpart. No items to compare. Now I need another condenser and looking to either buy a second wa-87, or a TLM 102. The WA-47 is definately worth a try if you like a U47 with your voice. Das U87 wird in der gleichen Gehäuseform wie das noch röhrenbasierte U67 produziert. Shure SM 7 B. All of the microphones were set with no pad, no HPF, and all in cardioid except for the 87’s which were both set to bidirectional. Varianten und Merkmale. This microphone really is a must-have for any musician or producer looking for an alternative to the legendary Neumann U87. Neumann TLM 102 Studio Set. We compare Neumann's U87 Condenser mic to Warm Audio's more affordable WA87... Can you guess which is which? Neumann TLM 102. Small diaphragm condenser microphones have widely moved to transformer-less technology in recent years for ease of design and a lower-cost manufacturing process. Microphone … The Warm Audio WA-47 is a high-performance, multi-pattern, large-diaphragm, transformer-balanced, tube condenser microphone. It’s considered one of the best microphones available. Neumann TLM 102 vs Warm Audio WA-87? What’s Included in the Box of the WA-87? While the capsules use the same basic design and are identical in size, with the same type of capsule mounting and connection pin configurations, the Warm Audio WA-84 is not compatible with Neumann's KM series capsules; the threads on the WA-84 are 1 mm larger, so the capsules are not interchangeable. Warm Audio specialise in producing budget-friendly versions of iconic recording hardware, cutting as few corners as possible in the process, so perhaps it was inevitable that they'd release their own take on this particular classic. From the press release, we don’t get to learn what difference the lack of FET transformer makes to the sound of the microphone, though it does make it possible to bring the price point for a Neumann … Dissecting the mojo. Warm Audio WA-47jr. Neumann TLM 49. Warm Audio WA-14 Condenser Microphone against the AKG C 414 EB P48. 321 € 369 € 30 . In their own words, they manufacture homages to "popular coveted pro-audio equipment", and they now market an extensive roster of preamplifiers, microphones and outboard equipment. Customer Service 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765. Every Warm Audio capsule is made in the same small assembly house in a clean-room environment, and packaged in its own protective jewel case until the moment it is loaded into the microphone. Warm Audio announces the WA-84 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The modernized version, the Neumann KM184, features a slightly different tone and response resulting in some engineers preferring one over the other depending on their recording application. 633 € 28 . Despite being more affordable, its features do look more attractive. Warm Audio are hardly the first to copy the one-inch, centre-terminated, dual-backplate capsule Neumann developed for the U67 and related microphones: the design has been a staple of Far Eastern mic manufacture ever since companies like Rode first brought affordable capacitor mics to market in the ’90s. 679 € 122 . Products. Warm Audio WA-Classic. Comparing Warm Audio WA-87 vs Neumann TLM 103 vs Neumann TLM 102 . Addressing the latter first, the original ELA M 251E is one of the most revered valve microphones of all, and prices for original examples often outstrip those for original Neumann U 47s. I'm loving it. Warm Audio Introduces WA-47jr FET Condenser Microphone Like Father. The … 3.594,84 € 53 . Contact Us. Neumann U87 Ai on the left and Warm Audio WA-87 on the right . When designing the WA-84 we chose to go the extra mile and … The wa seems more versatile while the tlm as I understand will work best primarily with vocals. Jet Phaser. Warm Audio WA-87 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Review. Now I have the pleasure of testing WA’s new WA-84, Warm Audio’s take on the Neumann KM 84, alongside the WA-251, which is based upon the Telefunken ELA M 251E. It's pretty much considered one of the best microphones available.

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